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October 21, 2022 Mask & Patch
[INQ. NO. 2210C48] The 100% Hydrogel Facial Mask & Patch produced by Jincostech Co., Ltd. is manufactured in a semi-solid (gel) condition.


It prevents rapid loss of moisture, and its active ingredients, provides high skin absorption, cooling and soothing effects, and a refreshing feeling of moisture.



It is made by mixing different active ingredients based on seaweed and vegetable gums such as agar, konjac, and carrageenan used in food manufacturing. and natural moisturizing factors for the skin.


This hydrogel, having led the introduction and expansion of the hydrogel market, has a high moisture content, excellent adhesion, and biodegradability.



Jincostech Co., Ltd. is a professional cosmetic pack and hydrogel patch manufacturer that has collaborated with more than 100 customers around the world based on more than 50 independent technology patents.


In the rapidly changing cosmetics market, the company accurately researches the trends of the global cosmetics market and customers’ skin concerns and releases its own patented cosmetic technology to the world every year.


All its products are manufactured to comply with international standards for strict quality control and are verified by specialized institutions. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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