GENTi, an automated nucleic acid purification system, is flexible and capable of simultaneous sample preparation of DNA and viral N/A down to the highest level of integrity toward successful downstream applications. The simple and straight-forward process of proven

CONOTEC transmits an SMS to the administrator (user) immediately in case of a problem in temperature and humidity control. This wireless device connection controller can control temperature and humidity anytime and anywhere via a smartphone application. Made by

ABS Door is very durable and has high resistance against wind and moisture. The door frame is made by using PVC material that is highly resistant to moisture, causing no deformation or distortion. The inside of the door is built with a honeycomb system to create a strong hold and prevent warpage. The door surface is made with ABS

Made using environmentally friendly raw materials, FEELWELLTEX has won the FTA Origin Management Enterprise Prize. In order to minimize the defect rate, the entire production of FEELWELLTEX is under strict monitoring. It is supplied to a number of international brands