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C&P – Health Functional Food

Company Information

C&P - Health Functional Food

Wholesome, healthy food from the nature for health and happiness of my family

CNP Global has been constantly producing, distributing and developing food products in Korea for the last 10 years. Now, we are steadily growing in the processed food segment as we have accumulated vast amount of experiences in development and distribution of our products while we have steadily worked with large Korean companies.

As CNP Global started its full OEM production in 2016, we grew our scope of business from domestic sales to exports.
As we speak, CNP Global is trying to provide healthy foods to its clients and to become a global player in food industry.


Product Catalogue

Naturepick Seaweed noodles

Product Descriptions

Health Supplement

[INQ. NO. 2209C10] Soom Mek, a supplement for respiratory health, is recommended for not only those with respiratory weaknesses (infants at daycare centers, those working in offices with limited air flow, subway workers, and the elderly), but also teachers who talk continuously, soldiers who have to stay together in a limited space, smokers, and senior citizens.

Although used traditionally for improving the immune system and lung functions, a lot of scientific research is conducting on Liriope platyphylla, the main ingredient of Soom Mek Liriope platyphylla sap, compared to other herbal medicine.

However, Soom Mek brought the product closer to customers by providing the scientific efficacy and developing stick packs. The company successfully validated the efficacy of the product by conducting in vitro, in vivo, and human clinical trials pursuant to the evaluation processes announced by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety in 2020 for the functionality of health functional food.

It has recently been decided that the clinical outcomes will be published in international journals. In addition, the company has commissioned a nationally accredited testing laboratory to conduct a toxicity test on the product, to provide scientific evidence proving its safety and stability. By using raw materials produced domestically only to produce products, the company contributes to boosting domestic demand and vitalizing the market economy.

Currently, Soom Mek is sold B2B and B2C through viral marketing and SNS and online shopping malls such as Naver Store and Wemakeprice after being introduced through a crowdfunding platform. Selected for a government-funded export support project, the product is meeting buyers in China, Vietnam, India, the United States, and Singapore for its export.

D&L Biochem, established as an R&D specialized company in 2020, is studying to obtain a license for food and medicine and health functional food licenses for respiratory health, immune health, and skin health by using new natural materials harmless to the human body.



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