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April 24, 2023[INQ. NO. 2304C05] STEMSOO™, human adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cellsconditioned media, obtained certification as a high-end biomaterial and is effective for strengthening the natural energy of the skin as it is derived from skin cells only.
STEMSOO Time Return Ampoule, an antiaging product with a concentration of STEMSOO™ 100,000ppm, helps maintain healthy and glowing skin.
BSP-11™ is a material independently developed by the company that stimulates the movement of skin cells and reduces inflammation.

STEMSOO Calm & Repair Serum is effective in skin soothing and regeneration as it contains 50, 000ppm of the patented BSP-11™.
A special type of cooling gel formula contained in the antiaging serum helps quickly cool down the temperature of irritated skin from deep within, thus improving the quality of the skin.Mask
STEMSOO Intensive Cream Dressing Mask is a sheet mask made using the occlusive dressing treatment (ODT) mechanism to cure wounds. Containing 50, 000ppm of the patented BSP-11™ it helps the skin absorb core nutrients.
STEMSOO Skin Restoring UV Protector is a daily sun protection product that even those with sensitive skin can use. It has the proven capability to effectively block ultraviolet radiation and makes the skin bright and lively without leaving a white cast or stickiness.
Containing 10,000 ppm of patented BSP-11™, this antiaging sunscreen prevents skin aging and promotes whitening and wrinkle improvement. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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