Fulltouch Chalk

■ Made of the finest calcium carbonate, it is light and draws very smoothly. With clear color and great visibility, it makes students more concentrated. is erased very well and generates little chalk dust. ■ Thin chalks easily break and are dumped often. However, Hagoromo Chalk is thick and long so it is very efficient […]


Korean Paprika

[INQ. NO. 1609C01] KOPA, Inc. is a leading exporter of Korea’s high-quality paprika which has lately been emerging as one of the most beloved vegetables among consumers for its diverse vivid colors and nutritional value. Known to be a storehouse of Vitamin A and C, paprika is an annual plant belonging to the Solanaceae family. Capsicum genus and […]


Animal Feed Additives/Supplement, Natural Protease, Natural Proteolytic Enzyme

Inzyme is a highly efficient, natural, bioactive multi-enzyme animal feed additive that provides a good solution to customers for feed efficiency and energy utilization. Inzyme is quite suitable for improving relatively low-grade feed quality at a time when the prices of feed ingredients have recently been rising rapidly. Using natural proteolytic enzyme and Xylanase as a main ingredient, Inzyme does not create increasing of tolerances […]


Company Information ROBOROBO EDUCATION is the advanced Robotics education system by RoboRobo, which RoboRobo was in an educational field more than 15 years in development of the educational robot for nurturing creativity and virtuous talents. RoboRobo continues to equip students with the capacities to obtain new solutions by preparing their own areas through creative thinking abilities, logical and scientific problem-solving abilities, […]


Changdeokgung Palace’s Moonlight Tours Make a Comeback during August and October

The Changdeokgung Palace Moonlight Tour has been taking place from March to June this year. The biannual cultural event that is open to the public both in spring and autumn provides visitors a special opportunity to experience the quaint beauty of the ancient Korean royal palace. One of the five palaces in Seoul built during the Joseon Dynasty, Changdeokgung was […]


World’s Leading Producer of Zinc Oxide and Zinc Dust

SB Chemical Co., Ltd. (SBC) has been dedicated to manufacturing zinc oxide and zinc dust since it was founded in 1969. Based on its long history, proven technologies and … [Read More...]

Special Report

High-end Fabrics & Garments

[INQ. NO. 1612C32] VISIONLAND is a fabric and garments manufacturer and exporter, mainly supplying its products to global clothing brands. With its mission of “Providing … [Read More...]

Functional Fabric, Eco-friendly, Shape Memory Fabric

[INQ. NO. 1612C31] YOUNG TEXTILE Co., Ltd. is the world’s top mixtured fabric manufacturer with strong points in R&D capability, hi-tech facilities and global sales network. … [Read More...]

Cotton, Linen, Tencel, Nylon Spandex

[INQ. NO. 1612C30] YOONIA TEX is a company reputed for providing high-quality cotton, linen, Tencel with T400, nylon spandex and poly spandex fabrics. It has also earned a … [Read More...]


Conventional & Digital Printed Fabrics

[INQ. NO. 1612C26] Founded in 1973, SUNGMIN ENTERPRISE Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and exporter specializing in printing and washing with special treatment. SUNGMIN has its own … [Read More...]

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