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October 26, 2023 cial Sweetener
[INQ. NO. 2310C32] Saccharin has a sweetness that is 500 times more intense than regular sugar. Its distinction lies not just in its pronounced sweetness but also in its zero-calorie and zero-glycemic index att ributes. These properties make it an ideal alternative for those combatting diabetes and obesity. Saccharin’s versatility extends beyond just being an ingredient in candies, cookies, and soft drinks. Its use permeates the dental industry in toothpaste, mouthwashes, as well as in medicinal syrups, tablet coatings, and tabletop sweeteners.
Saccharin produced by JMC Corporation is diff erent in several notable aspects. First, its production technique contrasts many other manufacturers. While others might resort to cheaper, lower-quality methods that can produce impurities, JMC utilizes the historic and trusted Remsen-Fahlberg process to ensure the highest quality Saccharin.
Another distinguishing factor is the purity of the raw materials used. The quality of Ortho-Toluenesulfonamide (OTSA) greatly impacts the quality of Saccharin.
Recognizing this, JMC not only produces its own OTSA but also meticulously controls its purity throughout the production chain.
Ensuring global standards, Saccharin from JMC abides by all pharmaceutical and food standards such as USP/ NF, FCC, JECFA, EP, E954, JP, KP, and more. In fact, many international standards base their quality identifications and evaluations on JMC’s product.
JMC Corporation is uncompromising when it comes to purity. Their R&F method inherently ensures a product devoid of impurities and doesn’t require the use of organic solvents. Instead, they purify with potable water, ensuring no residual solvents, unlike some other manufacturers who may employ chemicals.
Founded in 1953, JMC Corporation celebrates its 70th anniversary in 2023 as the sole Saccharin manufacturer in South Korea and prides itself as a leading global supplier.
Upholding the traditional Remsen and Fahlberg production method since Saccharin’s discovery at Johns Hopkins University in 1879, JMC’s product has been recognized as a World-class product, supplying Saccharin to diverse food, beverage, and pharmaceutical manufacturers in over 70 countries. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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