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March 18, 2022




Clean and eco-friendly Lighting solution
With high safety and better design
As a company that provides LED traffic systems using solar energy, which is an
eco-friendly energy source, following a corporate ideology dedicated to
customer satisfaction and based on quality-first principles, we will lead the safety
culture through continuous technology development and quality improvement.

Business Concepts

Traffic Safety Products  – Solar Road Stud / Solar Road Delineator

Landscape Lighting – Solar Brick / Deck Type Solar LED / Solar LED Fence-type light

LED Street Lighting – LED Street Lights

GIWICS Wireless traffic control system

No.1204~6, Sungjee Starwith 38, 427 Heugnan-daero, Dongan-gu, Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, 14059, Republic of Korea
Tel : 82-31-345-0321 / 82-31-345-0300 ~ 0304 Fax : 82-31-345-0305 http://www.gnitec.com E-mail : gnitec@gmail.com


Solar LED Wireless Control traffic safety system “GIWICS”


Solar LED Wireless Control traffic safety system “GIWICS”

LED traffic system

LED traffic system


LED traffic system


LED traffic system


Main Technology

Solar LED Wireless Control traffic
safety system “GIWICS”

The GIWICS system, which is fusion
technology merging IOT
and solar LEDs, uses a remote
wireless network.

Traffic signal synchronized system
The color of installed solar LED products is automatically
adjusted according to the program as the traffic signal changes.

Motion sensor system
lighting up the high visibility solar LED road studs to drivers when
detecting pedestrians at a crosswalk without a traffic signal

Crossroad anti-collision system
Detecting a vehicle approaching and emits road studs installed in the middle of the
intersection or stop line, so that a driver in a blind spot can recognize the other
vehicle entering the intersection and prevent a collision accident

Remote Radio Control System
According to the weather (freezing, fog, etc.) and road conditions changing due to traffic
accidents, the control center will use mobile phones, etc. Light or flash control of the solar LED
guidance lamp allows the driver to recognize dangerous situations and prevent accidents.

Auto advance alarm system
for congested and hazardous
The speed sensor installed in habitually congested
and hazardous zones detects when vehicles below a
certain speed are moving, and automatically turns
on and flashes the solar LED traffic
facilities installed on the highway to warn
drivers of the road conditions in advance.

• Eco-friendly – No wires, no electrical work required for
installing the lighting devices.
• Easy maintenance – Simple change of inner module if
any device has problem
• Convenient management – Managing various functions
such as ON/OFF, Blink/Steady, Brightness, Delay time,
Color change, etc. with a controller


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