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About MEOKTONG Corp.

Polven is a compound word combining ‘pole’ and ‘ven’ from adventure, and means an adventure with a pole.
Enjoy a fun camping adventure with convenient and sturdy poles.

We manufacture camping slide poles with no-press height adjustment, allowing campers to easily fix them at the desired height by going up and down the outer pipe.
This function has been recognized for its differentiation and innovation at domestic and abroad, and has completed domestic patent registration, and international patent applications have been completed in six overseas countries (US, Canada, Europe, Australia, Japan, and China).

We will continue to expand our product line to benefit the lives of campers.

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Telescopic Slide Pole
For avid campers and outdoor enthusiasts, sett ing up tents and tarps just became a lot more effortless with Polven telescopic slide pole. This product, while maintaining its elegant aesthetics, promises robust durability and an innovative function, set to
transform the camping experience for many. The Polven telescopic slide pole stands out in its commitment to strength. Its octagonal surfaces mutually support each other, ensuring impressive durability despite its lightweight design.
Moreover, the shot blast process meticulously refines the aluminum surface, eliminating sharp edges and enhancing the overall aesthetics. However, the pole’s most groundbreaking feature is its no-press height adjustment method. Traditional poles
required users to repeatedly press butt ons for adjustment—a cumbersome process. The Polven telescopic slide pole simplifies this with an intuitive design. By merely raising or lowering the outer pipe, users can quickly adjust and fix the pole’s height. This not only saves time and effort but also eliminates safety concerns like fingers gett ing trapped in butt onholes. Remarkably, even under load, this height adjustment remains effective and seamless.

Another notable characteristic of the Polven telescopic slide pole is its multi-purpose cap. Constructed using a die-casting method, these caps are durable and yet highly resistant to corrosion. Additionally, tabs situated in the cap’s midpoint facilitate the attachment and detachment of various components, such as pins, allowing users to customize the pole according to their needs and preferences. Beyond just functionality, these caps exhibit an aesthetic superiority over the conventional rubber
MEOKTONG Corp. is committed to pioneering innovations in the camping gear industry. With domestic and international designs and patents, and a string of impressive certifi cations, MEOKTONG Corp. plans to diversify its product line further, introducing a range of height-adjustable camping equipment and household items in the near future.

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