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Nico Medical Co., Ltd. – Hydrocolloid Pimple Patches

Company Information

Nico Medical Co., Ltd. - Hydrocolloid Pimple Patches


“We always try our best to impress customers, and produce world-class products with consistent improvements.”


As Korea’s leading manufacturer of hydrocolloids, Nico Medical has continued to produce a wide variety of eco-friendly products premised on its innovative technology since its inception in 2010, and our company has always stood together with those whose ideas are creative and minds are liberated.


Nico Medical Co., Ltd. has always remained deeply aligned with its corporate motto of researching new technologies and developing innovative products.


Over many years, we have fully performed our role as a leading manufacturer of hydrocolloid dressings in Korea, and we will continue to make every effort to produce further improved and more loved products, rivaling others around the world.

Product Catalogue

Welcome to NICOMEDICAL. The World Best Acne patch company

Hallyu pop Fest LONDON 2022 – CATCH ME PATCH

Product Descriptions

Hydrocolloid Pimple Patches

Catch Me Patch creates a moist environment to heal the skin based on its excellent ability to absorb mucus and provide adhesiveness and breathability. It does not leave scars as it prevents secondary infections or scabs and promotes self-healing of the skin.

It comes in different sizes to fit wounds and acne, and peeling back the film on top of the patch from directions 1 and 2, and applying it on top of the wound prevents contamination as the hand does not come into direct contact with the patch.

Developed using a beveling technique, it is thin on the edges and features strong, waterproof adhesive properties, which helps them stay on even during exercise, washing the face, and for a prolonged period. This thin and highly adhesive patch is invisible and thus can be used anywhere, including at work and school.

One-second spot patches come with their own cleaning case, which allows one to carry around the product easily and keeps the patches safe and clean from dust and contamination.

Established in 2010, Nico Medical Co., Ltd. developed Korea’s first thin-edged acne covering patch. Targeting overseas markets including the USA, China, Southeast Asia, and Europe, it is achieving a high sales growth rate of over 40% on average every year.

In particular, the manufacturer of the patches used the “beveling method” to make the edges thin so that they become less visible, applying “clean touch” and “back-up film perforation technology,” which are process technologies that make small cuts in the patch film to help consumers easily peel off the product from the film without touching it — and the technology to make “protector film,” to protect patches from contamination and germs. As such, the company used its own manufacturing techniques and patents to develop the product.



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