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November 24, 2022[INQ. NO. 2211C98] While most cosmetic products are made of 50% or more purified water, Della Born Manuka Honey Serum containing New Zealand high-end Manuka honey comprises 36% of all ingredients. It is made by using proprietary technology to run several samples in order to develop a product that is not sticky and can be absorbed through the skin.

Upon application, the skin delicately glows, looks elegant, and has a honey-like aroma. As it is easily absorbed through the skin, application before putting on makeup can add a nice glow to the skin.

Della Born Seaweed Boosting Ampoule Mist has been introduced in Allure, a world-famous beauty magazine. This highly concentrated ampoule mist contains 83% premium fermented kelp instead of purified water, as well as three kinds of seaweed growing on the coastline of Jeju Island, Korea, and glutathione, an ingredient effective for whitening the skin.



Using a proprietary fermentation-extraction process to increase skin absorption, it functions as a booster to help skin absorption in the second stage by simply spraying it in the first stage of basic skincare.

Della Born Marine Collagen Cream is a moisturizing cream made mainly with small-molecule marine collagen, which promoted the brand name and made Della Born the company that it is today. The product leaves the skin smooth and moisturized, without any sticky residue.

Della Born is a high-profile cosmetics brand that won the 2020 First Brand Awards in the make-up base section, which proves that its products have great quality.

Thousands of customers are giving favorable reviews on social media and now, more people around the world are showing interest in them.

It is produced in a CGMP, ISO, and FDA -certified facility, and is currently exported to Vietnam, Japan, Australia, Mexico, China, Taiwan, and the United States. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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