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Mari Holdings Co., Ltd. – Bath Product

Company Information

Mari Holdings Co., Ltd. - Bath Product


We Create The Luxurious Bath Culture

“La Cuvee Maison Makes Luxury Bath Culture”


We’re not just making products.
We think about what true beauty is through bathing.
That’s why we focus on more intrinsic value.


Identity of La Cuvée Maison

Only the finest champagne of a given year from the best wineries earn the name of ‘Prestige Cuvee’. La Cuvee Maison’s premium body care & fragrance lines capture the essence of Prestige Cuvee’s precious golden beads. La Cuvee Maison ensures you the best experience through ample diligence in selecting and handling the best ingredients, akin to the careful selection and blending of quality grapes for the finest bottles of champagne.

Our Promise

Our endeavors in finding the best ingredients and evolving our own recipe will persist with relentless sweat and passion, for your genuine beauty.

Our Specialty

La Cuvee Maison stands by our own principles of authenticity and differentiation for production, just as strongly as a distinguished winery would adhere to its very own recipe to succeed its heritage. In doing so, La Cuvee Maison strives to advocate the true heritage of beauty in a world of hasty production and rampant commercialization.

Our Pursuit

We are not a simple cosmetics company. We are a content creating company, trying to spread luxurious bathing culture, and we hope people can enjoy healthy and happy life through our bathing culture. That is the reason why we give back to society, support artists, and take the lead In protecting the environment.
These activities make what we do more meaningful and our products more valuable.

Product Catalogue

Luxury Bath Brand La Cuvee Maison

Product Descriptions

Premium Bath Product

La Cuvée Maison Wine Bubble Bath was inspired by the wine baths enjoyed by the French nobility, which used to be regarded as a symbol of luxury.

Wine baths, known as the secret to Marie Antoinette’s beauty, were a special privilege reserved only for the aristocracy and are all about luxury. In order to recreate the wine bath of the French aristocrats, La Cuvée Maison launched a bath product containing French wine.

Polyphenol, an antioxidant, is contained in large amounts in wine and champagne. French wine, in particular, contains a large number of polyphenols.

This premium bath product contains French red wine and champagne and has been launched in 5-star hotels in Korea including Hilton Seoul and L’Escape.

In addition, the bath bombs are luxurious high-end items that are provided exclusively as special gifts to the VIP customers of H Department Store. As such, the premium bath bombs are suitable for VIPs who prefer high-end items and super luxurious accommodation.

Jiana Lee, CEO of Mari Holdings Co., Ltd., launched La Cuvée, inspired by a winery tour in France, which she happened to take part in during summer vacation while being a glamorous career woman as an investment banker.



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