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KH Medical Co., Ltd.

COVID-19 Detection Kit

RADI COVID-19 Detection Kit is an in vitro diagnostic medical device (IVD), based on real-time…

Max Dental Co., Ltd.

Dental Intraoral Camera

Bonida Dual Alpha is a dental oral camera that can capture the teeth. In addition to the general…


One Day Hair Make-Up

Bu:tiPure Hair Color is a new hair make-up cosmetic – the user can color his or her hair for…


Semiconductor Equipment Solutions

CSE Co., Ltd, which launched its business in 1999, has been professionally solely engaged in…


Expanded Beam Connector

Traditional butt-contact fiber optic connectors have proved to be unreliable in harsh environment…


Food Waste Decomposition Machine

ENIC, with its brand ECOVIM, retains domestic and foreign patents and various technology…

The Interface Co., Ltd.

Hydrogen Water Generator

P200 is hydrogen water infused with dissolved hydrogen gas (H²), which is similar to…


Health Foods

Sparassis Crispa grows in high temperatures and humidity more than 1,000 meters above sea level…


Golf Gloves

Locking the golf club, and grabbing it, can improve your golf skills significantly. This is…