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GYEONGSHIN BIO Co., Ltd. – Health Foods

Company Information


GyeongShinBio Co., Ltd. is a health functional food manufacturing company that succeeded in fermentation of Sparassis Crispa for the first time in Korea. GyeongShinBio Co., Ltd. will make every effort with our best experience and expertise to provide a functional food for the health of 100 years old with the motto of delivering safe products like family.

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Product Descriptions

Sparassis Crispa (Cauliflower Mushroom)

Sparassis Crispa grows in high temperatures and humidity more than 1,000 meters above sea level, and is also known as a repository of β-glucan that strengthens immunity because 43.6% of 100 grams of Sparassis Crispa is β-glucan.
This product is special and unique. It contains fermented Sparassis Crispa, aleurone layer (embryo bud of rice) and probiotics that will increase the internal resorption rate of β-glucan. It contains no artificial additives at all. It is made purely of organic materials using an exclusive fermenting technology. It is certified for HACCP, HALAL, ISO22000 and FSSC22000.
The products based on fermented Sparassis Crispa produced by GYEONGSHIN BIO Co., Ltd. are highly beneficial for health promotion for they contain abundant nutrients such as lactic acid bacteria, dietary fiber, vitamins, and calcium.

GYEONGSHIN BIO is the only producer that uses Sparassis Crispa grown on solid wood. Other producers avoid solid wood when growing Sparassis Crispa because the success rate is so low. However, GYEONGSHIN BIO was able to raise the success rate based on the technological expertise it has developed.
This product helps the human body maintain its nutritional balance and metabolic activity by vitalizing the beneficial intestinal bacteria, and creating a clean intestinal environment with various nutrients and β-glucan from Sparassis Crispa grown on solid wood.


This product is especially helpful in fighting cancer and oxidation. Many celebrities are using this product regularly, because of its proven effectiveness in preventing and curing various adult diseases and reproducing the knee cartilage. GYEONGSHIN BIO Co., Ltd. was appointed as a partner for the High Added Value R&D and Product Development Project of the Korean Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, and the R&D New Product Development Project (a technology development project) of the Korean Small and Medium Business Administration. Under these programs, the company will develop functional foods and prove their effectiveness, together with Korean universities.