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August 16, 2022[INQ. NO. 2208C16] BTS is the most popular K-pop boy band in the world. They have an incredibly strong global fan base, and the number of BTS fans around the globe continues to grow.

Winners International produces officially licensed goods and items of BTS based on the unique character designs of each of the seven members.




BTS Character Goods
Its products consist of various consumer goods such as bandages, toothbrushes, portable pill cases, hangers, dolls, cushions, pillows, bedding, wall clocks, flags, hand warmers, and reusable cloth face masks, mobile cases and holders, and pimple/acne care patches. They are currently available through large distribution networks in many countries and various online and offline retailers.

In particular, TinyTAN, TinyMART Bandages related to BTS have been the best-selling items in Japan’s B2C and B2B markets, since 2021.



Each of the seven members of BTS began to pursue solo projects in June 2022. However, they all remain extremely popular around the globe, regardless of whether they work as a group or not.

However, the best-loved member varies slightly from country to country. This product is capable of providing market information on the BTS member or character item most popular in a certain country based on the Big Data that it owns.



In addition, Winners International Corporation continues to develop new products that meet the demand of the local market and is able to provide customized development and production of the items as requested by the client company.

Founded in 2010, Winners International Corporation develops, manufactures, and exports a variety of Korean consumer goods.
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