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Fabrics for Sports & Active Wear

[INQ. NO. 1710C18] JK Global is a leading manufacturer of all kinds of functional, knitted and synthetic fabrics for sports, outdoor activities, yoga, fitness training, as well as golf, made of cotton, linen, and ramie, etc. | Blog…

Rayon & Acetate Faux Furs

SUNG SHIN R&A has specialized in producing and exporting rayon and acetate faux furs for over a decade. Such unique fabric as rayon furs, which is a regenerated yarn, can be produced by only a handful of companies in the world. SUNG SHIN

Various Knitted Fabrics

SM Tex Co., Ltd. develops, analyzes, consults, and produces various kinds of knitted fabrics, and has established long-lasting and reliable partnerships with knitting, dyeing and printing factories in Korea, China and Vietnam. In cooperation

Premium Warp Knits

Myeong Seung Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of warp knits such as velvets, two- way span knits, suede, and mesh items along with functional fabrics. Equipped with 20 machineries for Warp Knits, the company

Synthetic & Functional Fabrics

[INQ. NO. 1710C15] KKC produces a variety of fabrics for men’s and ladies’ outerwear including polyester and cationic blended with a variety of Pus, and has been supplying products to Europe, the USA, Japan, and China for over 15 years.…

Suede, Fur & Fabrics

[INQ. NO. 1710C14] CS Textile Corp. is a leading textile company supplying fancy and up-to-date fabrics to upmarket customers in Italy, Germany, the USA, and Japan. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

High-End Synthetic Leather

Founded in 1998, Woowon UMF Co., Ltd. is, the only company in Korea that produces all kinds of synthetic leather including PU leather for garments, shoes, sofa, bags, etc. It introduces more than 100 new items every year, adopting the latest designs to meet

High-Tech Protective Fabric

Sealon Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of seam tapes and adhesive film that can change sewing conditions based on its professional experiences and techniques since its establishment in 2002. Specializing in seam seaming and welding technology with over 20-year experience, Sealon seeks to keep up with the

Knitted Fabrics & ITY Single Span

NEW SE JAE Co., Ltd. has been manufacturing knitted fabrics for over 20 years specializing in manufacturing polyester rigid-flexible textile rayon, and T/R rigid-flexible textile. All employees have a sense of ownership and the twisting machines and knitting machines operated in the same location allow for efficient systemic production management and cost reduction.
NEW SE JAE focuses

High-Quality Lace Fabrics

JJ Corporation has been one of the leading suppliers of linings for apparel for several decades. Now with its new patented bonding technology called “Dragonfly,” JJ Corporation has recently launched the brand, Lace Queen, adding outstanding