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March 29, 2023

http://korean-products.com/inquiryINQ. NO. 2302C17] Established in 1956 by American missionaries of the Southern Presbyterian Church of the United States, Hannam University is a private Christian university located in Daejeon, South Korea.
It has never faltered in maintaining its Christian roots and places a strong emphasis on truth, freedom, and service. Hannam University has earned a reputation in Korean society for producing ethical and talented graduates who serve their communities and churches. With a focus on academic excellence, the university offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs across nine colleges and 44 departments.

Hannam University’s precepts of truth, freedom, and service are the foundation of its academic and ethical approach to education. These principles shape the university’s curriculum and reflect its commitment to Christian education.
Its goal is to produce competent leaders with high moral values who will contribute to the nation and the church. Educating competent leaders based on Christian principles
The primary goal of Hannam University is to educate competent leaders who will serve their nation and their church based on Christian principles. The university off ers a strict curriculum that aims to equip students with the knowledge and skills needed to become well-rounded intellectuals.
Hannam University believes that its graduates will serve as faithful leaders equipped with intellect and virtue in compliance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Education. Academic excellence and growth Over the past 60 years, Hannam University has grown remarkably to become a recognized private university in Korea and Asia. The university has established five graduate schools, 10 auxiliary organizations, 33 research institutes, and 234 overseas sister institutions in 46 countries.
It off ers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs that refl ect its commitment to teaching, research, and service to the greater community.
The beautiful green campus of Hannam University extends over 5,875,976 square feet, and the school buildings total around 2,370,665 square feet.
The university has two campuses in Ojeong-dong and nearby Daedeok Innopolis, equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities for academic and extracurricular activities.
The innovative Daedeok Valley Campus houses the College of Bio and Nano Science and is located within the world-famous Daedeok Valley, a representative science and technology research complex in Korea. Hannam University’s Linton Global College, the fi rst program of its kind, has been off ering all classes in English since 2005.
Hannam University LINC3.0 Project Team: Fostering industry-academia collaboration
Hannam University has been making great eff orts to achieve substantial growth over the past six years through
its project of Leading University for Socially Customized Industry-Academia Cooperation. As a result, it was selected or the third phase of LINC3.0 (Leaders in Industry- university Cooperation), which aims to grow the university into a leading institution for industry-academia collaboration.

Achieving outstanding performance in industry-academia cooperation
Hannam University’s outstanding performance in industry-academia cooperation has been recognized by the LINC3.0 Project, which includes evaluating the feasibility, sustainability, and autonomy of industry-academia cooperation. The university has created excellent results in all areas targeted by the LINC3.0 Project. Fostering creative talents for future industries As part of the LINC3.0 Project, Hannam University aims to foster creative talents needed by future industries, symbiosis and collaboration between industry and academia, and operate a platform and specialization-based business for the advancement of local industries.
The university’s Social and Public Value Service Business IGC hosted three work-study groups under the guidance of Prof. Peter Lee (Academia-Industry cooperation) from September 2022 to February 2023, and provided functional offi ce furniture, functional soap, and support for global B2B platform marketing, video content production, card news, and buyer discovery and consultation
Exporting to global markets Thanks to Hannam University’s support, Solomon Co. Ltd, which manufactures functional offi ce furniture, was able to export a sample worth US$2,000 to a Russian buyer and is currently in the process of further export consultation with a buyer in Dubai. The university plans to expand overseas sales and overseas marketing support for companies in Daejeon and the Chungcheong region, and to activate global industry- university education for students through academic and research exchanges with global excellent universities, standard fi eld trips, capstone design, and summer camps. Strengthening global education At a time when the government is strengthening global education, Gu-Hwan Won, Director of the LINC3.0 Project at Hannam University, is committ ed to supporting local industries and fostering talented students who will contribute to accessing the global market. Hannam University’s LINC3.0 Project team is working hard to strengthen industry-academia collaboration, promote research and development, and foster creative talents for future industries.



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