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Chemsfieldkorea – Laundry Detergent

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Chemsfieldkorea - Laundry Detergent


After the foundation, everyone in Chemsfield including myself had many dreams for the last half century. We are opening another door of one of those big dreams.

We have been serving successfully as a main research center for Korea in International Connect & Development field, which is the R&D strategy that has the world’s attention. And now Chemsfield Korea has been obtaining the best research results and performance in environment friendly industry is reborn as the best household living care chemistry manufacturing company of Korea with its basis on the accumulated know-hows and long period of onsite experience, and its technological perfection.


With its flawlessly perfect level of international standard facility and smart processing operation system, it is now equipped with mass quantity manufacturing system that integrates powder and liquid type and set assembly business including not only household living care necessity products like laundry detergent, fabric softener and kitchen detergent but also cosmetics like shampoo, conditioner and body cleanser.


We wish to continue the results of this honest journey of its effort to make honest product in honest method at an honest place by honest people and we hope to continue to such with a humble mind based on the fundamentals on keeping our principles.



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Product Descriptions

Detergent for Babies

PUREST SAFIis a product made with clean DMZ purified water and “NA3T,” an ingredient that received a patent for effectively removing fine dust.

BITREX is a safety ingredient free from artificial colorings and flavoring that keeps children safe when they accidentally try to swallow a product and contains glycerin, baking soda, and citric acid to minimize damage to clothing.

Established in 2015, Chemsfieldkorea is Korea’s top foundry company specializing in household chemicals. Six years after its new business was launched, it was awarded an Order of Industrial Service Merit for the contributions it made toward fostering small and medium-sized enterprises. Selected as Export Promising Small and Medium Business and Promising Small and Medium Businesses (Gyeonggi-do), it also received a citation from the Minister of Employment and Labor and was selected as an Excellent Company for Job Creation for six consecutive years.

The company has since co-worked with major local companies and expanded its cooperation with global conglomerates, and has won the grand prize of Global Standard Management Awards for three consecutive years.

Currently, the company provides OEM services for detergents and softeners to major companies including LG Household & Health Care, Aekyung, Lion, and Unilever.



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