Korean Traditional Crafts Merging with Modern Lifestyles

https://korean-products.com/inquiry[INQ. NO. 1711C24] Located in Ulsan, a southern port city of Korea, CHAECIE seeks the modern use of Korea’s traditional crafts and designs that are beneficial to people and the environment. Its products are carefully crafted with traditional craft techniques using eco-friendly materials. The traditional craft patterns are produced by using digital designing. CHAECIE aims to contribute to the tradition and development of Korean traditional crafts.
The main products are Mami Coffee Filter and fabrics created based on the Korean traditional motifs. All handcrafted products of CHAECIE are environmentally friendly, safe and semi-permanent thanks to the use of only natural materials. Horsetail and lacquer which are main materials of the product are strong against moisture and insects and are harmless to the human body. Therefore, they have outstanding functionality when used as kitchen utensils and daily necessities. Under the motto of “Learning old things and knowing old things as old ones” and “Making use of life and enriching life,” CHAECIE’s products are 100% handcrafted based on traditional craftsmanship.
Mami Coffee Filter
Mami Coffee Filter is a hand-drip coffee filter that is a representative product of the company. Carefully selected high-quality horsehair is woven with a loom and finished with lacquer. The filter made of natural horsehair passes the oil of graded coffee beans without absorbing it. This way, one can enjoy the original taste and incense of coffee.
In addition, there is no need for a stand or a server to support it, so it is easy to use and easy to clean without any tools. This environmentally friendly hand-drip filter can be used semi-permanently.


Mami Mirror

Mami Mirror is an easy-to-carry hand mirror. With the digital design of Korea’s tale of Mamiche (sieve made of horsehair) to bring good fortune and drive offevil spirits, it is a traditional craft item that can be carried by people of all ages and sexes.
The Mami series can be the best gift to express love and gratitude to family members.

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Wrap Dispenser

https://korean-products.com/inquiryNowadays, logistics is fully automated, and all goods are placed on pallets and wrapped with stretch wrap. However, due to the pre-activity before parcels are shipped, the onsite wrapping process is severely out-of-date. Workers who are engaged in wrapping all day complain about dizziness, backache, or inconvenience caused by uncomfortable and inefficient wrapping processes.



WrapRod, produced by Tae Gyeong M&T Co., Ltd., is a stick-type manual wrapping tool to maximize convenience by simplifying the operating principle. Its convenient wrapping mechanism and bearing structure help to smoothly unwrap and the center knob exerts tension so that the wrapping process is not affected by the height and there is no burden on the worker’s body.
This product is designed so that workers need not bend their back and knees or struggle to stretch their arms while wrapping low or high parts. It enables workers to wrap the goods loaded on a pallet without any pain in their back. In addition, the stretch film can be replaced easily.
Patented and applied for PCT, WrapRod will make logistics and material processing handling more convenient and safer. WrapRod can also reduce wrapping costs due to its efficient functionality. It firmly holds stretch wrap tightly in order to attach it to the surface of objects. This reduces the amount of stretch wrap used, and as a result, is economically beneficial.
Since its founding in 1990, Tae Gyeong M&T specializes in logistics and material handling, thriving in the materials and distribution markets for over 25 years.

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PP Strapping Strap

https://korean-products.com/inquiryPACO PACK is a manufacturer of P.P band and automatic packaging machines. Going beyond the concept of producing equipment and bands through automated packaging, the company is producing and supplying products to suit the characteristics and purposes of its clients. The products are exported to New Zealand, the Middle East, and Asia as well as being distributed in the domestic market. They are globally recognized for the supreme quality made possible through strict quality control and management.
PacoPack’s automatic packaging machines are superior to other counterparts with no minor failures, thus enabling the company to build firm relationships with its clients through its product reliability and efficient packaging processes.


Band / Strap

PP strap produced by PACO PACK is made of polypropylene as raw material. It is low in price compared with European counterparts and is globally recognized for its superior quality compared to Chinese and Southeast Asian products.
The cost-saving PP strap, an economical band, is thin and long, making it highly effective in reducing costs. It is highly suitable for high-speed banding machines such as StraPack in Japan and Moska in Germany.
As for Printed Band, it is cable of printing the desired texts such as company name and contacts on various merchandises to provide outstanding promotional benefits to the product.
Heavy Band has a higher tensile strength compared to other P.P bands and can be used when high tensile strength is needed. This product can be used to print the company symbol, logo, telephone number, etc., for advertising and improving the company image.

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Pregnancy Test Kit

https://korean-products.com/inquirySince its establishment in July 2015, Kanzen Co., Ltd. has been engaged in R&D with next-generation botulinum toxin drugs, ultra-high molecular hyaluronic acid HA, and pruritus treatment pipeline, and also sells veterinary drugs and diagnostic medical devices.
Tricheck is one of the items of diagnostic medical devices.
Ten percent of the general population use a pregnancy test kit and three out of 1,000 users experience erroneous results due to reasons such as high concentration of hCG. In the case of existing pregnancy test kits, the hCG hormone is tested to determine the pregnancy. Two lines appearing on the kit indicate that the user is pregnant whereas one line means non-pregnant. However, if the concentration of hCG hormone is higher than a certain level, the test line may disappear, causing it to be judged as non-pregnant, while in reality, it is reading pregnant. This phenomenon is usually referred to as a “hook effect.”



Tricheck is the world’s first self-pregnancy test kit that completely overcomes the problem of a false negative (error of determining as non-pregnancy even in the case of pregnancy) caused by a high-density hCG in women aged, over 40 years, which has been recognized as the limitation of the existing pregnancy test kits. It adds an additional test line to the existing pregnancy test kit to determine the results with a total of three lines. Depending on the concentration of hCG hormone in the urine, the additional test line color will be displayed differently. Even if hCG hormone is high, pregnancy can be judged accurately and quickly.
Tricheck is a next-generation product that detects hCG hormone up to 25mlU/mL within five minutes and enables early detection of premature pregnancy and accurate identification for women with irregular menstruation. It has received the 111th New Excellent Technology (NET) Certificate from the Korean Ministry of Health & Welfare and won the IR52 Jang Young Shil Award in August 2017. Tricheck’s competitive immunoassay method enables quantitative determination of the hCG concentration, that it helps to diagnose the case of an ectopic pregnancy that can be missed by ultrasound.

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Various PVC Hoses

https://korean-products.com/inquiryPonaflex Corporation has been specializing in manufacturing and exporting all kinds of PVC hose since 1977, with good product-quality, competitive prices, and excellent service. The company’s mission is to have a warm relationship with its customers based on trust. And its vision is to become an industrial leader focusing on product research for the future. Ponaflex has been dedicated to satisfying customers, and it is constantly working to create a healthy society and nation. While the company is committed to quality utilizing ISO standards and Single PPM, it has been leading the industry with product improvements and innovative product developments.
In addition to quality control, Ponaflex has adopted an industry-leading ERP system to increase productivity and deliver an effective production schedule. Ponaflex will continue to strengthen substantiality and build global competitiveness with long-term strategies. It will maintain consistent investment in new product development to yield future growth, and it will be trusted and recognized as a corporate conscience entity by society. It constantly strives to be an industrial leader that provides the products and the services to benefit the nation, society, and customers.


PVC Layflat Discharge Hose, Spray Hose & PVC Grit Hose

The company’s PVC layflat discharge hose is for agriculture and construction fields. It supplies and discharges water connected with discharge pumps in the construction field. It also supplies water in the farm connected with drip taping in the agricultural field. It is double layered for reinforcement.
Spray hose is for agriculture and industry fields. It supplies water with high pressure or air connected with a spray nozzle. It provides easy connection using coupling. PVC grit hose is for shipping yard and industrial field. It is used for transferring sand and gravel for blasting in the shipping yard. Rigid PVC coil is infused in soft PVC hose with durability guaranteed. It suctions and press-transfers various grains.

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Leather Golf Grips

https://korean-products.com/inquiryGrip is the most important consumable for golfers that transmits the golfer’s power and operability to the club. Even by using a quality club, unless a grip performs such function properly, it may significantly affect the player’s performance. Therefore, a grip needs replacement on a regular basis and careful management.



In an effort to prevent missed shots through slippage caused by sweat or moisture, and to maximize the fine touch of a grip without even needing golf gloves, HENDON the leather skin 880 that tackledwater absorption was born. The HENDON, a manufacturer specializing in leather goods, has introduced Leatherskin-880. The product helps to improve the driving distance and direction and can be used by both men and women with its excellent grip.
Through minimized chemical treatments and multiple thermal drying processes, Leatherskin-880’s cowhide has been designed to absorb sweat and moisture quickly without the dye smearing the hands. Leatherskin-880 is hand-made using high-quality leather via over 220 needleworks.


Leather Iron Cover-803

Made of cowhide, Leather Iron Cover-803 is equipped with a removable magnet inside the inner face, eliminating unnecessary waste of time and energy before and after using the club. With the practically minimized volume and size, it allows one to play with the product kept in the pocket while using the club, thus protecting the face of the iron by attaching the iron cover for convenience.
Applied for a utility model in Korea, its one-touch cover is an optimal product with a unique design utilizing magnetic force. Made from domestic natural cowhide, it is an excellent fashion item that makes the club look outstanding, besides just a simple function to enhance the durability and protect the iron head. Founded in 2014, HENDON has been developing and producing brand products for Korea’s leading conglomerates. All of HENDON’s products are handmade via over 100 needleworks from raw hides to finished products within about 15 days, thereby ensuring quality comparable to any luxury goods.

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Jeju Hwangchil Cosmetics

https://korean-products.com/inquiry[INQ. NO. 1711C23] Jeju Hwangchil Hwangsam Mask is a mask pack containing fermented extract of Korean Dendropanax grown in the seas of clean Jeju. It provides the skin with nutrition and has a soothing effect, maintaining a healthy skin.
Jinhwangchil Enzyme Soap made with Ivy tree, a unique medicinal plant from Jeju Island, offers the elegant beauty of a refined soap.
The 7-Day Project Mask Pack developed by Jeju Uda contains the rich essence of natural ingredients from Jeju as a 7-Day Intensive Care Program for brightening and clarifying the skin over one week.

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Natural Horse Oil Cream

https://korean-products.com/inquiry[INQ. NO. 1711C22] Established in 2011, JEJUMAYU Co., Ltd. produces various horse oil based cosmetic products. JEJUMAYU recently released its own brand MAYUNARA following intensive research and development based on scientifically proven effectiveness of horse oil for relieving atopy and healing burnt skin. MAYUNARA consists of horse oil cream, essence, toner and other cosmetic products.
MAYUNARA Horse Oil Cream is a nutritional cream made from naturally derived ingredients. This natural horse oil has various effects including revitalization, deep hydration, skin barrier improvement, and resilience.


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Natural Tangerine Cosmetics

https://korean-products.com/inquiry[INQ. NO. 1711C21] Tangerine is a natural health food containing various vitamins, proteins, and minerals. In particular, tangerine peel contains four times more vitamin C than its flesh, thereby being the best raw material for basic cosmetic ingredients.
QyoQyo is a naturalistic cosmetic brand made from tangerine peel ingredients obtained from the clean island of Jeju.
QyoQyo Tangerine Bright+Moist ALL IN 1 CREAM offers the combined functions of toner, lotion, and essence. The seven kinds of flower extracts strengthen the skin walls by providing nourishment and moisture while the shea butter promotes skin elasticity, and the Tocopherol derivatives and betain have high moisturizing effects.

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Organic Jeju Cold Drip Coffee

https://korean-products.com/inquiry[INQ. NO. 1711C20] Organic Jeju Cold Drip Coffee produced by withO Co., Ltd. is made by adding clean and clear Jeju water to Ethiopian organic coffee beans. It offers a deep aroma wrapping around the nose and tongue. Organic Jeju Cold Drip Coffee, extracted through ten hours of effort and care, has a milder, softer, and deeper flavor compared to regular coffee on the market that is extracted for a short time using only temperature and pressure.
Made with coffee beans from three farms in Ethiopia – Bebeka, Gemadro, and Gummer, Organic Jeju Cold Drip Coffee offers different tastes and flavors – woody-flavored Bebeka, Gemadro featuring moderate acidity and pleasant chocolate flavor, and Gummer with balanced body sensation and wine-flavor.

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