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February 20, 2023

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DAINGT Co., Ltd. has been exporting Korean seaweed laver since its founding in 2018.

Placing our priorities on providing various qualities of dried laver and stabilizing the quality of dried laver, we concluded contract manufacturing with local seaweed laver producers and have been selecting and producing superlative undried laver.

Based on a foundation of strengthening raw material management and purchase capability for dried laver, we secured ample skilled manpower of laver-related companies in Korea. As a result, the size of our laver exports increased rapidly every year.
We were awarded the One Million Dollar Export Tower in 2020 within two years from our launch in 2018, and the Five Million Dollar Export Tower in 2022.

In addition to exporting dried laver, we are also actively exporting private brand products to Japan, Russia and other countries in partnership with companies producing seasoned laver and seaweed laver for gimbap.


I’m gim Roasted Seasoned Seaweed
Freshly-roasted clean, bland, traditional seaweed laver
Thoroughly selected domestic seaweed produced with contracts between our company and producing areas
Our products are softer and crispier thanks to the use of high-quality raw seaweed laver, featuring the natural deep, rich flavor of laver by roasting twice with care.
A nutty flavor is added by brushing crispy, savory high-quality raw seaweed laver with strong sesame oil.

I’m gim Flaked & Seasoned Seaweed
Savory, nutty stir-fried laver flake
It comes in small packages of 10g and has small particles so it is easy to mix with steamed rice and convenient to carry for picnics. Furthermore, unlike previous stir-fried laver flake packaged in large amounts, it is packaged in amounts that are convenient for a single serving, without having to worry about leftover wastage. We added bean flour so it is more aromatic and nutty, and also has a sweet and salty flavor.


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