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June 21, 2023 Busan International Food Expo Set to Break New Grounds
The 30th Busan International Food Expo (BOFOOD 2023) will be unveiled in BEXCO’s Exhibition Halls 1 and 2 from June 21 to June 24, 2023. Celebrating its 30th anniversary, this year’s event is set to be grander than ever, featuring approximately 400 companies across 900 booths, up from 300 companies and 600 booths in the past.

Concurrent events include the Busan Coffee Show, Busan Catering & Sanitary Facilities Exhibition, Busan Food Manufacturing Equipment & Packaging Exhibition, and Busan Marine Food & Equipment Exhibition. Organized by Qingdao Qishenglong Business Co., Ltd., and the Korea Industrial Marketing Institute, the event is a critical platform for businesses and consumers alike.
A Rich Array of Food Industry Insights and Opportunities
Reflecting the evolution of the food industry in Korea, BOFOOD 2023 continues to showcase the latest food trends and provide opportunities for businesses to build their networks. Its thematic focus is expansive, spanning traditional processed foods, marine processed foods, coffee, tea, bakery, catering, cooking facilities, food machinery, packaging machinery, and local government-branded foods.

The concurrent exhibitions allow visitors to experience the entire spectrum of the food, equipment, and beverage industries. Like in the previous editions, attendees will include representatives from national groups of all eight provinces, over 20 local self-governing bodies, and domestic large-scale distribution buyers.
Fueling Growth and Innovation
Beyond providing an opportunity to taste and purchase an array of food and beverage products, BOFOOD 2023 is

an important engine of growth and innovation. Domestic distribution buyer consultations will take place, expanding the on-and-offline sales channels for participating companies. Additionally, overseas trade agencies will be present, providing opportunities for businesses unable to go abroad to pioneer new markets.

From Industry Professionals to Everyday Consumers
BOFOOD 2023 is a must-visit event for a diverse range of attendees, from food service professionals and prospective entrepreneurs to individual consumers. Everyone will have the chance to encounter a variety of products and information in one place. Advance registration for free admission is ongoing on the official website, and there will be events where pre-registered visitors can win a chance to get a first look at the products of participating companies.

Stay Tuned for Exciting Side Events
The side events for BOFOOD 2023 are yet to be announced. However, given the past success of the Busan International Food Expo, attendees can expect an exciting lineup that further enhances the exhibition’s appeal. As we gear up for this gastronomic extravaganza, let’s remember that BOFOOD 2023 is not just an expo. It is a testament to the growing dynamism and global influence of Korea’s food industry. Here’s to a successful and delectable event this June. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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