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Anti-Fog Glass Wipe | Korean Products

November 26, 2021[INQ. NO. 2112C24] 1Minute is an anti-fog cloth that can be used for a variety of items. It is made of microfiber with excellent anti-fog and lens cleaning function.
This product has attracted a large number of users, especially in places and during seasons with temperature fluctuations since wiping glasses with it prevents fogging, just like ordinary eyeglass cloths.
Wiping glasses with cloth made with microfibers with several drops of a particular solution is extremely effective and does not leave scratches on the surface.
Gently wipe the coated area with 1Minute to obtain an anti-fog coating. The effect of 1 Minute lasts about eight hours and can be used about 250 times.
Unlike other types of cotton towels, DY Photocatalyst Microfiber Sports Towel is always clean even without being washed because its fiber absorbs light (UV rays) as it already absorbed photocatalytic solutions.

Anti-Fog Glass Wipe
In addition, it is designed to block UV, deodorize, decompose various harmful substances VOCs, prevent static electricity. Composed of harmless substances to the human body, it is highly beneficial for people with allergies and babies with sensitive skin. The microfiber photocatalyst towel is increasingly gaining popularity as it is superior to normal towels in terms of absorbing more water faster and drying more quickly. These towels are popular, in particular among people who enjoy playing in the water during the summer season and those who enjoy sports.

Anti-Fog Glass Wipe
Its exporting destinations are steadily increasing in addition to the United States, Europe, Southeast Asia, and Japan.
Since its establishment in 2015, Daeyang Co., Ltd. has been manufacturing microfiber materials, while producing high-quality microfiber cleaners with various designs such as for glasses, camera lenses, LCD monitors, mobile phones, musical instruments, jewelry, and automobiles.

Anti-Fog Glass Wipe

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