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June 21, 2023 Cold Chewy Noodles
[INQ. NO. 2306C26] Nadri Gan-Jjolmyeon promises an authentic taste of the past. The noodles maintain their traditional thickness, offering a delightful chewiness contrary to the conventional belief of toughness. What sets this variant apart is its accompanying sauce, a meticulous blend of fresh fruits like apples, kiwi, and bananas with onions in a pure handmade soy sauce. This sauce, comprising over 30 ingredients, undergoes a low-temperature fermentation for over 20 days, resulting in a deep, addictive flavor that is less spicy but packed with umami.
Nadri Jjolmyeon continues the legacy of a secret sauce passed down through three generations. This sauce, steeped with an array of 30 ingredients and aged for 20 days, begins with an initial kick of spiciness, followed by a warming umami aftertaste. Just like its counterpart, the noodles are characteristically thick, offering the unique, chewy texture reminiscent of traditional Jjolmyeon.

Nadrifood Co., Ltd, the producer of these culinary delights, has a lineage tracing back to 1986. Embodying the distinct flavors of Yeongju, this company has made a significant mark in the Jjolmyeon domain. Since May, it has successfully expanded its market to Canada’s H-Mart, and with plans underway for exports to the United States, Japan, and the Philippines, Nadrifood stands on the threshold of global recognition.
Nadrifood Co., Ltd, has its roots dating back to 1986. Proudly representing the taste of Yeongju in Gyeongsangbuk-do, South Korea, Nadrifood has held the mantle of delicious Jjolmyeon for generations. Starting as a humble soup restaurant, it has now become a household name in the world of Jjolmyeon, paving a path towards global expansion.

From May, Nadrifood started exporting its products to H-Mart, the largest Korean supermarket chain in Canada, and received an overwhelmingly positive response. Given the success, preparations are now underway to expand their exports to other regions, including the United States, Japan, and the Philippines. With these steps, Nadrifood is poised to make strides in its venture towards global recognition and distribution. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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