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January 12, 2023

Eco Beyond Beautifulness

Durase suede is eco-friendly and no harmful of human body that is made of recycled microfiber PET nonwoven. Through water-borne PU and eco friendly dyeing process, we are sure that Durase is the ultimate eco suede now and ever.


No harmful to Human Health
– It is certified with OEKO-TEX Level 1 and has passed international environmental standards such as Reach (EU), CPSIA (USA), GB 1840:2020(CHINA), etc.

– Manufactured using 100% recycled materials.
– Used 100% water-based, DMF-free PU.

Luxurious, soft surface
– Maintaining its beautiful surface for a long time with a soft texture that felt like real leather, various colors, and a sensuous appearance

Outstanding durability
– Outstanding durability with good abrasion resistance

Durase Application
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