Producing Chemical Additives for PVC Stabilizers and UV Absorbers

C&A is a fi ne chemical company producing PVC stabilizers, absorbers, etc. Since its incorporation in 2001, it has produced chemical additives with a focus on PVC stabilizers and UV absorbers and has continued to grow and expand as a specialty chemical company through its consistent and successful technology development efforts.
All executives and staff members at C&A are focused on securing global competence when it comes to work, and through positive thinking and creative ideas, they will accomplish advanced technology development so that it can grow as a global company prioritizing its customers with the best quality, technology support and after service.

A Focus on UV absorbers and PVC stabilizers

UV absorber is a light stabilizer that belongs to the formamidine type. Some representative products of C&A are CINASORB UV-1 and CINASORB-SL. First, CINASORB UV-1 imparts excellent light stability to a number of polyurethane systems during their use. It application includes PUR, PVC, Acryl Resin, Polyester, etc.
CINASORB-SL is a blending type of formamidine class UV-absorber and UV-stabilizer. Its liquid form provides ease of handling and incorporation. It is also compatible in a wide range of substrates. It has low volatility and good thermal stability. It is applicable to PUR, PVC, Acryl resin and Polyester.

PVC stabilizer is an additive that supplements disadvantages of PVC during its manufacture, which are heat stabilization and anti-oxidation. PVC stabilizer is divided into two categories, Cd-Ba-Zn organic complex and Ba-Zn organic complex.
Cd-Ba-Zn organic complex is one package type stabilizer with excellent transparency and rich self-lubrication. It provides good initial epiphytism together with long-term heat stability. During calender processing, it shows very litt le plate out phenomenon with good vitality. It can be used commonly in soft and half hard core processes and improve productivity with good gelifi cation. It is excellent in weathering resistance and color stability. It is applicable to soft and half hard core sheet, fi lm, general pressing and injection products.
Ba-Zn organic complex is one package stabilizer for straight resin, which is excellent in weathering resistance, water-proofi ng and especially heat resistance. With good self-lubrication, it is not necessary to mix with other lubricants. It has excellent transparency without oilproof pollution. It shows litt le plate out and excellent color conservative. It is applicable to to curing film, leather and film for agricultural purposes. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

Leading Masterbatch Manufacturer in Korea

Samhwa Corp., a leading masterbatch manufacturer in Korea, been providing local and world plastics industry with color concentrates, additive masterbatches and specialty compounds since 1986. Continuous investment in new equipment and renovation of technology played an important role in achieving monthly production capacity of 2,000 tons of quality SAMTECH brand masterbatches.
In its laboratory, R&D being quality essential for growth, the specifi c needs of each application are identifi ed and extensive development projects are carried out. Evaluation is performed on state-of-art testing equipment and machines for optimum performance by an expert team of specialized engineers. They work tirelessly with dedication to ensure timely development of new products.
Samtech Masterbatch, also called concentrate, is a term used in plastic industry to denote a pelletized plastic material containing highly loaded pigments and/or additives which is used in a polymer system to change the fi nal color and/or properties of a plastic part.
There are basically two kinds of Masterbatches: Color Masterbatch and Additive Masterbatch. Color Masterbatches are used by the plastic converters to give various colors to their plastic products. Additive Masterbatches are also used by the plastic converters to provide their products with special properties like antioxidant, antistatic, conductive, fl ame retarding, ultraviolet stabilizing properties.

Focus on Better Product Quality 

Samhwa Corp. was established in May 1986. In September 2005, Samhwa Corp. was selected as an excellent mid-sized company with great growth potential. In December 2008, the company took home the 10 Million Dollar Export Tower Award from KITA in recognition of its strong export performances.
In January 2012, Samhwa Corp. completed its Chungju Factory and the next month, the company began to produce XLPE compounds. Quality, the most important factor, is assured through constant quality checks in all stages of production at Samhwa. Strict specifi cations are set and production samples are tested accordingly.
Thus, Samhwa has been able to win the trust and confi dence of customers. Samtech masterbatches are tailored for each of its customers to meet the specific requirements and challenges they face. Every customer appreciates the top quality and sincere service rendered by Samhwa CORP. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

Construction Silicone Sealants

Hanshin Silitech Co., Ltd. is a steadily-growing sealant manufacturer and distributor that has been focusing on development and production of high-functional silicone sealants since its founding in 1991.

HS300 / Multi-Purpose Silicone Sealant

HS300 is a one-component neutral cure silicone sealant. This sealant is used for various construction materials, window/door works and glass works, etc. due to its excellent durability and weatherability.
This silicone sealant is easy to use as a one-component type and less odorous as neutral type. In addition it exhibits almost no corrosion on metal, but excellent adhesion to various construction materials, which makes it suitable for sealing (show) window/door and glass sealing as well as aluminum, PVC, wooden sash sealing and joint sealing.


untitled-80Tack-free time (min): 5~10
Curing time (day): 7~14
Specifi c gravity: 1.32±0.05
Hardness (Shore A): 35~45
Tensile strength (N/mm2): 1.0~1.5
Max. elongation(%) : 250~400
Packaging: 270ml, 300ml CTGE
Colors: Semi-transparent, Transparent, White,
Grey, Black, Brown, Ivory, Dark green, Wood,
Cherry, Oak, Blue, Red, Gold


HS-BIO is a one-component neutral cure silicone sealant. This sealant is especially suitable for areas where mold is likely to be a problem such as in kitchens, bathrooms, sinks and refrigerators due to its superior anti-mold properties. This silicone sealant is easy to use as a one-component type and less odorous as neutral type. In addition, it features anti-mold properties and excellent adhesion. Anti-fungal agent is eff ective even under hot and humid environment so this is suitable for use in areas where mold is likely to be a problem. Applications are fi xing bathtubs and sealing their joints; tiles, basins, sink joint sealing; shower booths, and window/door frames in shower rooms.


untitled-81Tack-free time (min):<15
Curing time (day): 7~14
Specifi c gravity: 1.00±0.05
Hardness (Shore A): 20~25
Anti-fungal capability (mm): >25
Tensile strength (N/mm2): 1.0~1.5
Movement capability (%): ±30
Max. elongation(%) : 300~500
Application temp. (℃): 5~50
Packaging: 270㎖, 300㎖ CTGE
Colors: Semi-transparent, Transparent, White, and Ivory

HS700/Weatherproofi ng Silicone Sealant

HS700 is a one-component, low modulus, neutral cure silicone sealant. It provides ±50% joint movement capability, excellent adhesion to most construction materials without primer, outstanding durability and weatherability. It maintains elasticity within a very wide temperature range between -50@ and +150@.
For the features, its application is suitable for various curtain wall,, panel joint sealing; LEXAN(Polycarbonate) sealing; weather sealing; windows/doors, expansion joint sealing; metal, PVC, glass and most construction material sealing.


untitled-82Tack-free time (min): 10~20
Curing time (day): 7~14
Specifi c gravity: 1.41±0.05
Hardness (Shore A): 20~30
Elastic restoring capability (%) : >90
Tensile strength (N/mm2): 1.0~1.5
Movement capability (%): ±50
Max. elongation (%): 400~600
Application temp. (℃): 5~50
Packaging: 270㎖, 300㎖ CTGE
Colors: Transparent, White, Grey, and Black | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

Eco-friendly Feed Additives Provider

[INQ. NO. 1608C12] Since its founding in 1998, Inc.
has been continuously developing new products, on basis of its own technology and know-hows in the animal production industry. SOMA Inc. holds several patents and trademark rights for manufacturing chelated minerals, computerized feeding system, and brand functional meat with biotechnological process.
SOMA Inc. manufactures more than 60 kinds of eco-friendly feed additives by using biotechnological process, such as probiotics, yeast culture, enzymes, acidifiers, organic minerals, de-odor agent, propolis product, and others with possessing technical licenses and brand patents in most products.

These feed additives are alternatives to antibiotics, chemical products, and anti-microbial products which can have effects on human health.
SOMA Inc. has been committed to reducing production costs through utilization of unique outsourcing and toll manufacturing systems, along with the sales expansion of products not only in domestic markets, but also in exports markets including Asia, Africa and Latin America countries.
SOMA Inc. products, which consist mostly of multi-ingredients and multi-functional products, are being highly rated for giving profitable and simple solutions for feed mills and animal producers in many countries around the world.
SOMA Inc. is the only manufacturer of concentrated feeds in South Korea with a monopoly on base mix production in domestic market. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods


[INQ. NO. 1608C14] Since its foundation in1978, SEOWON has evolved into a professional irrigation material manufacturing and distributing company. In 1995, the company finally succeeded localizing irrigation equipment (drip irrigation tape, drip tube) which had previously been supplied by advanced companies in the U.S. and Israel.
Since 2005, the company has placed ads on New Ag (English-speaking countries, Israel) and Irrigazette (French and Spanish-speaking countries) which are very influential in local market and Japanese and Chinese irrigation journals.
In addition, SEOWON has actively participate in global irrigation exhibition and enhanced its brand image (‘Golden Tree’) as an expert irrigation material manufacturer in the world market.
SEOWON has continuously focused on technology development with the global of becoming a leader in the world irrigation material industry. As such, it has released a patented new brand ‘Golden Tree’ which has solved the clogging problems of conventional drip irrigation systems and ensured satisfactory and uniform irrigation, automation, and
mass production.

Meanwhile, the company received the ‘US 1 million dollar export tower’ award in 2005 and the ‘US 3 and 5 million dollar export towers’ awards in 2008 and 2009 respectively. This year, it aims to achieve US 10 million dollars in exports. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods


[INQ. NO. 1608C15] SAMHWA CORP., a masterbatch manufacturer in Korea, has been providing local and world plastics industry with color concentrates, additive masterbatches and specialty compounds since 1986.
Continuous investment in new equipment and renovation of technology played an important role in achieving monthly production capacity of 2,000 tons of quality SAMTECH brand masterbatches and 800 tons of SAMTECH brand XLPE compounds.
SAMTECH masterbatches are tailored for each customer to meet individual specific requirement and challenges that he or she faces. Every customer enjoys top quality and hearty service rendered by SAMHWA CORP.

Products includes: – Black, White Masterbatch – F/R
Compounds – Color Masterbatch – Colors for fiber / yarn
– Additive Masterbatch – XLPE Compounds – Specialty Compounds | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

Effervescent Diffuser “MONCIEL” & LED Coaster “SOL-INVICTUS”

[INQ. NO. 1607C12] Founded in 2014, JOHNMAKER, Ltd. is a venture company specializing in product development and production of promotional products and fragrances combining design elements.
Effervescent Diffuser “MONCIEL”: The diffuser can be used as both liquid and solid. You just need to put the MONCIEL on warm or hot water in bottle or cup. Then foam occurs and the room will be immediately filled with strong and pleasant aromas. If you use VU products together for sleeping mood, color therapy and aromatic fragrance will bring about relaxation and healing effect.

LED Coaster “SOL-INVICTUS”: This is a tabletop LED lighting & coaster for placing drinks on for a variety of exciting gatherings. It will brighten up any place by creating an inviting atmosphere in various events. You can readily activate the LED lighting with one touch. It features an anti-slip soft silicon case.

Material: silicone rubber
Size: 114 x 114 x 10.8mm
Weight: 110g (including 3 batteries)
Power: coin battery
Continuous operation: 60 hours | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

Eco-friendly Heating Film with Excellent Thermal Resistance “HEAT PLUS”

[INQ. NO. 1607C27] What is an underfloor heating film?
Carbon heating elements on the insulator film is coated with carbon fever unit and connected to the electrode formed on the part of one or more copper bars. For the smooth flow of current, the silver part and fever unit of carbon in the upper and lower surfaces of the insulating film is combined with a protective film or heating products.
HEAT PLUS is a cutting-edge heating film with excellent thermal resistance property and it has PET film with carbon which is heating element coated and insulation with PET film after forming electrode with silver and copper foil in both sides. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

Environment-friendly ESD CNT-polymer paint technology

Technology overview: As the intensity of electric/ electronic and semiconductor element is increasing including various daily supplies, office automation devices, electric/ electronic products, and mobile phones, product damage caused by static electricity and contamination by dust and particles is a big problem in various parts assembly, transportation, delivery, and packing processes. In order to reduce such damage, apply antistatic, power failure dispersion, and conductive functionalities to materials used in assembly, transportation, delivery, and packing using electro-conductive CNT (carbon nano-tube).
CNT is one of the appropriate materials for such requirements because it has outstanding electro-conductivity and stable chemical structure. However, the biggest issue is to solve difficulties with dispersibility in using CNT. Surface treatment researches such as introducing chemical functional groups have been known to disperse CNT completely in various metrics, but there is no case throughout the world of developing environmentally friendly mass-surface-treatment technology as shown in this research. Moreover, developing the formulation of dispersion liquid and paint that can coat various base materials (plastic and metal) with surface treated CNT; the company enhanced adhesive property with the base material, realized excellent paint film quality and electro-conductivity, and achieved commercialization for conductive coating sheet by implementing mass production coating process system based on technical cooperation with small & medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Industrialization: Conductive polymer made of competitive materials for ESD are commonly used in the market, but the shortage of conductivity created in the marginal areas has been raised as a problem, including nonuniformity of surface resistance after vacuum forming. On the contrary, CNT paint combines binder adjusting technique and film coating technique using CNT that has big aspect ratio and excellent elasticity, and creates CNT using ESD market through painting technology that secured high tension, uniformity, and durability. Also, existing CNT surface treatment technique has insufficient mass productivity and many problems such as creating waste acid because it uses long-time batch process by using strong acid like sulfuric acid, nitric acid, or hydrogen peroxide, but continuous mass production surface treatment technology for CNT using environmentally friendly supercritical water oxidation process was secured through this industrialization, and developing various application products becomes possible through this technology.

Problem-solving in industrialization: Recognition in the market for nano-material is poor and the business has high entry barriers of new market creation. Because CNT is still expensive material, it is hard to determine the price of application products.
It may be considered that black in CNT will be unfavorable for transparency in base material after coating, but technology close to the transparency of conductive polymer can be secured, thanks to recent enhancement in film coating technique and paint formulation. Test data for superior performance of CNT paint compared to existing conductive polymer being used for ESD was proposed, and products satisfying customer requirements were quickly developed. A year of mutual technical cooperation between Hanwah Chemical’s technologies (nano-substance surface treatment technology, nano- paint manufacturing technology, and nano- coating technology) and SMEs’ technology (plastic mass production technology), and improvement of facility and paint are meaningful industrialization that provides synergy effects and creates markets. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

PP•Cellulose•PET composite spinning material for highly comfortable cool-biz product

Technology overview: The aim was to develop a clothing material that helps improve working environments so that office can work in a pleasant environment by solving inconvenience and problems due to the limitations on cooling temperatures in accordance with the government policy in the summer. To do this, a fabric material with excellent moisture motion and fast absorbing and drying speed has been developed.
To explain the ‘PULL & PUSH Mechanism,’ the core fundamentals of this technology, following three-level structure model are presented. First, regarding the surface layer, warp composed of Sheath-Core was used. The sheath part has an excellent drying effect due to a wide surface area of a material and characteristics by a capillary phenomenon. The core part has a push effect of moisture as polypropylene is applied. Second, regarding the absorption layer, it is the layer introduced as a concept to maximize the movement of moisture through the high hygroscopic property and capillary phenomenon. It is separated from skin due to shrinkage of crimp thread, etc., however, a separated layer contacts with skin and unevenness occurs. Third, regarding the inside layer, it maintains a comfortable condition by excluding moisture on the surface contacting skin by making hydrophobic fiber touch the skin and makes moisture efficiently move into the absorption layer. This three-structured moisture movement displays its performance through the mechanism of material, fabric composition and tissue. Therefore, its absorbing speed and drying speed are excellent and it can be utilized as a product that can maintain outstanding comfort in summer.

Industrialization: It has been used for men’s dress shirts, sports shirts and jackets. Now, it is planned to be utilized for working clothes and uniforms and manufacturing of these products with a working clothes-related company will improve upon inconvenience on the indoor office temperatures and establish a comfortable working environment for workers. On the other hand, for outdoor products or sports products, it has been actively studied to develop a union product with not only a 100% chemical fiber material but also a natural fabric so it is possible to expand a market to a broader area if we enter a market with this developed material. Also, to apply not only fabric products but also materials that are patent registered (10-1421709) and applied (10-2014-0066159) within the project period to an expanded area by selling these and to develop its marketing, this product has been constantly developed and remedied with the spinning company which developed this technology together.
We also have been actively holding sales meetings regarding the material. We contribute to the government’s policy to reduction of energy consumption in summer and to the global eco-friendly policy by developing industrialization in the Cool-Biz market as various applications such as working clothes and uniforms are available for summer, besides general clothes. We have also presented the direction for the development of a fabric for comfort in summer.

Problem-solving in industrialization: For a Sheath-Core type yarn above Ne50’S, it was very difficult to weave due to a decline in spinning quality so defect-occurring rate was high. Because of this reason, weft of the count of Ne40s is mainly produced. As pants are easily wrinkled, we have mainly marketed jackets, shirts and comfortable uniforms.

2016-06-15 15;58;232016-06-15 15;58;40 | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods