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April 14, 2022[INQ. NO. 2203C16] ACRYCOTE® APC-200 is a pure acrylic emulsion for paper coating that exhibits excellent water resistance, heat sealability, and a high-performance vapor barrier, and it is designed to be environment-friendly, in compliance with U.S. FDA 21 CFR 176.170 (indirect food additives: components of paper and paperboards in contact with aqueous and fatty foods).
When applied to a coating for disposable paper cups, ACRYCOTE® APC-200 helps the waste-and environment-conscious communities to further conserve the natural environment by making it much easier to recycle/reuse a valuable resource of virgin pulp that is made into disposable paper containers for food.
ACROTEK® ARM-205 is an all-acrylic polymer emulsion binder for fast-dry waterborne road marking paints with improved durability. Road-marking paints based on ACROTEK® ARM-205 feature fast-drying over a broad range of application conditions and excellent durability in terms of retention of glass beads for night visibility and wear properties over asphalt, concrete and old markings.

Acrylic Emulsion for Paper Coating
APOND® AAC-2101 is an eco-friendly waterborne pure acrylic copolymer emulsion with ultra-low VOCs for sound deadening. The tailor-made, high-quality water-based pure acrylic polymer emulsion that was specifically developed for this application helps formulate highly efficient aqueous sound damping masses.
For instance, in order to meet a Korea-based global VM’s needs to “go green,” the company’s R&D Institute developed water-based acrylic dispersion that has been provided for the VM’s local tier-1 exclusive supplier (formulator) of water-based liquid applied sound deadener (LASD), because water-based LASD has the lowest applied cost and because it is the most feasible replacement to die-cut asphalt melt sheets (AMS) the VM adopted.

Acrylic Emulsion for Paper Coating
APEC, Ltd., established in 1996, specializes in R&D and manufacture of eco-friendly waterborne acrylic emulsion adhesives, PSAs (Pressure Sensitive Adhesives), waterborne PUD (Polyurethane Dispersions) and AUD (Acrylic Urethane Dispersions). With its mission to contribute to human health enhancement and natural environment conservation by endeavoring to convert solvent-based adhesives into water-based adhesives, APEC has grown with its customers through collaborative, intensive R&D activities for the past two decades.

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