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January 9, 2012


If a fresh roasted coffee bean is something you and your customers demand, then they also need the highest quality roasters available. Genesis ( Click) has developed and marketed a home coffee bean roaster Gene Café which provides excellent performance.

With the ease of use, this coffee bean roaster allows even a beginner to do roasting like a professional roaster just by putting green beans into the chamber and setting the temperature and time. The product ensures technique and efficiency by applying the internationally patented world’s first 3D mixing mode which ensures uniform roasting.

A company spokesperson says that the roster will enable anyone to enjoy excellent coffee taste at home due to the 3D mixing rotation system which helps maintain the excellent taste and flavor due to the uniform roasting. Gene Café Coffee Roasters are well-suited to the home coffee connoisseur, and, thanks to innovative and patent protected technologies, almost anyone can use them with professional results.

Off-axis rotation, convective hot air and compulsion gas discharge provide even roasting. Genesis technology not only simplifies the roasting process, but also delivers rich coffee flavor at an entirely new level.

Of special note, it is the single product available on the market that allows people to check the entire process of roasting. With a compact size and beautiful design, it features excellent display effects. The temperature and time controls are possible and it can roast up to 300g of coffee at one time.

The company now exports to 20 countries, including European and U.S. markets as well as Asian and the Middle East countries.

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