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Silver Antibacterial Film | Korean Products

November 29, 2021[INQ. NO. 2112C39] Silver is an antibacterial metal that has been used to protect the royal family from poison for a long time. According to historical records, regions with high silver production were relatively free from plagues. An example would be the Kingdom of the Netherlands during the Black Death epidemic in the Middle Ages.
With its ability to absorb harmful wavelengths from waver veins, electromagnetic waves, and virus infections and to block and kill pathogens, silver is verified as a natural antibiotic. It also shows significant antibacterial activity, which is even stronger than that of copper.
Solsol Silver Antibacterial Film is coated with silver ions to provide strong antibacterial power.
This virus-preventing film sheet has a strong antibacterial effect by being treated with silver ions. Since silver has a stronger antibacterial effect than copper, silver utensils have been used by the royal family since ancient times.


Silver Antibacterial Film

Founded in 2017, Song Cheon Co., Ltd. is a plastic adhesive tape manufacturing company that has around 25 years of experience. Since its incorporation in 2017, the company has implemented a full-process production system and its main export item is silver ion antibacterial film, while supplying window films and interior veneer sheets to leading companies.

Silver Antibacterial Film
In view of the pandemic era, the company does its best to protect consumers from the virus and help them keep their surroundings safe and clean by distributing and exporting antibacterial products. Moreover, it also manufactures window films that help decorate homes and indoor spaces in an eco-friendly manner and interior sheets that change the mood and atmosphere of the space in different ways. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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