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SNB KOREA Co., Ltd. – Skincare Products

Company Information

SNB KOREA Co., Ltd. - Skincare Products




Luxurious skincare aesthetics that considers healthy beauty

With the increased interest of the customers on beauty and health, well-being trend business is undergoing continuous growth at rapid pace. Such desires and demands of our customers gave birth the new models of TOTAL SKIN CARE SYSTEM such as “SkinforYou” equipped with rational pricing system, and high quality interior and services for people of all ages and genders under our unique concept by being linked with heal and beauty business.

Our “SkinforYou” is presenting new model prepared under the concept of skin resort in the city and nature-friendly cosmetics as well as the most advanced devices with focus on differentiated operating system and dignified high quality skincare services.

“SkinforYou,” on the basis of the aforementioned system and more than 30 years of cosmetic experiences and know-how, developed true aesthetics & spa business. As such, we pledge to continue our growth as a healthy company that is capable of presenting new paradigm for the best aesthetic business in Korea as a highly promising business in the 21st century in pursuing beautiful, healthier and new life on the foundation of the most advanced bioscience for the happiness of mankind.



Product Catalogue

Skin for you – CICA WATER CREAM

Product Descriptions

Cleansing Foam

Skin for You Cica Deep Cleansing Foam is a hypo-allergenic deep cleansing foam with a slightly acidic pH that minimizes skin irritation and restores the skin’s natural health.

CICA-5 complex and patented anti-pore complex soothe the skin and effectively remove sebum without skin irritation, while naturally derived ingredients remove bacteria, treat acne and other skin disorders, and keep the skin hydrated and moisturized even after washing.

Having obtained EWG green-grade safe ingredients and tested for human skin hypoallergenicity, it is a cleansing foam that can be safely used even for sensitive skin.

Skin for You Cica Ultra Sun Cream is a sunscreen containing non-nano-sized substances for UV protection.

Because they are non-nano-sized, the substances do not get absorbed into the skin and do not clog pores, preventing skin irritation.

Containing CICA-6 complex and antioxidant complex, this functional sun cream with antioxidant complex protects the skin from getting irritated or damaged from UV ray or external stimuli and inhibits skin aging.

The sun cream brightens up the skin tone without making the skin dry even when applied in several layers, does not give off a white cast, and leaves no white residue.

Tested for hypoallergenicity in the human body, it is a triple-functional cosmetic that blocks UV rays with whitening and wrinkle improvement effects and can be safely used even for sensitive and acne-prone skin.



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