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Skin Relief Products

Commleaf has been certified as safe and clean cosmetics by avoiding the use of 20 kinds of harmful substances and by using EWG Green grade raw materials. Its BioDTox ingredient protects the skin from contaminants and helps to calm the skin with centilla extract, green tea, and chamomile

Lime Juice Cosmetics

Made from lime extract, macadamia nut oil, and other herbal extracts, THE SKIN HAIR SOAP is anti-hair loss soap. It first cleanses the scalp and pores, and then gives nutrition to the hair and pores to make hair stronger and thicker. THE SKIN

Medical Devices

CO2 Mask Pack is a product using CO2 that shrinks and brightens the skin and has a good effect on facial beauty. CO2 GEL Mask consists of gel and mask, which are combined to produce CO2 that is quickly and effectively absorbed into the skin and boosts skin metabolism by increasing O2 supply necessary for cellular metabolism.
Peeling Swab is a disposable cotton swab with liquid peeling agent. It is a new-concept

Facial Cleanser & Toner

Steam Melon Gentle Wash contains 4.5% cantaloupe melon water extracted by a natural steam evaporation method using not chemical but eco-friendly substances so that skin is not dry but still moist after the face is washed. This product

Portable Dry Type Foam Cleanser

LUTHIONE Cleansing Pop is a product with a unique design distinguished from conventional container-type tubes. It can be used sheet by sheet as it is a very small size fitting easily into a handbag or a pouch.
The glutathione ingredient protects the skin and turns into a gentle cream to keep the skin fresh after cleansing. Coming in a round facial

Micro Pigment

SEPIA MicroPigment is manufactured in a facility certified by ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 and undergoes a thorough inspection and testing in a laboratory also certified by ISO 17025.
In particular, SEPIA is produced in cleanroom ISO 5 (NASA 100) and supplied sterile by the

Collagen Cosmetics

One of the components of complex collagen is collagen from pig skin, which has been popular for its skincare efficacy as it was even introduced in Donguibogam: (Principles and Practice of Eastern Medicine). Extracted from marine organisms, the marine collagen is absorbed deep into the skin as it is a low molecular weight

Facial Cleanser & Sheet Mask

Pure Perfect Cleansing Oil consists of eight different premium organic oils containing no water to provide the best cleansing experience. Its high-quality ingredients deeply penetrate the skin barrier to bring nourishment. After being used for cleansing the face, it leaves no oily residue and offers intense moisturization. It can be used for

Medical & Aesthetic Products

CENSIL L-Ascorbic acid 30% w/v Topical serum is made with ATDS, a US-based global patented technology, that enables Vit C ingredient to penetrate well into skin. Thanks to the special amphiphilic solvent, high content of pure Vit C can be absorbed into both the water layer and fat layer of the skin. It provides excellent skin tone

Ampule & Skincare Products

Ampulogy Rx is a personalizable skincare ampule product, which brings very fast skin improvement result. The six highly concentrated ampules are firming, clarification, sebum control, moisturization, pore control, and brightening

Functional Cosmetics

WHIMELA Shining Implant Cream is made by using 100% clean and uncontaminated seawater with more minerals than purified water. The bio micro needle ingredients extracted from the deep sea transmit whitening injection materials that are mainly used in dermatology such as glutathione, niacinamide, and tranexamic acid into derma and

New-Concept Skincare Cosmetics

CELLSTORY contains Micro-SpearĀ®, a patented ingredient that stimulates the skin, and 20 essential amino acid complexes and nutrients such as three proteins (GF) to provide essential nutrients to the skin.
It is a cosmetics product tailored to the

Velvet Lipstick & Tint

Velvet Lipstick & Tint [INQ. NO. 1808C10] MOART Velvet Lipstick features a very soft texture compared to general matte lipsticks. It is designed to satisfy women who are reluctant to use matte lipsticks because of their dry and stiff feeling.…