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KOTRA’s Global Promotion Project

for Excellent Export Products

HONG BO Co., Ltd.

Collagen Patch & Mask

Hongbo Company is a Korean company specialized in manufacturing and distribution of skincare….

Freshico Inc.

Kombucha Drink

Freshico Co., Ltd. is a food and beverages corporation that pursues the health and well-being of the….

HnB Genomics. Inc.

Genetic Engineering & AI-based Medical Service

We at HnB Genomics estimate clients’ disease risk based on our leading technical skills and provide…..

GKS Co., Ltd.

Natural Cosmetics

GKS jayoung LC is favoured by the Royal Family thanks to its main ingredient, wild flower called….

Neosil Co., Ltd.

 Silicone Dental Impression Material

Neosil Corporation is a specialized company in producing dental impression material ….

My Kroad Co., Ltd.

Cosmetics Brand/OEM

OEM Company MY KROAD is cosmetic research and manufacturing company providing…..

Evergood Corporation

Korean Premium Agricultural Products

From the year of 1987, we have started out manufacturing, processing, packing and exporting….

Nico Medical Co., Ltd.

Hydrocolloid Pimple Patches

As Korea’s leading manufacturer of hydrocolloids, Nico Medical has continued to produce a wide ….

Poled Co., Ltd.

Baby Car Seat & Mat

Young people who joined HYUNDAI motors company and worked as automobile….


Functional Film

Wintech was established in 2002 and began to manufacture window film to fill a major gap ….

RayMaterials Co., Ltd.

Anti-Fog Lens

Hello. I would like to thank you for your interest in Ray Materials Co., Ltd., which possesses semipermanent ….

Mari Holdings Co., Ltd.

Bath Product

We’re not just making products. We think about what true beauty is through bathing….


Functional Cosmetics

Our company was established with the purpose of developing, manufacturing and selling cell ….

Greenixx Co., Ltd.

Eco-Friendly Coolant Additives

We are leading green growth based on next generation high efficiency clean and alternative ….


Health Food & Snacks

CNP Global has been constantly producing, distributing and developing food products in Korea…

Byucksan Corporation

Building Materials

Leading the development of Korean architectural culture for a half century as a comprehensive ….

The Fortune Trading Co., Ltd.

Functional Skincare Pads

The Fortune Trading Co., Ltd. is a company that focuses on the duty-free business and….

NewCast Industry

Auxiliary Medical Devices

Established in 2001, New Cast Industry developed the world’s first HM CAST, which is …

Well-aging Exobio Inc.

Skincare Products

Exodrop Plant Exosome Facial Care Series, containing Dendropanax exosomes, is composed of toner…

CMA Global Co., Ltd.

Anti-Fog Glasses Cleaner

We, CMA GLOBAL, is the manufacturer of high-quality microfiber products which are used….


Functional Cosmetics

Raphas is a pioneering world-class technology company that is paving the way towards healing…


Skincare Products

HUBISLAB Bio Cell Fluid Line is a highly concentrated functional ampoule….


Silicone Coated Fabric

Founded in 2002, BSTECH. Co., Ltd. developed SILITEX, an eco-friendly material by using silicone for textiles…


Dermal Fillers & Aesthetic Products for Professionals

BIOBIJOU is a company specializing in the sale of pharmaceuticals, medical devices…

Litem L&C Co., Ltd.

Home & Office Products

Porta Compact is a multipurpose portable caddy that is ideal for storing and carrying stationery…


Skin Soothing Ampoule

AIPPO Expert Soothing Ampoule is a product for sensitive skin that strengthens moisture…



Zeta Probiotics® is a product with improved intestinal viability and adhesion.