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March 18, 2022[INQ. NO. 2203C04] Every year, around 600,000 children are seriously injured in hand-jamming accidents in homes, where they should be the safest.
WOOSDSAIR is the safest sliding door that can fundamentally prevent accidents regarding children’s hands jammed between the doors since it has no gap when opening and closing the door.
Conventional products attached to doors to close the gap are not aesthetically pleasing and due to the use of a sticker, it is not permanent along with several disadvantages, such as leaving traces when removed. WOOSDSAIR does not damage the interior of the house while preventing hand jamming accidents.
It also features a neat design with no visible hinges. Currently, the door with finger pinch prevention function has acquired patent registration in Korea, the USA, and Japan.


Safety Door

WOOSDSAIR acquired a Korean patent and applied for a patent in the USA, Canada, Japan, China as well as 27 European countries. It was selected for the 2021 Korea Good Design, a credible certification that is interconnected with Australia’s GOOD DESIGN, which is the first of its kind in Korea. In addition, it has been selected for the Korea Pilot Purchase System and will be installed in government and local public buildings, rental apartments, and educational buildings such as kindergartens and elementary schools.

Safety Door

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