Expert in Functional Headwear

With headquarters based in Busan, Sungkun Cap, is a specialized of functional headwear with its own patented technology and years of expertise. Since its inception in 1987, the company has sought to constantly invest to enhance the performance and reliability of its products.
Sungkun Cap’ patented product, “Wing Cap” has hidden wings at the both sides of the cap so you can spread them if necessary. With the visor wrapping up to the ears, the cap is eff ective in blocking intensive sunlight. The head strap, made of bio ceramic material holds the visor fi rmly and keeps the cap from slipping down.

Wing Cap


Roll Sun Cap series is a new sun cap whose visor can be easily rolled for storage as it contains poly-carbonate inside.
The visor is restored back to original shape even after it is stored for long period. With a Velcro band, the cap size is easily adjustable. The head strap, made of bio ceramic material holds the visor fi rmly and keeps the cap from slipping down.
The roll-type series include golf sun cap, hidden lid sun cap that will allow you to wear different style caps, sun cap using fabric for cap lid and sun cap using wrinkle fabric for cap lid.

Roll Sun Cap

Released by Sungkun Cap, Bio Multi-coating Sun Cap using poly-carbonate ultraviolet ray blocker and special miller coating eff ectively protects the skin and prevents freckles by completely blocking ultraviolet ray of 400 nanometer or less.


Bio Multi-coating Sun Cap

The patented sun cap also helps protect the eyes from hazardous ray and maintain clear vision by raising light penetration so that it is useful when you are engaged in outdoor activities such as leisure activity in the beach, wasting sports game, mountain climbing, fi shing, etc. The head strap, made of bio ceramic material holds the visor firmly and keeps the cap from slipping down. The visor is adjustable up and down at the desired angle.
Additionally, Sungkun Cap provides sun caps with a zipped connection that allows you to separate the cap and sun visor if necessary, or sun caps with a separable scarf designed to cover the entire face if necessary. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

Finding Beauty-care Solutions in Nature KOREA, a natural cosmetics brand specialized in selling products for the scalp, eyebrows via eco-friendly self-development production. The company’s products were made from natural materials and superior ingredients in hair loss prevention and maximize the effi cacy of extracted eyebrow growth products. In particular, a focus on the development progress rapidly due to seborrheic dandruff , which is the main cause of hair loss, irregular eating habits, stress, alcohol and smoking. The product facilitates blood circulation in the scalp quickly and maximizes the effect.

Products from Great Nature 

untitled-66Natural Nutrition Hair Cream Soap is a water-soluble product which is absorbed into pores. The product removes pores of waste and restores the scalp to become healthy. It is hypo-allergenic compared to the product made with chemical ingredient since the former is loaded with natural ingredients only. Natural Nutrition Hair Cream Soap supplies good nourishment to the scalp and hair by supplying nutrients smoothly.
untitled-67Natural Nutrition Hair Tonic is a scalp-essence made of natural extract ingredients. It keeps scalp healthy, recovers scalp balance and prevents hair loss.
This product developed for busy modern people, natural ingredient that can satisfy 2 functions with one product without the need to use scalp tonic and styling product separately. Natural extract ingredient will keep your hair strong and healthy when used consistently since the product provides power to the scalp and hair.
untitled-68Natural Nutrition Eye Tonic is an eyelash essence made of natural extract ingredients. This product thickens eyebrows and eyelashes by providing nourishment. With its natural ingredients, the product does not irritate the eyes at all. It can be applied on both eyebrows and eyelashes.
Vovoo Korea tries its best to make natural products with research and eff orts for six years.
The natural products can be used by everybody without burden by using natural ingredients obtained from nature satisfy those who are concerned about hair loss. All employees of Vovoo Korea are putt ing their utmost eff orts into helping customers maintain healthy, shiny and strong hair through products which they make. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

Daily Wear Soft Contact Lenses

Korea’s contact lens is one of the fast-growing markets in the world, enjoying constant growth from $90 million in 2010 to $450 million in 2014, driven by an increasing number of people who are wearing the contact lenses for cosmetic purposes, as well as eyesight correction. The booming market is off ering att ractive business opportunities for eyewear companies with specialized and diff erentiated technology.
Untitled-34.jpgE.O.S Co., Ltd. is emerging as one of the leading suppliers of contact lenses in Korea, continuously enhancing its core technical competence since its inception in 2005. Based on proven technologies and strict quality inspection and control, the quality of E.O.S contact lenses as well as their precision shape and comfort have been recognized by Korea’s demanding consumers, and now E.O.S exports many models of its contact lenses to 40 countries including Japan.

E.O.S Daily Wear Soft Contact Lenses

E.O.S Daily Wear Soft Contact Lenses are color contact lenses for cosmetic or eyesight correction.
E.O.S has prioritized safety and user’s comfort in manufacturing its contact lenses as medical device, and thus it has been committ ed to developing irritation-free contact lenses. As a result of these eff orts, the new concept irritation-free contact lenses of E.O.S can be worn on a continuous basis for a long period of time, which is made possible by new materials.
By combining the beautiful colors of cosmetic contact lenses with the advantages of circle contact lenses, the E.O.S lenses make the iris look bigger and bring out user’s personality with colors of user’s choice.
What’s more, the soft contact lenses of E.O.S use hydrophilic polymacon to facilitate continuous wear for a long period of time without irritation. Manufactured by the “casting mold” method, the soft lenses off er reliable quality.
Proving its popularity abroad, the entire production of more than $5 million is exported to about 40 countries —
mainly to Japan as well as China, countries in Southeast Asia, Australia, the Middle East, Europe, Canada, South America and Africa, being well received by international customers.

About the company

Untitled-37.jpgE.O.S Co., Ltd., founded in 2002 based on a philosophy of “Honesty and Trust,” has steadfastly grown into a robust contact lens supplier with production capacity of 1,500,000
units per month by the end of 2016, and with clients in many countries, including Japan, the primary export market.
E.O.S has acquired numerous international certifi cations, including CE, ISO, KGMP and import permits from China, Japan and Russia among others. The company is now in the progress of obtaining the FDA certifi cation from the USA. All of its state-of-the-art products are color printed and produced by the “casting mold method.”
Entire staff of E.O.S shall do our best eff ort to achieve our objective of “becoming global company” through quality management with ceaselessly R&D in new materials/products, thereby meeting the customers’ expectations. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

Specialization in Natural Bio Cosmetics

Swanicoco Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005 with its CEO Seong Chun-seon starting to make hand-made soap at home for his family who had sensitive skin with atopy.
Swanicoco is a natural brand made to safely take care of customers’ skin with bio technology developed through long research on natural extracts. It is specialized in manufacturing hypoallergenic products that contain only natural vegetable ingredients, not harmful ingredients or chemical preservatives, to safely take care of skin health.
Also, its products contain naturally fermented extracts instead of purifi ed water, which helps with skin improvement and moisture preservation.
According to, Swanicoco Co., Ltd. has been a leader in the fi eld of natural cosmetics from 2014 to 2016 in Korea. It also acquired a patent No. 10-1611134 so the brand value has been fi rmly established with safety and functionality.


Representative Products that Went
Completely Sold Out

Untitled-39.jpgSwanicoco’s most representative product, Vita Triple Cover Swan CC Pact, comes in white / black and was sold out completely during its fi rst launch. Its popularity lies with fact that this CC cushion can help with skincare and makeup at the same time. Vita Triple Cover Swan CC Pact is available according to customers’ skin types, white for dry skin and black for oily skin. It contains various vegetable extracts such as fi ltered yeast fermentation so it can make your skin healthy and protect it from external harmful factors while realizing sparking skin surface that preserves moisture. Its SPF, sun protection factor, is 30/PA++ so it can cover and block ultraviolet rays throughout four seasons with its functionality.
Untitled-40.jpgSwanicoco’s fermentation care line is another popular product line that contains brightening functionality with wild ginseng nutrient solution, fermentation extracts and EGF, a Nobel Prize winning regeneration catalyst factor.
With natural vegetable ingredients and their contents increased, its products are pure and skin-friendly so they can be absorbed fast and stay moisturized with nourishing fi nish. It is highly recommended for dry, aging and sensitive skin, especially for those who are in their late twenties and older as the line is designed for them as premium basic products.
Untitled-41.jpgGold Plant Stem Pure Ampoule has excellent effects with skin cleansing and improvement by giving high nutrition vitality energy to skin. It contains extracts of wild ginseng cultivation roots, gold fermentation dissolution fi ltered water, and gold itself so it forms solid external layers that prevent loss of moisture and with that moisture preservation, it can help keep skin moisturized and smooth. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

Herbal Complex Extract-based Hair-loss Prevention Shampoo

There is nothing quite as discouraging as losing hair and having thinning hair. However, the number of people suff ering from hair loss is growing regardless of age or gender for genetic or environmental reasons these days.
Basically, hair loss is known to be deeply linked with DHT (Di-hidro- testosterone). As male hormone, testosterone and 5-alpha are combined with active enzymes of the body, they are transformed to DHT (Di-hidro- testosterone). DHT contracts and deteriorates hair follicles, causing hair loss.

O Red Ginseng is formulated to address the underlying causes of hair loss by preventing testosterone and 5-alpha from combining the body’s active enzymes and by utilizing scientifi c mechanism of active ingredients — Zinc pyrithione, Dexpanthenol and Salicylic acid. It is an OTC drug certifi ed for hair loss prevention and hair nutrition by KFDA. It is also helpful for improving seborrheic scalp.


Active ingredients of O Red Ginseng: Zinc pyrithione, dexpanthenol, salicylic acid, red ginseng extract 

– Zinc pyrithione: It is used for seborrheic dermatitis by relieving excessive secretion of sebaceous glands.
It softens the skin and hair, making shiny.
It is very eff ective for removing grease, so it is used as an agent for preventing greasy scalp.
– Dexpanthenol: It provides energy to the skin, improving skin regeneration by supplying oil and moisture. It has conditioning eff ects, maintaining the balance of the skin and hair. It is a moisturizer with good penetration and it is usefully used for many products due to good moisturization.
– Salicylic acid: It removes dead skin cells from the skin surface, eliminating calluses as well as causes of infl ammation. This ingredient passes through sebum and penetrates into pores. It prevents the accumulation of sebum in pores by cleaning pores.

O Shampoo Premium (for damaged hair) contains 52% herbal extract, formulated to promote blood circulation, decreasing overheated scalp temperature. It is eff ective in reducing broken hair loss and is suitable for long hair and damaged hair. No paraben preservatives, No artificial flavors and No coloring

O Shampoo Professional (for oily scalp) contains 52% herbal extract, formulated to promote blood circulation, decreasing overheated scalp temperature. It is eff ective in reducing broken hair loss and is suitable for short hair and healthy hair. No paraben preservatives, No artifi cial fl avors and No coloring

Specialist in hair-care products

Untitled-43.jpgHerbEarth specializes in herbal complex extract-based hair-care products, including hair-loss prevention shampoo, hair tonic and mask, which are formulated to provide nutrients to scalp and hair, making the hair healthy and shiny without using parabens, artificial flavors and artificial coloring. HerbEarth possesses production processing, patent, certificate and testing result for 23 kinds of herbal pharmaceutical ingredient extracts. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

Change your skin condition with a miraculous Phellinus Linteus Mushroom!

Established in 2002, SOOSUL Cosmetics Co., Ltd. has been researching for 14 years the unique Sang-Hwang mushroom components and extracts, and following this the company has acquired a variety of patents on anti-acne, anti-aging and whitening eff ects of the extracts of Sang-Hwang mushroom, which is cultivated and organically grown in Korea.
SOOSUL Cosmetics has been selected by the Korean government as one of the leading companies in the fi eld in recognition of its innovative R&D capability. Accordingly, it has performed the government’s strategic tasks for developing traditional Korean medicinal herbal components.
Untitled-44.jpgAs the result of R&D, the company uses those herbal extracts, including Sang-Hwang mushroom and more than 10 Korean natural herbal extracts as main components for all of its products. It has distributors in more than 15 countries and seven branches in foreign markets. SOOSUL Cosmetics has developed its “Soosul Whitening Pack through two years of investment as a 2009 SME R&D project supported by the Small & Medium Business Administration.
SOOSUL Whitening Sleeping Pack contains 3% of pesticide-free organic Phellinus linteus mushroom [Certifi ed Organic Number: 16-04-3-05] using supercritical fl uid extraction, which is the world’s fi rst technology for extracting the active compounds of Phellinus linteus mushroom. This technology has global patent pending status in various countries including China.
The Whitening Sleeping Pack contains not only Sang-Hwang mushroom extract, but also more than 10 Korean natural herbal extracts as main components.
In addition, SH Na-Pre, SOOSUL’s natural preservative, whose PCT application is filed, is also used without adding any chemical preservatives — no synthetic preservatives; no fl avoring; no coloring; no steroids; no benzophenone and no alcohol.
All of the natural components in the sleeping pack are great for skin whitening and moisturizing with combination of the Phellinus linteus mushroom using supercritical fl uid extraction and natural preservatives.

Untitled-45.jpg | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

Korean Consumer Goods Trading Business

[INQ. NO. 1608C16] NETBIZWORLD Co., Ltd.
provides management services for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and it is also engaged in discovering and exporting highly competitive Korean products, based on its solid infrastructure built through network business and participation in a variety of projects for the past 10 years.
As a trading company, NETBIZWORLD has the advantage of maintaining a close relationship with business partners, based on mutual trust and has sufficient knowledge and easy access to products.

2016-08-22 14;04;52.PNG

NETBIZWORLD deals in a variety of items ranging from LED-related electronic products, capsule coffee & machine, camping supplies to cosmetics and foodstuffs.
In addition, the company can research and find out items meeting customers’ requirements. Since the founding, NETBIZWORLD has put much focus on building cooperative partnerships in carrying out global business under the management philosophy of realizing customer satisfaction.
If you want to start your global business with Korean companies, NETBIZWORLD is a perfect business partner for you. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

Dr.AG Skincare Tissue Set

[ NO. 1608C17] Dr.AG BHA Lightoning Eraser Wipes
This is a soft and hypoallergenic peeling pack formulated to have users to wear really good
makeup. It is a pore-care wipes containing BHA toner, which is excellent in absorbing sebum and cleansing the skin, as the main ingredient. The plant-based collagen forms moist protection layer, which allows for soft peeling and activates the skin cell turnover cycle as well, making a dull and dark skin bright and glow.

2016-08-22 14;05;14.PNG

Dr.AG All-in-one Cool Treatment 4.1
This is a multi-use tissue incorporating skin toner, lotion, essence and sunblock so that people can use to remove sweat and waste after workout or during outdoor activities such as hiking and golfing. It gives users refreshingness by eliminating sweat and waste from the skin, and its sunscreen ingredients protects the skin from sunlight.

Untitled-63.jpgDr.AG Ultra Hydration Cleansing Wipes
Using mild ingredients, this is a hypoallergenic cleansing wipes that can remove the wastes from the skin cleanly and neatly. Thanks to water formula base containing aloe vera toner in the cleansing wipes, you don’t need to cleanse your face with water. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

Hydrogel Facial Mask Packs & Eye Patches

[INQ. NO. 1608C18] Beauty Cosmetic Co., Ltd. in manufacturing its basic skincare line and hydrogel facial mask packs & eye patches with its own hydrogel technology. After establishing two R&D centers, Beauty Cosmetic has grown into an innovation-driven enterprise bringing new products to market, and quickly responding to customers’ needs. All of its products contain naturally sourced ingredient extracts. With the concept of a cosmeceutical in mind, Beauty Cosmetic is committed to prioritizing safety, followed by maximum effectiveness, by combining natural elements and a scientifi c approach.

2016-08-22 14;06;02.PNG

Beauty Cosmetic manufactures its basic skincare line, color makeup, sunblock, anti-wrinkle cosmetics and hydrogel facial mask packs & eye patches, sheet masks and insoluble patches, with the plan to expand its business into organic cosmetics and kids’ care products this year.
Main Products: hydrogel facial mask packs & eye patches Unlike regular sheet masks, the hydrogel masks containing essence as a main material have excellent adhesion to skin, and they also respond to human body temperatures, eff ectively absorbing the moisturizing and active ingredients deep into the skin. As the helpful ingredients are dissolved on the skin, the hydrogen gets visibly thinner after use. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods


Hair-care Product Set

[INQ. NO. 1608C19] Founded in 2000, Fanipinkorea Co., Ltd. is a bio cosmetics company engaged in developing original and distinctive products, and producing reliable quality beauty-care products. Fanipinkorea mainly provides facial mask packs, hair-care & body-care products and functional cosmetics on an OEM basis and under its own local brands. The company also controls manufacturing and sales through 2-plex system. The CGMP and ISO22716-cerfi tifed company supplies its products to leading companies in South Korea, contributing to the expansion of the K-beauty business overseas markets.

Main Products: WIKLAR Replenish Sparkling Hair Care Set, the personal homecare products containing Chojeong mineral water, one of top three mineral springs in the world

– WIKLAR Replenish Sparkling Hair Shampoo: Biotin, the vitamin B-complex, helps hair and scalp condition healthy, not only by nourishing thin and weak hair and scalp, but also controlling the scalp’s balance.
– WIKLAR Replenish Sparkling Intensive Hair Pack: The main ingredients such as panthenol and lysine of the product keep the hair and scalp glossy and healthy.
– WIKLAR Replenish Sparkling Silk Therapy: With the strong hair conditioning eff ect of Hydrolyzed Keratin and threonine, it helps make the hair softer and more resilient.
– WIKLAR Replenish Sparkling Hair Mist: The panthenol ingredient, provitamin-B5, will help keep the hair moist by moisturizing, and Hydrolyzed Keratin will helps make the hair glossy and soft by providing conditioning eff ect for hair and scalp. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods