D:MINE, a skincare brand produced by Gwangmok Co., Ltd., was first created in 2016 through the relentless passion of the company’s bio-researchers and their expertise in seeking optimal skin conditions for those concerned about their skin. D:MINE is a naturalistic bio-medical skincare brand that focuses on the naturalism of nature

Eco-on is a cosmetics company specializing in the utilization of special natural extracts available in Korea. Under the brand name J’farm Citrus, its products are constantly under development for quality improvement and pioneering natural ingredient based cosmetics.
All of its products use the tangerine produced on Jeju Island in Korea. The main ingredient has been accredited

HP&C Ltd. was established as a medical supplies and cosmetics distributor in 1993 and took a leap forward as a manufacturer and distributor of medical supplies, quasi-drugs, and cosmetics after building a factory in accordance with CGMP, KGMP, and ISO 22716 standards.
THELAVICOS Enzyme Washing Powder is a mild powder-type cleansing product

Hwa Myung Bio began as an importer and distributor of raw materials for cosmetics in 2004 and has ever since been devoted to R&D on cosmetic materials and finished cosmetic product formulations. The company’s major business includes import and distribution of cosmetics raw materials, development of

Well-Being Health Pharm has been engaged in the cosmetics market for more than ten years, producing its own brand and also providing OEM and ODM services. The company mainly supplies high-quality products to pharmacies and hospitals throughout Korea

Since its establishment in 2013, VEL Korea Co., Ltd. has been continuing its growth in the export and distribution of beauty medical devices. The company conducts continuous research and development and bold investment to achieve the best competitiveness for customer satisfaction.
VEL Filler, with dense and elastic particles, maintains its shape for a long time without swelling. It is a high-density

STYLEKOREAN exports K-Beauty products worldwide based on its global sales and marketing business model that combines B2C online, B2B wholesale and startup business incubation, playing a pioneering role with 120 K-beauty brands and about 9000 SKUs.
Pyunkang Yul is a well-known skincare brand with well-aged therapies for sensitive, troublesome skin, atopy and skin aging.
Heimish is a stylish makeup brand with friendly charm,

Sensco is engaged in research and development of medical cosmetics and devices. It holds two brands: Storyderm, a cosmetics brand, and Timemachine, a lifting thread brand. Sensco also provides OEM and ODM services according to customers’ requirements.
Storyderm is a global brand which