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March 28, 2023 (Seasoned Thistle) Products
[INQ. NO. 2303C19] Herbs have played an essential role in maintaining the health of Koreans for a long time. Gondre or seasoned thistle is a traditional health food that has been loved by many generations. Pyeongchang Hanggi Gondeure and Pyeongchang Gondre Noodle are healthy foods produced without any additives. These are grown in a clean environment in Pyeongchang, Gangwon-do, Republic of Korea. The Gondre plants are cultivated with care to ensure the highest quality. They are produced using a differentiated drying method that utilizes a patented technology developed in-house. The process ensures the preservation of all the essential nutrients and the unique flavor of Gondre.
Pyeongchang Hanggi Gondeure undergoes a patented drying process that reduces nutrient loss while preserving its original taste and color. It is rich in fiber and has a crunchy texture. Hanggi Gondeure is perfect as a snack or as a side dish for a meal.

Gondre Noodle
Pyeongchang Gondre Noodle is a healthy blend of 10% gondre and 90% brown rice, made using patented technology. It is flourless, gluten-free, and vegan, without any additives. Plus, they’re simple to prepare by cooking for 7 minutes in 100-degree water or 50 minutes in 22-degree water without the need for boiling. They have a unique texture and a slightly nutty flavor, making them a great addition to soups or salads.

Pyeongchangfarm is a company established in 2004 to promote the agricultural specialties of Pyeongchang, Pyeongchang, a region in Gangwon Province, Republic of Korea. It produces and dries herbs and natural health foods such as noodles and shakes using chondrenamul, siraegi, and gomjuk as raw materials. Their products are sold online in Korea through platforms like Coupang and Naver, and in the USA through Amazon. Additionally, they actively export their products offline. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods


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