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January 18, 2022[INQ. NO. 2201C04] Hanbok is the traditional clothing of Korea, most of which, when discarded, are not recycled or exported, but are incinerated or landfilled. About 20 tons of it is discarded anually. Incineration and landfilling can be minimized through upcycling of the clothing.
HanBok Necktie is an elaborate fusion of Oriental and Western beauty, by combining necktie, a Western accessory, with Oriental clothing, which was awarded a bronze medal in the K Upcycle Design in 2021.
Leather Jacket Bag is handcrafted from dismantling to cutting and designing. Most upcycled leather jackets in the market are made using sheepskin and cowhide. Women’s handbags, in particular, mainly use light and soft sheepskin, and backpacks use cowhide to minimize damage to the back, while the front part is made using sheepskin for the weight.
HanBok Fan is made by applying traditional patterns and embroidery, and the soft texture and reflection of hanbok. It expresses the beauty of Korea through careful selection of materials, high standards of dismantling, cutting, and design.

Leather Jacket Bag
It features an unprecedented style of designs by using a fan made of fabric for hanbok instead of conventional hanji (Korean traditional paper). However, using hanbok-fabric does not reduce its original functionality. Rather, on the contrary, it has less risk of tearing or damage since it is a fabric.

Upcycled Hanbok
Founded in 2000, HYUNDAI E.I exports old clothes worth about US$ 9 million a year (as of 2018), and its main export destinations include countries in Asia and Africa, reaching over 30 countries. Since winning the 5 Million Dollar Export Tower in 2015, the company has been continuously growing by over 10% annually.

Upcycled Hanbok

HanBok Necktie

HanBok Fan | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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