Camping & Picnic Fair 2017 types of sports and leisure activities enjoyed by Koreans have become tremendously diverse, from fitness and marathon, to extreme and outdoor sports due t o improved living standards and keen attention to leading healthier lifestyles.
In particular, with the introduction of the five-day work system and keener attention being paid to healthier lifestyles, Korea’s camping & outdoor markets have been growing rapidly. According to the recent data, the camping population is estimated at 3 million with a market size of 600 billion won in 2014.
Camping is evolving into a year-round leisure activity in Korea and a variety of high-performance camping equipment is thus becoming popular.
Reflecting the growth of related industries in Korea, increasing numbers of 201702c_%ed%8e%98%ec%9d%b4%ec%a7%80_61_05exhibitors and visitors have attended the Camping & Picnic Fair.
This year the fair will be held from March 16 to 19 at KINTEX (Korea International Exhibition Center) in Goyang, Korea, featuring a diversity of the newest outdoor and camping-related items, providing buyers and visitors a good opportunity to check and predict the latest developments and trends of the industry. The exhibit items include tents, tables, chairs, lighting and heating gears, sleeping gears, kitchenware, camping cars, trailers, roof-top tents and SUVs, kayak, bicycle, etc.
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KOREA BUILD 2017’s very first building show, Kyunghyang Housing Fair and SEOULBUILD, the international trade building show have become together and be jointly held from February 22 to 26, 2017 in KINTEX, starting its new history as the name of KOREA BUILD.
Kyunghyang Housing Fair, specialized in building materials & construction, is the biggest, has the longest history and is the most famous in the housing construction industry of Korea.
Both KH Fair and SEOULBUILD ‘ organizing teams will deliver synergy effect with their knowhow to make KOREA BUILD the most international and biggest among all the building exhibitions in Korea and to reach higher plane of achievement.201702c_%ed%8e%98%ec%9d%b4%ec%a7%80_61_03
Worthy of its title, KOREA BUILD will be Korea’s representative building show and you will observe totally new level of exhibitions in 2017.
The exhibition categories will consist of furniture & home interior, appliances & security, tools & equipment, sanitary items, interior & structural materials, air conditioning and heating &ventilation equipment, coating materials & waterproof material, gardening & public facilities, lighting & electrical installation material, windows & doors, etc.

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SEOUL FOOD 2017 FOOD, the nation’s premier food expo, celebrates its 35th anniversary this year.
Established in 1983, SEOUL FOOD has evolved with the food industry and it is positioned as Korea’s largest and most well-established event of its kind. It is the only show to provide the very best environment for exhibitors to meet and do business with many influential professionals and buyers in the world’s food and food technology sector.
SEOUL FOOD 2017, running from May 16 to 19, will incorporate such diverse trade fairs as Seoul FoodTech, Seoul FoodPack, Seoul Horecatech, Seoul Food Int’l Pavillion, Seoul Fine Food, Seoul Food Ingredients, Seoul Premium Food, Seoul Dessert & Beverage spanning all sectors of the food industry – the ultimate 201702c_%ed%8e%98%ec%9d%b4%ec%a7%80_60_05setting for exhibitors and trade visitors to meet face-toface with highly qualified decision makers and grow their business networks with professionals.
Last year, 1,520 exhibitors at 2,915 booths with 50,000 professional visitors from Korea and abroad from 46 countries showcased their products in the exhibition area of 74,171 sqm at KINTEX.
With more than three decades of experience, SEOUL FOOD has a deep understanding of what exhibitors and visitors want from an exhibition. In addition, the organizers have been striving to make this show a real one-stop platform for industry professionals to interact and exchange up-to-date information the exhibition website, highlighting the features of the show in the run-up to the 201702c_%ed%8e%98%ec%9d%b4%ec%a7%80_60_13event, along with diverse programs designed to attract high-quality exhibitors and professional visitors. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

KIMES 2017 33rd Korea International Medical & Hospital Show (KIMES 2017) will take place at COEX in Seoul from 16 to 19 March in 2017. The Asia’s premier medical event has been growing as the hub of attraction for all those involved in the medical and health care industries.
With excessive demands from the Korean consumers, the development of the medical industry in Korea is remarkably fast-growing. In the circumstances, KIMES’s filling of the role of the platform where manufacturers and consumers can find their satisfactions.
The medical industry recognized as one of the future core industries in Korea has a strong commitment to be internationalizing by raising its competitiveness in the world market. The convergence technology that integrates IT technology with 201702c_%ed%8e%98%ec%9d%b4%ec%a7%80_60_03medical has been developing dramatically. The government appointed it the next generation engine and put a strong support to build a stable infrastructure.
KIMES representing the medical industry trend in Asia will provide both exhibitors and visitors with the chances to see the future of medical environment even more upgraded as well as health care solutions to hospitals.
KIMES that has been growing along with local medical equipment industry now raises itself as the world’s prominent specialized medical exhibition.
In KIMES 2016 Exhibition, 1,152 companies from 37 countries including America, Germany, England, Japan, Italy, Taiwan, or China participate to introduce up to 201702c_%ed%8e%98%ec%9d%b4%ec%a7%80_60_1030,000 or so items such as advanced medical equipment, hospital equipment, medical information, and medical products. More than 70,000 visitors is expected come to KIMES 2017 where the leading medical manufacturers of the world will join in the exhibition with the scale of 38,500m2. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

KITAS 2016 Korea

Untitled-16.jpgKorea IT Accessory & S m a r t D e v i c e Show (KITAS) is the only exhibition in Korea specialized in mobile accessories & smart devices.
As Korea’s mobile accessory & device i n d u s t r y i s expanding rapidly in the midst of great interests in Smartphone & Tablet, KITAS gathers high-qualified key buyers of all sectors of the mobile accessory & smart device industries from the world including Korea. For visitors to the upcoming exhibition, this event will be a premier opportunity to infiltrate to Korea and have a Korea’s market information.
The Korea IT Accessory & Smart Device Show is a 3-day event being held from July 28 to 30 at the Coex in Seoul, Korea. This event showcases an extensive array of products including mobile accessories & devices, printers, Printing Hardware &Tools, Mobile Applications & Games, Other Services, Hardware, Accessories, Devices and more etc. in the Computer Hardware & Software industry.

• KITAS 2016
Period: Jul. 28 – 30, 2016 (3 days)
Venue: COEX C Hall
Website: | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods


Character & Licensing Fair 2016

Untitled-46.jpgCharacter, Licensing Fair 2016 will run from July 13 to 17 at COEX, Seoul. The Character Licensing Fair is related to licensing, and invites domestic and international manufacturers, agents, distribution sales managers, marketers, and promotion managers to operate the connection program with actual buyers, being the network hub for brand owners and buyers, retailers, licensees, licensors and manufacturers from all around the world.
Organized by Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and jointly managed by Coex and Korea Creative Content Agency, Character Licensing Fair has successfully established itself as Asia’s largest culturalcontent licensing show for over 10 years. This year’s show will be attended by 250 exhibitors representing 300 properties at 950 booths. And about 130,000 visitors are expected to come to the show.
Living up to its reputation as the Korea’s largest show of its kind, the show will consist of a variety of programs such as company exhibitions; individual artists & clubs; kid’s café; international biz-matching program; buyer’s night; job fair; character marketing stage and character parade throughout the event.

• Character & Licensing Fair 2016
Period: July 13– 17, 2016 (5 days)
Venue: COEX Hall A&B, Grand Ballroom
Contact: (Tel) 82-2-6000-8570
(Fax) 82-2-6944-8306 | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

Handmade Korea Summer 2016

Untitled-44.jpgHandmade Korea Summer 2016 is due to run for four days from July 21 to 24 at COEX in Seoul. Devoted for hand – crafted creative works, the Handmade Korea has grown into leading handmade art fair with the participation of about 600 artists and 70,000 general visitors.
This year’s show takes place under five distinctive themes — art, life, DIY, food and special zone, focusing on identity of each category.
The only cultural festival both for artists and the public has been held at COEX, Seoul since 2011.
Beginning this year, Handmade Korea takes place twice a year – summer and winter season, respectively.
The fair seeks to provide an opportunity for artists to develop commercial products and explore sales channels, and for the public to see and experience artworks and have easy access to artistic products applying pieces of artwork to their daily lives, while playing as an incubator that helps artists, start-ups and small enterprises by providing various services such as online, design related laws mentorship and buyer matching.
The fair helps professionals and amateurs alike to give opportunity for growth by sharing their unique artistic works with the public. At the upcoming summer edition, anyone to appreciate and buy a variety of handmade items from unlimited genres covering art&illustration, living interior, fashion, beauty, reform, hobby, DIY class, homemade food & gallery café and quilt, children and pet.

• Handmade Korea Summer 2016
Period: July 21 -24, 2016 (4 days)
Venue: COEX Hall B

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KOBA 2016 began its first show in 1991, co-organized by Korea E & EX and K O B E T A ( The Korea Broadcasting  Engineers & Technicians Association) for the enhancement of the Korean broadcasting culture and the development of the image, sound and lighting industry in the country.
Since the first show was launched, the scale has grown continuously. In 2016, the 26th KOBA Show will be held in an exhibition area of 27,997 square meters in COEX, presenting the next generation’s broad cast services and the future of image, sound and lighting industry with 932 companies from 32 countries including 189 Korean companies.
In particular, during the KOBA Show, more than 80 international broadcasting technology conferences are hosted by KOBETA (The Korea Broadcasting Engineers & Technicians Association). And through the sound-related technical expert seminar, co-organized by KASA (Korea Association of Sound Artists) and the Acoustical Society of Korea, an opportunity will be offered for visitors to acquire information specialized in sound and broadcasting systems.
On top of that, various events are available for visitors. Participants will surely experience International broadcast technologies. The global trend ‘Convergence’ creates a dynamic market environment through the participation of creative consumers and innovative techniques beyond the boundaries of technology, services and industry. Focusing on this theme, KOBA 2016 will provide an opportunity to explore new concepts of broadcasting and modernization of video, audio and lighting industry at a glance. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

Seoul international Photo & Imaging Industry Show 2016

The Seoul international Photo & Imaging Industry Show 2016 will be held for five days from May 4 to 8, 2016 in COEX in Seoul, featuring the latest trends of the photo & imaging industry.
The Photo & Imaging Industry Show has developed alongside the photo imaging industry in South Korea since its inception in 1989. As a UFI-approved event, it was also selected as a promising exhibition by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy for 11 consecutive years.
Currently, it is among the top three photo & imaging exhibitions in Asia with the largest number of participating companies and visitors who flock to see the latest photo cameras, camera accessories, film and digital imaging media, studio equipment featured under one roof.
The show was first launched as the “Korea International Optical Industry Show” in 1989, and it was reborn as the “Photo Show” after separating from the optical product category two years later. In 2000 it made a new leap forward as “Photo & Imaging,” following the rapid growth of the imaging market due to the commercialization of digital cameras.
Photo & Imaging 2016 consists of a diverse range of concurrent shows providing market trends and substantial business opportunities. The concurrent shows include the photography and travel themed ‘Photo & Travel’; Asia’s first photography-oriented art fair ‘Seoul Photo 2016’ and the 4th ‘Korea Photo Art Fair.’ | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

Korea International Boat Show 2016 a natural coastline of more than 12,000 km and 3,237 islands, Korea has ideal conditions for enjoying recreational boating, and the population enjoying boating in Korea has grown constantly over recent years. There are over 20,352 registered leisure boats in use and about 159,239 boat driving licenses have been issued since 2006. The numbers o f people actively involved in boating are expected to increase every year. Just in time for the budding recreational boating culture, the Korea International Boat Show (KIBS) is preparing to open its 9th edition in KINTEX in Goyang and Gimpo Ara Marina.
The KIBS has been steadily growing into one of Asia’s top-three boat shows and the 2015 show was attended by about 243 companies from 33 countries in exhibition area of 29,000 square meters.

2016-04-14 17;21;57.PNG

Scheduled for four days from May 19 to 22, this year’s Korea International Boat Show will take place in an exhibition area of 32,157 square meters – a 30% bigger size than last year’s, reflecting growing interest in the recreational boating industry in Korea.
All sorts of small & large boats and yachts, canoes, kayaks, row boats, water- skies, PWCs, trailers, campers, marine engines, propulsion, engine parts, controllers, navigation, communication and electronic equipment and parts & materials will be staged in the exhibition halls in KINTEX in Goyang.
If you are interested in getting opportunities for selling your yachts and boats to buyers, or if you are interested in showing sailing performance on water, then you can go to the Korea International Boat Show’s on-water venue in the Gimpo Ara Marina, which provides 15-minute access by free shutt le bus from the main venue KINTEX. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods