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December 27, 2022

http://korean-products.com/inquiryMilk Powder
[INQ. NO. 2212C03] I Am Mother Milk Powder contains a combination of three types of protein (lactoferrin, sialic acid, side) and defensive and growth factors (lactoferrin, IGF, lgA, PRP, mucin, lactoferrin, TGF) in breast milk. And it promotes digestion by adjusting molecular weight through enzymatic treatment.

A combination of Calcium that can strengthen the baby’s bones to help growth, calcium for bone growth, and phosphorus in a ratio of 1.8:1 enhances the absorption of calcium to help the growth of babies.



GT Milk is free from any unpleasant smell such as feed and other foreign odors that occur during milking by using a new technology called Good Taste (GT) to provide the original fresh taste of milk.

Through production management with a combination of protein, calcium, vitamin A to E, and vitamin D3 formulation that helps calcium absorption, the fat of raw milk, which varies slightly by season, is standardized using Milk Fat Standardization (MFS) system keeps the original taste and nutrition all year round.



Coffee Mix & Cup Coffee
French Cafe is made from premium coffee beans carefully selected by professional Q-graders, which are blended in a golden ratio to ensure optimal taste and aroma.

Carefully selected premium beans are brewed at a pressure range of 9 bar, which is optimal for espresso, by Q-graders by micro-grinding freshly roasted beans at -196 degrees to offer a deeper, richer taste and aroma.



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