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October 26, 2023[INQ. NO. 2310C45] In the ancient Chinese book “Bonghwangrok,” yellow mushrooms on old mulberry trees are described as elixir plants that can significantly enhance people’s health. They contain a large amount of beta-glucan known to combat cancer, boost immunity, and lower blood sugar.





“Bonghwangrok,” a book of medicine of the Chinese Ming Dynasty describes phellinus linteus as non-poisonous mushrooms that can be eaten by anyone. It has a detox function. Its juice does not deteriorate even if is left at room temperature for a long time.
Sanghwang Mushroom liquid Tea (Geumbit Farm) is a product made from high-quality phellinus linteus mushrooms organically grown in clean areas and OEMs under strict hygiene and quality control at state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities which received HACCP and ISO certification.
Established in 2011, Hanyeoul Bio Valley Co., Ltd., built a factory of 6,000 m² on a site of about 17,000 m² alongside the Hantangang River in Yeoncheon, the cleanest area in the northernmost part of South Korea, and specializes in producing organic Sangha mushroom.

It has obtained certification from the Yeoncheon County Governor, GAP, Environment-friendly Agricultural Products Certification, and G-Mark from the Governor of Gyeonggi Province. It was certified as a Sixth Industrialization Enterprise, and acquired a patent for a natural material to remove harmful mold.
Hanyeoul Bio Valley produces Sanghwang mushroom liquid and Sanghwang mushroom fermented extract for OEM through a HACCP – and ISO-certifi ed contractor, to sell them online and offline. Phosphorus Sanghwang mushroom liquid and Sanghwang mushroom fermented extract were selected as Best Idea Product.


It has been selected as an Export Dodream Enterprise and acquired FSSC22000 and FDA certifi cations.
It has also participated in the Global Market Pioneer Project supported by the Gyeonggi Business & Science Accelerator (GBSA) by consulting with many buyers in New York and Los Angeles. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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