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March 28, 2023
[INQ. NO. 2303C17] CandyPop Twinkle Windbreaker is made of 100% nylon, with mesh fabric lining for waterproofing and protection from the sun. The
design of this windbreaker takes into account the different body types of dogs, making it an optimized size for all pets. DIQUEDIQUE ensures the
safety of all dogs by placing harness slits under the logo scotch on the back of the product. The logo scratch printings on the back also serve as an
additional safety feature. The CandyPop Twinkle Windbreaker is available in New York’s three best colors and can only be found in DIQUEDIQUE.
Twinkle Windbreaker is similar to the CandyPop Twinkle Windbreaker, with the addition of an attached hat for extra protection from the elements.
Like the CandyPop Twinkle Windbreaker, the Twinkle Windbreaker is made of 100% nylon and features mesh fabric lining for waterproofing and sun protection. It is also optimized for different body types, and its harness slits are placed under the logo scotch on the back of the product. The logo scratch printings at the attached hat provide additional safety for pets.

Cool T-shirt
Twinkle Cool Crop T-Shirt is a functional cropped tee made of 92% polyester and 8% span. The ATB-UV+ fabric used in this shirt protects pets from ultraviolet rays and has 99.9% antibacterial
and deodorizing functions. The quick-drying crop tee absorbs sweat quickly and discharges it out of the fiber. The ATB-UV+ fabric contains silver, which is safe for pets and provides long-lasting antibacterial and deodorizing properties. The fabric has been tested by the Korea Clothing Testing Laboratory and is unique to DIQUEDIQUE-mail: The Twinkle Cool Crop T-Shirt is perfect for hot summer days and helps maintain body temperature with its refreshing texture

Quilting Jacket
DIQUEDIQUE Quilting Jacket is a luxury jacket made of 100% polyester and 100% cotton. The jacket comes in black and beige and features waist buckles to accommodate pets of different sizes. The waterproof fabric used in this jacket is suitable for pets of different body types. The lining check fabric is made of 100% cotton and has 2oz cotton to ensure the fabric can be used in all seasons. The classical design of the jacket is customized for each pet, making it unique to DIQUEDIQUE. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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