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November 24, 2022[INQ. NO. 2211C75] PKC Thermal Bopp Lamination Films are produced by using a fully automated mass production system with unique extrusion production lines. Using raw materials completely safe for the human body, eco-friendly materials are used to make environment-friendly thermal BOPP lamination films.

In particular, no harmful A/C (anchor coating) chemical materials are used in the production of thermal BOPP lamination films.




These products are manufactured to last and designed to provide a safer environment for many years. The latest models have undergone virtually every test for ordinary use.

PKC Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of thermal BOPP & PET lamination flms (gloss, matt), and also several kinds of industrial specialty flms (soft-velvet, anti-scuff, super-digital, bio-degradable films, etc.) used for industrial purposes. The company is a supplier with the biggest manufacturing capacity in the global thermal BOPP and PET lamination film markets.



It has also been supplying thermal BOPP and PET lamination films to all the major markets around the world since 1991.

The company has developed its own unique raw materials for base films and adhesive (EVA, EEA, etc.) materials that are used for strong adhesive and low melting temperature during the lamination process on prints. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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