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August 24, 2023
[INQ. NO. 2308C49] Make-up Triple Sun Cream is a remarkable multi-functional product. It effectively shields the skin from harmful UV rays, while ensuring comprehensive moisturization. Simultaneously, it enhances skin elasticity and reduces the appearance of wrinkles, making it a triple threat in skincare. An additional highlight of this sunscreen is its natural skintone-matching makeup feature.

Thanks to its chameleon-like properties, it blends seamlessly with any skin tone, providing a natural-looking finish. Even when applied over makeup, it does not clump, making it an ideal addition to anyone’s beauty regime. Being a physical sunscreen, it is perfect for sensitive and easily irritated skin. Its SPF50+/PA++++ protection makes it a reliable friend for everyday use, irrespective of weather conditions or activities.

Hydra Essential Serum is an essential addition to any skincare routine. This anti-wrinkle, highly concentrated serum is an absolute must for those looking to infuse their skin with elasticity, radiance, and intense moisture. It is particularly beneficial for damaged, sagging skin, or skin requiring essential nourishment. Its formulation includes ingredients like 2% Snail Secretion Filtrate, Peptide, and Centella Asiatica Extract which help with skin hydration, regeneration, and strengthening the skin barrier.

Nyduss E&M, established in 2008, has developed these exceptional skincare products under the SELENDERM brand. By harmonizing nature and science, they offer high-quality skincare services and products in the cosmeceutical sector. Their portfolio extends to 40 diverse products including cleansing products, skincare products, and sunscreens, all manufactured using natural, scientifically validated ingredients to ensure safety and effectiveness. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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