Modernized & Casual Hanbok (Traditional Korean Dress)[INQ. NO. 1705C77] DailyHan, produced by West Circle Corporation is a casual Hanbok brand, a reinterpretation of Hanbok that is rather cumbersome to wear by adopting modern and casual design while maintaining the elegance of traditional style so that one can take it out and easily wear it for everyday attire. DailyHan is a combined word of “daily look” and “Hanbok (traditional Korean clothing).”
Since first introduced in 2015, the brand has been steadily growing based on its unique designs and stable qualities. As the Hallyu (Korean Wave) cultural movement flourishes, it has gained great popularity as a new Korean-style brand throughout Korean communities in Japan, China, Canada, and Hawaii, etc.
DailyHan products have been transformed casually in modern materials such as cotton, linen, polyester, and rayon which are not used in traditional Hanbok − while borrowing motifs from the composition, shape, and characteristic details of traditional styles. Unlike conventional Hanbok, that is hand-made from the design stage to the completion of the product, DailyHan is manufactured using factory production lines in order that it can be provided at very reasonable prices. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

Handmade Solid Perfume[INQ. NO. 1705C76] As a young start-up company, The Pauline is a handmade brand that develops a wide range of incense products. It manufactures and supplies through the online and offline stores dress perfumes for bedding, clothes, wardrobe, and shoe box, the Cotton Sache for vehicles and toilet, and the Soy Candle that can be used to remove moisture and deodorize as well as solid perfumes that are easy to carry or use when commuting, on business trips, and traveling.
In particular, THEPAULINE handmade solid perfume can be an excellent substitute for hair balm, body balm, and cuticle oil, and is easy to carry. Unlike alcohol-based liquid perfumes, this product releases fragrance consistently and can be used anytime and anywhere since there is no risk of breaking the container. Also, it is made with shea butter and vegetable oil, so is not tacky. It can be applied to the wrists, behind the ears, or pulse points.
THEPAULINE solid perfume is made from nature-friendly material. Due to its high oil content, the fragrance lasts for more than six hours. It is effective for skin moisturization thanks to the organic shea butter and vegetable oil contained it. Unlike liquid perfumes, there is no wasted aroma in the air, and the fragrance lasts long with only a small amount. It has excellent quality and practicality. Using the oil base, it diffuses slowly and smoothly. When applied on the elbows or nail cuticles, one can experience the moisturizing effect. Shea butter can be used to remove tackiness and by combining various scents, one can create one’s own signature fragrance.
THEPAULINE handmade fiber perfume provides a deodorizing effect with 99.6% removal when used on bedding, clothing, and so on. Other products of the company include Soy Candle, Gold Cluster, and Diffuser as well as Cotton Sachet for closets and vehicles. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

Antibacterial Sanitary Pads[INQ. NO. 1705C75] Apple Flower is a sanitary pad with patented functional patches with excellent antibacterial and far-infrared radiating functions. Unlike pre-existing products, it uses adhesive harmless to the human body.
Apple Flower has 99.9% antibacterial function on Staphylococcus aureus and pneumococcus. And its functional patch radiating anion and far-infrared alleviates itching, bad smell, bacterial propagation and skin problems. In addition, by using biodegradable materials for packaging, it reduces pollution.
The pads in Apple Flower are patented as functional patches for pads (patent no. 10-1623146) and have shown excellent results in anion emission, far infrared radiation, staphylococcus, and antibacterial rate of 99.9% in tests by the Korea Far Infrared Association (KFIR). Along with the South Korea-China FTA, the product is not only securing exports to the Chinese market but also preparing to expand into Southeast Asia, a potential market for quasi-drugs.
The polypropylene top sheet and the high polymer (absorber) quickly absorb the menstrual flow and solidify it into a jelly-like form for the wearer to stay in a pleasant condition. The double cotton pad prevents harmful substances and foreign matter such as dust from entering while the patented functional patch kills 99% of Staphylococcus and pneumococcus.
MS World produces and distributes masks, sanitary napkins and panty liners using the patented pads, and has been attracting great attention in the child care community and others. The company plans to further expand its product line into antibacterial wet wipes, sanitary pads, and disposable diapers, etc. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

New Concept Nail Polish[INQ. NO. 1705C74] OOTT, launched by MOSTEVE in 2016, is a comprehensive nail polish brand that minimizes damage to nails while retaining the sustainability and color strength of pre-existing gel nails. OOTT stands for “Cosmetic of Today.”
The first-launched OOTT Exciting Solar Policy enables natural drying without lamps, minimizing damage to nails and hands. This product is more consistent and glossier than other nail polishes while its drying time is within two minutes, which is five times faster than its counterparts. Its glosses and colors are more expressive and it can be removed at once by using a normal remover whereas other products require longer than ten minutes for a removal offering excellent convenience.
In addition, OOTT Exciting Solar Policy’s quick-dry function offers the further advantage that one can make one’s own stickers to apply to the nails by using the nail design mat, stencil, stamp, etc. This new concept polish provides nourishment to the nails while reducing damage to nails through its essence pool base containing nutrients.
Beauty Bloggers using OOTT’s Exciting Solar Policy commented, “It’s a great way of artistic expression with the nail design mat when I self-nail.” “I always found using gel nails and soaking-off tedious. This one is convenient because I can erase and re-do it right away if I don’t like it,” “I like the base a lot since it contains the nutrient ingredients.” “It is pretty good that I can now take care of my nails without having to use the nutrients and the base separately.” Meanwhile, the praise continues.
An OOTT representative explained, “We’ve developed this product for the benefit of self-nailers striving to make self-nailing easier and fast. We are going to further add color cosmetics to our portfolio in order to grow into a brand that appeals to women in their 20s.” | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

New Concept Cosmetics Using Bio-Material[INQ. NO. 1705C73] MICELLKOREA Co., Ltd. manufactures and produces raw materials for cosmetics and microneedle cosmetics and has a large manufacturing plant covering an area of about 1,300m2.
TISHA brand consists of products that have been proven in their efficacy and effectiveness at dermatologies, Oriental medical clinics, and specialty shops.
Mechanism of Phytosilica TISHA AC7
Phytosilica is a crystal and biosynthetic material extracted from plants. It is a new concept technology to overcome the disadvantages of the pre-existing skin reproduction technologies such as MTS. Laser fill, chemical fill, and herb medicine fill that cause skin trauma and infection, and long recovery periods. Phylosilica penetrates into the skin for a day and quickly improves the skin cell’s life cycle that is normally 28 days. It also adjusts the immune system so as to make the skin healthy. The pores of Phytosilica are effective to infiltrate adenosin triphosphate and webtide components into the superficial and basal skin layers.
When applied to the skin, Phytosilica penetrates the upper layers of the epidermis, while activating wound healing effects. The erythema that occurs in this process is an indication of the blood circulation of the skin being improved. It removes necrotic tissue from acne lesions and activates the anti-inflammatory factors necessary for infection healing. It also plays an important role in exposing the blood flow increased by dilating blood vessels to lesions. The improved blood circulation helps eliminate acne scars and pigmentation. In addition, spicules penetrate into the skin facilitating the transdermal delivery to the dermis and helping remove acne-causing factors. As a result, Phytosilica helps break down the dead skin, open clogged pores, reduce bacterial counts and infections, as well as relieve itching caused by benzol peroxides and retinoids.
Dr.TISHA 11 Free is safe for the skin as it does not contain methylchloroisothiazolinone (CMT), methylisothiazolinone (mt), tar, paraben, ethylene oxide, benzophenone, and diaz. And the company’s self-developed low-irritation prescription using extract of shaddock seeds and mugwort makes it good for sensitive skin. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

Anti-Oxidant Moist Shampoos[INQ. NO. 1705C72] Oxygen is essential for our daily living. Combined with various materials, however, it causes changes in the nature of the materials. For instance, food is discolored, flowers faded, and iron rusted. All of these result from exposure to oxygen.
Huseco Co., Ltd., an affiliate of LIG Group, is active in various business fields. It has developed a vacuum container that prevents contents from coming into contact with oxygen for the first time in the world after a long period of research. The company finally succeeded in coming up with a new blend of shampoos and treatments that contain high-quality ingredients such as botanical oils, bio-essence, and natural flower honey, which had to be given up on using due to oxidation.
Huesco’s hair care brand Rêveur fraîcheur is the world’s first hair care product in a vacuum container as a vacuum shampoo. A refill-type aluminum pouch combined into a dispenser equipped with a dedicated pump prevents the contents from being brought into contact with oxygen thus keeping the shampoo in the best quality. By using an antioxidant technology, it contains a lot of plant essential oil, natural flower essence, natural flower honey, vitamins, and amino acids to keep the hair more healthy.
Rêveur fraîcheur also contains more than 1% plant essential oil, which is 1,000 times that of other products providing moisture for lustrous and soft hair. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

Fermented Brown Rice Enzyme Food[INQ. NO. 1705C71] Today, many people are suffering from enzyme shortage due to repeated intake of processed and instant foods, exposure to various toxic substances caused by environmental pollution, and stress.
Enzymes are an essential element that exists extensively in all living organisms, from animals to plants and microorganisms. However good the foods are that we consume, if the enzymes are insufficient, the nutrients cannot be well absorbed in the body. When the food is consumed, it is the enzymes that help absorb the nutrients in the body and get rid of waste. Supplementing enzymes in the body through consuming the proper amount of enzyme food promotes the metabolism of the body and is very helpful for maintaining and promoting physical health.
Consumption of enzyme foods has increased as it became known that enzymes increase the basal metabolic rate and help to reduce body fat. In Korea, too, there are various enzyme products. One of them, Hi-saeng is produced by Hi-Mo, a representative enzyme food company.
Hi Saeng is an enzyme food made of fermented brown rice, a mixture of brown rice and rice bran in the ratio of six to four so that all the nutrients of brown rice can be effectively ingested. The main ingredients are produced 100% in Korea including brown rice (52.05%), rice bran (33.39%), soybean (11.78%). Rice bran refers to rice husks and rice germ that are created in the course of polishing brown rice to produce white rice. Since 95% nutrients of brown rice exist in rice bran, it is also referred to as “treasure in brown rice.” They are fermented with aspergillus and lactic acid bacillus by using a patented fermentation technology. Hi Saeng contains vitamins and various enzymes that can be consumed conveniently along with nutrients of brown rice.
Hi Saeng helps to break bad eating habits, prevent the nutritional imbalance of modern people while improving health and physical fitness.
Hi-saeng Gold is made from only six-year-old red ginseng produced 100% in Korea. They are carefully selected and fermentedwith aspergillus and lactic acid bacillus. About four out of ten people who eat ginseng can seldom experience the full efficacy of ginseng. When fermented, however, the effective ingredient of red ginseng is changed into a form that is easily absorbed into the body, and the absorption rate of saponin in our body is increased.
Brown rice is known to contain all nutrients except Vitamin C. Hi-saeng Gold is a high-quality enzyme food with a high content of rice bran with densely concentrated nutrients of brown rice. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

New Concept Sun Shield for Glass[INQ. NO. 1705C70] Consumers’ interest in the environment and health is growing rapidly and their desire for DIY products is higher than ever. Sun Shield produced by G&I Solution Co., Ltd. meets all these needs. G&I Solution is an R&D-oriented company established to research and develop creative and innovative manufacturing solutions.
Sunshield is a paint-like sunscreen that is painted on the glass surface by using a roller. It helps effectively maintain room temperature using rollers to paint when cooling or heating the home or office. It is a product that is particularly useful for large buildings with many windows, public buildings, schools, factories, etc.
Sun Shield allows the visible light coming into the room through windows to maintain a bright indoors and blocks solar energy, near infrared rays, and ultraviolet rays maximizing the energy-saving potential while the air conditioner is on. When the coating liquid is put on the roller and applied to the window like paint, a coating film is formed. In the winter time when warm solar energy is needed, it can be easily removed simply by spraying water.
Depending on the model, the Sun Shield has the same effect as an opaque ground glass or sun-shielding sheet, thus protecting one’s privacy without curtains or blinds.
The Sunshield Air for winter, an upcoming new model, will be helpful in saving heating energy consumption in the winter as the thin glass coating makes the glass over 3 mm thicker. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

Ergonomic Customized Sitting Mat[INQ. NO. 1705C69] An increasing number of people, regardless of age, are complaining of back pain these days. One of the reasons for this is ascribed to people’s habit of working while sitting in the wrong posture for a long time. One’s weight imposes twice as much burden on the spine when one is sitting than standing. The human spine is naturally curved in an S shape whereas it straightens up when sitting and cannot disperse the weight, thus sending it directly to the spine and the pelvis.
Last year, EPW Co., Ltd. introduced Balance Doctor, a functional sitting mat utilizing ergonomic technology. It has become an instant hit on blogs and SNS. Balance Doctor for Backbone was released soon and is selling like hotcakes now. Park Se-ho, CEO of EWP, said “We need to make a habit of sitting correctly to avoid pack pain. Balance Doctor leads the user to sit correctly and reduces the weight and pressure on the spine and the pelvis. It can also correct a misaligned pelvis or bad posture and help balance your body shape.” The central part of the Balance Doctor disperses the weight and helps stretch the back with no strain on the waist.

Balance Doctor is made of urethane foam to absorb shock and to enhance dynamic stability. It also features excellent ventilation and hygiene as well as freshness. Balance Doctor for the backbone, on the other hand, is equipped with 28 independent 3D bumps that fix the back stably and comfortably conforming to various back shapes. Thanks to the “Wide Air Hole” technology initially applied to the domestic back cushion products, the feeling of freshness lasts no matter how long one sits on it. Other products of EPW include Sonssami, a pair of protective gloves designed for caregivers of patients with dementia, functional soaps, hearing aids, medical supplies as well as stockings and daily supplies. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

Mineral Solution Products for Skincare[INQ. NO. 1705C68] ENPELLE, Inc., a cosmetics manufacturer, has developed the Optimal Mineral Formula (OMF) mineral solution specifically designed for mineral balance in the skin, which is the culmination of over three-year-long dermatological studies and research. OMF is an optimized mineral solution to balance the skin. Products containing OMF solution are effective not only for troubled skin but also for general skin while keeping the skin clean and bright. OMF solution consists of only natural minerals that are essential to the skin, and with low irritation, it helps to soothe sensitive skin. In addition, it balances the skin to become healthy and clear.
The company’s skincare brand ENPELLE is a product specially developed for sensitive and troublesome skin. Unlike ordinary cosmetics, it focuses on mineral balance in the skin. If the mineral balance of the skin breaks down, the health of the skin worsens, and the skin may become sensitive to minor irritation or skin trouble might occur.
It excludes harmful substances such as chemical preservatives including paraben, petroleum based minerals that disturb skin respiration, and irritant surfactants that stimulate the skin barriers while seeking to provide protection through an optimal prescription for a skin condition.
All products have been approved for skin safety through strict clinical testing to evaluate the skin irritation by IEC Korea, a member of the Institution of Expertise Clinique (IEC), a prominent skin testing institute in France. Being shared with the expertise in clinical evaluation established in France for 20 years, IEC Korea’s skin irritation test has been widely recognized under the supervision of a professional dermatologist.
Without any sensational advertising, the brand is growing rapidly by word-of-mouth, and customers using ENPELLE say their skin condition has drastically improved within a month or two after using this product. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods