Fulltouch Chalk


■ Made of the finest calcium carbonate, it is light and draws very smoothly. With clear color and great visibility, it makes students more concentrated. is erased very well and generates little chalk dust. ■ Thin chalks easily break and are dumped often. However, Hagoromo Chalk is thick and long so it is very efficient from an economic standpoint. It is also easy to hold and well coated, causing no chalk dust on your hand. ■ Due to compression molding and special thermal treatment, Hagoromo Chalk is highly dense and consumed very slowly. It is thick and hard, so it is very economical. ■ Chalks are inserted into Styrofoam slots one by one to avoid breakage. ■ Hagoromo Chalk had already been produced under Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS). Even so, we earned Korea Certification (KC) which confirms that our product has no harm to human health from Korea Conformity Laboratories. Hagoromo Chalk is safe and the best in terms of quality.

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Eco-Magic Pervious Blocks

[INQ. NO. 1603C27] Eco-top Co., Ltd. https://korean-products.com/inquiryis a Korean company that has developed a variety of techniques to restore the ecological environment of cities as well as damaged water cycle and prevent natural disaster dealing with climate change through the development of ‘Eco-Magic Pervious Block.’

Eco-magic permeable block

– Water penetration performance lasts more than 5 years period and shows great performance which is approx 30 times higher than other competitors’ one by having water gaps between blocks.Untitled-52.jpg

– Pervious structure that the air or water pass through using the spaces between blocks connected to each other

– Lower area under the block keeps rainwater and does not block the gap.

– ’S-typed hinge’ combination of the blocks can improve evenness for pavement and maintain it without damage caused by ground deformations.

– New technology certification (NET)/ Green technology certification

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Story Books Compatible with a Smartpen

[ I N Q. N O. 1 6 0 3 C 26 ] 09Book Co., Ltd. https://korean-products.com/inquirywas established  in 2012 to produce and distribute children’s books. Housed in a fully automated logistics center, 09Book is involved in designing and supplying over 600 complete series of literature, and developing programs, with its two decades of rich experience. Under its motto of “Sincerity, stability, growth,” it is an ‘Inno-Biz’ venture company that has steadily grown with a goal of achieving sales of 10 billion won (about USD 8.1 million) this year.

Smart Function Story Picture Book Collection for Precious Kids

consists of various contents and formats that will allow kids to enjoy them as they grow up. Kids’ First Smart Picture Book is a full-color picture book with a glittery  front cover so that young readers can develop the curiosity about their first books. In addition, Smart Picture Book and Smart Storybook of Children’s Classics are designed to have a variety of creative special effects such as aromatic book, flap book, glow-in-the-dark book, color-changing book, glittery book, high-gloss book and so forth.Untitled-50.jpg

Smart Dinosaur Adventure is a foldout-page book so that kids can appreciate the realistic depictions of dinosaurs that span the entire page when the book is opened. Smart Development Book consists of varied formats such as an accordion book, foldout-page book and a flap book that allow a child to learn a broad spectrum of subjects playfully.

Untitled-51.jpgThe Smart Function Story Picture Book Series contains all of the abovementioned books and various and joyful accompanying CDs. The book Series comes with a total of nine CDs including a Korean and English practice CD, a musical story-telling CD and an orally narrated CD as well as a cute dinosaur toy. What’s more, all of the books are compatible with a Smartpen, which helps kids to learn and improve their Korean and English while listening to orally narrated contents at the same time.


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Korea Industrial Technology Association

Untitled-48The Korea Industrial Technology Association (KOITA), founded in 1979 to strengthen the innovation capabilities of Korean companies, is the nation’s preeminent institution contributing to the advancement of industrial research and development.

KOITA has been leading the formation of the country’s technological innovation climate by supporting the establishment and operation of corporate R&D centers, developing industrial technology support policies and introducing and spreading advanced technology management since its establishment.

To further encourage industry circles’ drive for technological advancement, KOITA has introduced the “IR52 Jang Young-Shil Award”, “Engineers of the Month Award” and the “New Exellent Technology Certification.”

* IR52 Jang Young-Shil Award – KOITA awards and promotes products developed by Korean companies using outstanding new technology every week to introduce the excellence of Korean technology and encourage researchers. The award is given jointly by KOITA and Maeil Economic Daily (introduced in 1991).

50** New Excellent Technology (NET) Certification  – KOITA discovers new domestically developed technologies in the early stages and supports their early advancement into the market by certifying their excellence in promoting commercialization  and technology trade, and enhancing the reliability of new technology products (introduced in 1993).

Through such efforts, the number of corporate R&D centers has exceeded 30,000 in the past 35 years and the R&D expenditure made by industry account for more than 70% of the overall national R&D expenditure, and both achievements have placed KOITA at the center of national technological innovation.

Major ActivitiesUntitled-49

I. Improving Industrial Technology Policies and Systems

Identifies the demand for technological innovation in industrial technology circles and offers alternatives for improving industrial technology policies and technological innovation support programs

II. Building Technological Innovation Network

Operates a variety of group gatherings to support exchanges among companies and to collect broad opinions from every level of the industry.

III. Supporting Industry-Academia-Research Institute Cooperation

Contributes to strengthening national technological competitiveness by supporting ompanies, universities and government-funded research institutes to actively exchange and cooperate among themselves.

 IV. Supporting Personnel Education/Training for Technological Innovation

Implements education and training programs to enhance the capabilities of industrial researchers as well as research and planning managers and supports the employment of researchers to foster the technological innovation of companies.

 V. Supporting Technology Commercialization and Formation of Technological Innovation Climate

Supports the commercialization of new technologies through the New Excellent Technology Certification program and various award programs, undertaking the leading role in building the foundation for boosting the morale of researchers and fostering innovation in industrial technology.

VI. Performing Survey Research and Information Provision

Conducts survey research to understand the trends of R&D activities in industries and provides the latest information related to technology management and industrial technology development.


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Korean Household Goods Presenting High-performance, Environmentfriendliness and Eye-catching Design to Target Global Consumers


The household goods industry is quite open to learn about new products and technologies to keep pace with the market trends and to meet changing needs and desires of customers, compared with any other industries in Korea. The Korean companies have steadily understood that innovation, performance and versatility are the key area to be focused upon, and they has been researching and developing new products that are excellent in design, function and eco-friendliness. Korean household products with both a unique design and state-of-the-art technology are gaining popularity among local consumers. And some of them have made a successful debut in the global market, enhancing their efforts to make further inroads into the global market, with particular focus on consumers in the USA and European countries. Toward this goal, the International Home + Housewares Show and Ambiente are considered as signifi cant international trade expos for the household good providers in Korea in terms of the number of participants and the market size. The following companies are some of the Korean enterprises participating in the international fairs to expand new markets.

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EXCO, Growing by Leaps and Bounds as Asia’s Major Exhibition & Convention Center

Successfully attracting key international events such as the World Gas Conference (WGC) and the 10th IBRO World Congress of Neuroscience

EXCO is emerging as one of Asia’s major exhibition and convention centers through the successful attraction and holding of various large-scale international conferences.
Following the successful hosting of the 2013 World Energy Congress and 2015 World Water Forum, the 2021 World Gas Conference is due to take place at EXCO in Daegu.
Starting with the International Congress on Parasitology to be held in 2018, and the 10th IBRO World Congress of Neuroscience to be held in the same year, international conferences and large-scale events in a variety of fields will take place at EXCO. In this regard, the year 2016 will be very meaningful for EXCO since the initiative master plan for the second expansion will be discussed in preparing for the 2021 World Gas Conference. Moreover, the upgraded services and facilities from remodeling works are expected to give further impetus to EXCO’s attraction of various future events.

7th World Water Forum, Daegu & Gyeongbuk 2015 “Water for our Future” held with great success

EXCO has pulled out all the stops recently for the 7th World1 Water Forum. As a result, Daegu and Gyeongju have attracted over 40,000 visitors from 168 countries including nine heads of State, 80 government ministers and 100 official national government delegations. Under the theme “Water for our Future,” over 400 discussion sessions were held during the week at both Daegu’s EXCO convention center and Gyeongju’s HICO convention center. During the international conferences, EXCO as a PEO (professional exhibition organizer) has hosted the World Water Forum exhibition, which provided insights into the global water industry of today and the future at a glance.
The show involved more than 250 exhibitors with 900-booths from national delegations, international organizations, global water suppliers and industry experts.



Exhibitions growing alongside with Daegu future strategic industries

EXCO is planning to concentrate on nurturing its main fairs related to local industry into globally recognized events. EXCO works intensively to nurture the International Green Energy Expo, Water Expo Korea 2016, Daegu Int`l Machinery Industry Expo 2016, IT Convergence Expo Korea and International Fire & Safety EXPO KOREA among its diversity of trade shows. One of the most representative industrial exhibitions of EXCO, the International Green Energy Expo, will take place from April 4 to 8. Korea’s top and Asia’s no. 3 green energy expo is also the world’s 10th leading international trade show with approximately 40% of the represented exhibitors from abroad. Overseas exhibitors from Europe, the USA, China and Japan will present the latest renewable energy technologies. As a representative expo of Korea , the International Green Energy Expo is a member of the Global Solar Alliance, showing the high status of the expo. Major international conferences are due to take place at EXCO: The 9th National Congress on Fluids Engineering in March 2016; the International Conference of Manufacturing Technology Engineers in October; and the Asia-Pacific Gas Conference. EXCO has enhanced the safety of the international conferences by establishing a cutting-edge security system. EXCO has also built an independent Wi-Fi system for the first time among domestic convention centers. A facilities upgrade was completed in order to prepare for hosting the 7th World Water Forum. EXCO renovated the third floor exhibition hall into a grand ballroom. This excellent space is dedicated to accommodate international conferences and conventions, along with the International Conference Zone of EXCO’s newly added building. In 2015, EXCO successfully handled a total of 1,056 exhibitions and conventions, including 65 trade fairs, 50 business meetings, 40 academic conferences and 800 general conferences. To ensure successful hosting of the 2021 World Gas Conference, EXCO plans to make an additional expansion. With this as a momentum, EXCO is drawing up a short- and long-term project for additionally attracting improved MICE facilities.
Park Chong-man, president and CEO of EXCO, said. “Following the successful hosting of the 2015 World Water Forum, EXCO has continuously made inspiring accomplishments by attracting major international events such as the 10th IBRO World Congress of Neuroscience in 2018, and the 2021 World Gas Conference, which will provide EXCO a key momentum to attract world-renowned international exhibitions and conventions and grow into a globally recognized convention center.”

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C-Festival 2016 opens the second chapter of MICE Festival

2With an aim to create a Korean-version of the Edinburgh Festival, C-Festival 2015 prepared by CMC (Coex MICE Cluster), Seoul Metropolitan City and Gangnam-gu was held for 11 days during May 2015. As many as 2.35 million persons including foreigners enjoyed various events held all over Coex, Coex Mall and the World Trade Center in Samseong-dong, and it generated economic value worth 232.1 billion won in product (sale) inducement, 47.8 billion won in income inducement caused by increased sales, and 1,688 persons in the number of induced employees.

An official with C-Festival said, “C-Festival helped recognize the basis for new growth and development in the MICE industry, a new growth industry of Korea, and will offer various contents so that the Trade Center can emerge as the center of the MICE industry,” indicating that the Trade Center in Samseong-dong will change into the new cultural MICE capital representing Korea.


Toward this end, KITA and Coex held the Autumn Chrysanthemum Festival and Winter Festival and “The Brilliant Countdown” in cooperation with Gangnam-gu and Hyundai Motor Company around the Trade Center at year-end while creating value as a differentiated cultural space by season. And they will be followed by C-Festival 2016 for five days from May 4 to May 8, 2016.

Under the concept of“Culture Playground,”the festival will be prepared based on contents that can be enjoyed by visitors from all age groups during Children’s Day and Parents’ Day. “P&I 2016,” including Korea’s largest photo exhibition, “Art Toy Culture,” drawing a lot of interest from youths, as well as “Snack Exhibition,” and “Character Playground,” where children can enjoy themselves. There will also be parades conducted in the center of the city and a K-POP Concert featuring Korean Wave stars, which are expected to provide momentum for a new representative urban festival going beyond C-Festival 2015.

Upcoming event at Coex in March 2016: Automation World

Korea’s leading factory automation trade show, Automation World, will once again bring together two leading industry exhibitions when it takes place at Coex, Seoul, on March 9-11, 2016. These two shows are the 27th Industrial Automation, Instrumentation & Measurement Exhibition (AIMEX) and the 5th annual Korean Vision Show. In 2015, over 24,000 industry professionals attended Automation World, including over 348 overseas buyers. The exhibition was spread across 844 booths featuring displays by 280 exhibitors,
including 24 from overseas. Building on an 80% satisfaction rate, the 2016 Biz-Matching program allows exhibitors to share expertise with qualified distributors for expansion of their businesses.

In 2016 Automation World is set to be bigger and better than ever, with major exhibitors including Mitsubishi-Automation, LSIS, National Instruments, Autonics, and many other leaders of the market. This is also the second year for the Korean conference, “SMART Factory.” This conference allows exhibitors and visitors to effectively research the latest trends in the Korean automation industry. All buyers and visitors to Automation World 2016 can receive free admission by registering online with the Automation World official
website: http://www.automationworld.biz.

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KINTEX: Asia’s No. 1 Exhibition & Convention Center

KINTEX (Korea International Exhibition Center) is Korea’s largest-scale exhibition center. It hosts global top-level events through aggressive marketing and develops and nurtures competitive exhibitions. In addition, KINTEX expands various facilities for customers’ convenience while focusing on developing additional profitable businesses. An ultimate goal of KINTEX is to become a venue of trade and marketing for global leading companies both domestically and overseas as Asia’s representative exhibition and convention center.

KINTEX has recorded a cumulative total of 3.5 million visitors by the year 2014 as Korea’s leading exhibition center since holding Seoul Motor Show as the opening exhibition in the 1st Exhibition Center in 2005. Starting with hosting 273 events in 2005, KINTEX has been growing into an exhibition center that held a total of 1,153 events in 2013, opening an era of 5.2 million visitors annually. Moreover, KINTEX has held the nation’s seven big exhibitions – Seoul Motor Show, KES, Korea Machinery Fair, SIMTOS, Seoul Food, g Star, KH Fair – in two years of its opening.


As a global top-level exhibition center, KINTEX drives Korea’s exhibition industry

2 The opening of KINTEX’s 2nd Exhibition Center in September 2011 was a prelude for a new paradigm transition
of the domestic exhibition industry. As the first domestic exhibition utilizing 100,000m2 of exhibition area, Korea Industry Fair, consisted of a total of six industry exhibitions, fired the first salvo as part of Korea’s big exhibitions’ rebirth into global top exhibitions.

SIMTOS has become the world’s fourth-largest production and manufacturing technology exhibition following exhibitions in Germany, China, and the United States by surpassing Japanese representative machine tool exhibition ‘JIMTOF’ on the occasion of its 2012 version by successfully being held in the 100,000m2 of exhibition area for the first time in Korea as a single exhibition. That means KINTEX is playing a pivotal role in laying a cornerstone for big domestic exhibitions representing the nation’s industry to grow into global top exhibitions.

KINTEX now competes against global top competitors

KINTEX successfully held GASTECH 2014, one of the world’s three largest gas exhibitions and conventions in April 2014. In November 2012, KINTEX succeeded in its bid to host the 2016 Rotary Seoul International Convention in which a total of 56,000 visitors (including 29,000 overseas visitors) are expected to participate. The increasing number of KINTEX’s attraction of international mega events means it is targeting rivals internationally, beyond the boundaries of Asia. Now, KINTEX competes with global top exhibition centers, not simply competing with ones in domestic and Asia.


KINTEX, the best venue for holding global top-level exhibitions

KINTEX is situated in an ideal location that can be reached within 30 minutes from Incheon International Airport, Gimpo Airport, and downtown Seoul. In particular, located in Goyang City, a mecca of the exhibition and convention industry in Korea, KINTEX provides various kinds of things to shop, buy, and enjoy, with commercial facilities including a department store and a shopping mall, accessory facilities, and a complex for Hallyu World, hotels. KINTEX in which global citizens can participate is now moving into the future with purpose and determination.

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Korea Industrial Complex Corp.

Korea Industrial Complex Corp. (KICOX) is a specialized institution for industrial complexes dedicated to contributing to the development of the national economy by developing and managing industrial complexes nationwide and by supporting production activities of the companies operating there. Ever since its establishment in 1964, KICOX has been developing and managing industrial complexes nationwide, with brisk operations of six nationwide-area headquarters and 18 branch offices, in order for the agency to play a pivotal role in boosting national and regional economies through the enhancement of the national manufacturing  production rate, exports and employment.

Industrial Complex Cluster Program

KICOX has, since 2005, been pursuing “industrial complex cluster program” to strengthen the competitiveness of industrial complexes with an aim to raise the existing only production-oriented industrial complexes into knowledgebased clusters where virtuous cycles of creations and innovations can be created. KOCOX formed the “mini cluster (MC)” as a main body of the Korean unique cluster style, which consists of small academiaindustry-research cooperation groups to promote specialized industries. The 68 MCs nationwide formed depending on the characteristics of the regional industries contribute to both the capability strengthening of the regional-based enterprises and the development of the regional economies by forming academic-industrial networking and supporting cooperation. Now more than 7,000 MC members of regional companies, colleges, institutes, and aid organizations are briskly participating in academic-industrial collaborative projects in an attempt to identify and resolve the hardships of companies. As of last year, they successfully carried out over 15,000 projects.
Ever since 2012, KOCOX has been conducting the so-called “Theme Cluster” where numbers of companies perform joint projects led by certain coordinator businesses by setting up common goals autonomously, and thus creating a private-centered autonomous innovation ecosystem.


Enterprises Supporting Program

For companies operating at regional industrial complexes, KOCOX has been carrying out industrial complex cluster program including prototype production, applications of industrial property rights, participation in domestic and overseas exhibitions, joint activities of overseas markets expansions, and education & job trainings.


• Korea Industrial Complex Corp.
39, Cheomdan-ro, Dong-gu, Daegu, Korea
Tel:(82-70) 8895-7000 Fax:(82-502) 286-0585 E-mail:nirvana@kicox.or.kr Website: http://www.kicox.or.kr/home/eng

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As the Halal food market has been growing rapidly, HALAL EXPO KOREA is slated to take place for three days from November 27 to 29 at KINTEX in Korea, drawing keen attention among Korean food companies.

HALAL-EXPO-KOREA-2015 The opening of HALAL XPO KOREA, the first of its kind in South Korea comes amid the closer relations developing between Korea and Halal cultural regions entering the golden phase in both cultural and economic exchange. Mutual benefits are expected with the introduction of Halal culture to Korea and the vigorous advancement of Korean corporations and manpower into the Halal markets, based on renewed understanding of Halal culture.

HALAL-EXPO-KOREA-2015_1 In a similar development, the Korean government signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the UAE government on cooperation between the agricultural industry and Halal Food, after placing emphasis on developing Halal markets initiated by President Park in her 2015 New Year Message.

Against this backdrop, Korea’s first Halal industry exhibition ‘HALAL EXPO KOREA’ was held at COEX last August, recording a very successful debut. A large number of high-level personnel from authoritative Halal organizations attended the exhibition and conference.

The organizers expect that this HALAL EXPO KOREA will contribute to make potential business opportunities for companies interested in advancing into Halal markets to promote diversification of export markets.

Coincidentally, the upcoming HALAL EXPO KOREA will be held on November 27 to 29 at KINTEX with World Food Expo, Seoul Fermented food& Culture Show, Seafood Expo, Organic & Natural Show, Natural Food Ingredient Show, World Wine & Drinks Festival and Egg Festival, thus offering wide range of information and synergy effects for both exhibitors and visitors alike.

For more information, please visit the homepage (www.halalexpokorea.co.kr) or contact to HALAL EXPO KOREA Secretariat via halal@world-expo.co.kr.


Date: 2015. 11. 27(Fri.) – 29(Sun.)
Venue: KINTEX Hall 7
Organizer: Halal Korea Cooperative
Management: World-Expo Co., Ltd.
Exhibition Profile: Halal Food & Beverages, Health Food, Raw Material Medicines, Food packages etc.
Website: http://www.halalexpokorea.co.kr
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/halalexpokorea
Tel: +82 2 557 6776 Fax: +82 2 557 0870
E-mail: halal@world-expo.co.kr

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