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Sview(Privacy Filter) | Korean Products

May 26, 2022

Privacy Filter

Product Your Privacy
Sview Privacy Filter is a special function film which provides a clear view from the front and limits 60º of viewing angle from the front so that any person besides you can not see your screen. It protects your private information.

Micro-Louver Technology
The micro-louver layer is the core of our Privacy Filter. The micro-louvers of the screen control the viewing angles and fulfil the protection of private information.

Monitor / Laptop / Bank ATM / Touch Panel / Touch screen



Blue Light Cut Function
Blue Light is the blue colored light existing in 380~580mm wavelength emitted from all the LED screens such as computer monitor, laptop, cell phone and TV. It is not absorbed into crystalline lens of eyes but reaches retina marking it weak and is one of the main cause aging eyeball and blear eyes. Sview Privacy Filter cuts about 49% of harmful Blue Light wavelength(380~550mm) from the screen. It prevents eye strain and makes you have a deep sleep.

Anti-Bacterial Function
We got the SGS test report 99.9% Anti-Bacterial performance. It will keep you safe from Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Klebsiella pneumonia and so on.

Makes screen prevent from glare and reduces eye fatigue

Anti-Scratch & Anti-Fingerprint
Prevents the screen from scratches and fingerprints.

Two Easy Installation Options
You could easily install Sview Privacy Filter on the screen
Option1: Double Sided Tape
Option2: Slide-on/off Hang-Tabs
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