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February 10, 2023



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SAMDO ATS was found in 1991 and now located in Hwaseongsi, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea.

We have designed and produced EMI Shielding Electric conductive tape and ultra-thin heatsink tape (Flexible Heatsink, Thermal Conductive Sheet) which facilitates cutting and forming to a certain shape.


EMI & Cooling Solution



Represented by smart phones and tablets, the mobile-related technology has been developed so rapidly since early 2000s that it has brought all the works previously done by bulky desk-top computers onto the palm-top mobile devices.

Smart phones and tablets now occupies more than 50 percent of mobile device market, and its market hare is on the rapid increase. And customers’ recent preferences drives the mobile products armed with high performances to become smaller and smaller. And eventually we have reached a point where the heat generation and electromagnetic interference from the mobile device arouses many critical issues.

The heat degrades the products’ performance, shortens the product life time, the electromagnetic interference increases device malfunction and gives many sorts of inconvenience to users. That’s why the cooling and electromagnetic shielding solution has become one of the most fundamental factors in designing mobile devices. Furthermore, the mobile devices cannot tolerate a large space for cooling elements.

Therefore cooling elements for mobile devices require the ultra-thin and ultra-high cooling performance and composite solution of cooling and electromanetic shielding.


• ESD+EMI Shielding : SF/TSC/SCN Series
• Thermal Spreading : TSC/SCN Series
* 5G High Frequency Special : SFG/TCG Series



Represented by TVs and monitors, the display market has long been reorganized to FPD(Flat Panel Display).

Although FPD products now give many benefi ts to customers such as image quality enhancement and reductions in weight and thickness, there still remain many issues regarding the internal heat generation, electromagnetic interference and light leak. Recently Accompanied by the FPD’s trend of becoming thinner and thinner, and increased circuit density, the implications of heat and light leak are aggravated.

• Grounding+Light Shielding : SF Black Series
• ESD+EMI Shielding : SF/TSC/SCN Series



Recently, the personal computer market is increasing with laptops and tablets. They are always loaded with heavy computing tasks and operations of highquality contents.

Compared to a desktop computer, it is miniaturized to the level of a mobile device, so there are complex problems such as heat, electromagnetic interference, and light leakage.

• ESD+EMI Shielding : SF/TSC/SCN Series
• Thermal Spreading : TSC/SCN Series


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