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March 27, 2023

http://korean-products.com/inquiryLacquerware Inlaid with Mother-of-Pearl
[INQ. NO. 2303C11] Najeon Chilgi (‘Na-Jeon-Chil-Gi), or lacquerware, is an object decoratively inlaid with mother-of-pearl. This mother-of-pearl lacquerware is traditional craftwork made by cutting small abalone shell pieces into various shapes and applying them to the surface of lacquered dishes or furniture.
Najeon Chilgis are handicrafts, meaning that the skills used in making them are what makes them so perfect and special. Peacock Jewelbox 30
is a work of Kim Yong-gwan, a Master Craftsman of Korea No. 520 for mother-of-pearl lacquer, expressed with a traditional, modern and sophisticated design and delicate technology, which demonstrates the highest technological standard in the industry.

The artisans use sophisticated skills to delicately decorate jewelry boxes along the curves, without breaking the fragile pearls. However, peacock tails were usually not decorated as they are thin and delicate, so trying to carve them leads to failure more often than not. The three-layered box and its lock make it a great place to store valuables and its bottom, covered with mother-of-pearl gives it a classy look. Pearls of the highest quality such as deep-sea abalone shells from New Zealand and black pearls from the Philippines are used for such purposes. The body of the jewelry box is made of wood

Lacquerware is made by repeating the process of applying lacquer to wood, decorating it with mother-of-pearl, coloring it, and then adding a gradation effect using a brush. Peacocks are a symbol of prosperity, peace, wellbeing, and wealth. Peony flowers, often referred to as the king of flowers, are considered valuable in the East.

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