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October 25, 2023 Pad
[INQ. NO. 2310C03] Daily Derma Cleansing Pad Mild is the quintessential guardian of clear, healthy skin. In just 30 seconds, this number one cleansing pad engages in a
profound dance, sweeping away makeup, fi ne dust, and environmental irritants, leaving behind a trail of exceptional hydration. One soft embossed pad is the key to a world of freshness and cleanliness.


Cepa Cica Ampoule is a fast-acting soother for distressed skin, reinforcing the skin barrier and unveiling a vibrant, healthy glow. It stands as a Wrinkle Improvement Functional Cosmetic, with its skin irritation test completed, ensuring the skin embarks on a journey to rejuvenation with utmost safety.


Blackhead Pack
3-Step TAKO PACK brandishes the excellent absorptive power of Octopus suction cups, clearing away blackheads and sebum with a might that leaves pores refi ned and tightened.


Gel Cream
TETAMIN Calming Gel Cream is infused with tea tree ingredient and skin protection patent ingredient, it swiftly soothes skin that quivers under irritation, guaranteeing 100% skin-soothing eff ect and ensuring safety with a completed clinical test of skin relieving effect.
Ipse Cosmetic Co., Ltd, the creator of the Nightingale, a Life Derma brand, holds the torch of sustainable values for healthy skin and life, unfurling the flag of hypoallergenic products that use only verified, stable, and effective raw materials. In the quest for a sustainable environment, Nightingale takes proud strides, launching vegan-certified products and embodying clean beauty with eco-friendly materials in every package. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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