Korea’s Traditional Liquor

Hongju, one of Korea’s traditional alcohol drinks takes on a bright red color which is naturally derived from the Jicho roots, and which is unique among distilled products.
The red-colored traditional liquor is exclusively produced on Jindo Island, in South Jeolla province, just off the southwest corner of the Korean peninsula. The Jindo Hongju has a

RF Diathermy Device

Released by Sometech Inc., LavaTRON is a RF diathermy device that helps increase the temperature of deep dermis & hypodermis with 3~5cm in depth, improving cellular function, circulation of blood, relief of pain, and enhances the extension of collagen tissues.…

Cosmetics Packaging

Nest Filler PKG has lately released the cutting edge electronic pulsator. It is designed to apply cosmetics on the face, without residue with the hand or other applicator applying. It adopts on-off system. The device is made up of 50ml…

Skin-care Products

ILJIN is a well-known Korean manufacturer of perm lotion, coloring, hair care, skincare, and other home care chemical products that are excellent in quality with affordable price.

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