Fulltouch Chalk


■ Made of the finest calcium carbonate, it is light and draws very smoothly. With clear color and great visibility, it makes students more concentrated. is erased very well and generates little chalk dust. ■ Thin chalks easily break and are dumped often. However, Hagoromo Chalk is thick and long so it is very efficient from an economic standpoint. It is also easy to hold and well coated, causing no chalk dust on your hand. ■ Due to compression molding and special thermal treatment, Hagoromo Chalk is highly dense and consumed very slowly. It is thick and hard, so it is very economical. ■ Chalks are inserted into Styrofoam slots one by one to avoid breakage. ■ Hagoromo Chalk had already been produced under Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS). Even so, we earned Korea Certification (KC) which confirms that our product has no harm to human health from Korea Conformity Laboratories. Hagoromo Chalk is safe and the best in terms of quality.

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Seed Heat Pack & Hinoki Cypress Leaf Pillows

https://korean-products.com/inquiry [INQ. NO. 1612C04] Established in 2013, Second Huz is a steadily growing enterprise with the vision of leading new frontier of premium mind/body healing products in Korea. The company manufactures and distributes Bio Seed Heat Packs, Hinoki Cypress Leaf Pillows, and other healthcare products as its main products via online shopping mall.

201612cc_page_019_07Heat Massage Pack is made up of 100% natural ingredients such as seeds and cotton cloth. You can enjoy aromatherapy just by heating the pack at home and anyware.

It is conveniently heated in a microwave.

Hinoki Cypress Leaf Pillows utilizes Hinoki leaves. The pillow helps people to fall to sleep easily due to the phytoncide aroma of the Hinoki cypress leaf. It is a natural product made of linen cloth and hinoki leaves, etc.

For more information, please send e-mail at <secondhuz@naver.com>.

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Lower-body Bathing Tub

https://korean-products.com/inquiry [INQ. NO. 1612C03] “Belly Bath” is a lower-body bathing exclusive tub that can be easily used in a home that has no bathtub. It also solves the inconvenience of the lying style tub. The traditional large bathtub requires a great quantity of warm water for bathing and is uncomfortable in the waist and the legs while doing lower-body bathing. It measures 100×53×61cm (W×L×H) and weighs 12kg. The compact and lightweight design makes it easy to carry it anywhere. Made of harmless and thermal PE material, it is durable and safe to use. It has a non-slip rubber pad on the bottom, a bathtub stopper, shower line connector and drain connector. The bathtub cover is optionally available.

201612cc_page_019_03Benefits of doing lower-body bathing are said to include detoxing the body and promoting good blood circulation, and they are also based on Western and Eastern medicine.

In Oriental medicine, the heart is considered as ‘Yang (positive)’ and the kidney as ‘Eum (negative),’ and your energy circulation is in good order and the balance of temperature is maintained when the Yang energy goes down and the Eum energy goes up. On the other hand, if one’s lower body temperature is far lower than the upper body, it would have bad blood circulation, resulting in poor health.

In modern-day medicine, the body temperature is considered to be closely associated with health as the imbalance of body temperature affects the entire body condition by slowing down the metabolism and the immune system.

Full baths retains the imbalance of upper-lower body temperature, since the temperature of the upper and lower body temperature rises together. On the other hand, lower-body bathing is perspiratory bathing that injects heat only into the lower body while lowering the upper body heat. Accordingly, it is possible to take long baths that are over 20~30 minutes while, keeping the balance of upper and lower body temperature.

When taking lower-body baths, the upper body temperature goes down as the body temperature rises, to maintain the balance of the body temperature. Here, sweat pours out like rain, due to energetic blood circulation within the body.

For more detailed information about this tub, please e-mail <bellybath@daum.net>.

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Yellow Soil Organic Stream Eye Patch “Steam Relax Eye Mask”

https://korean-products.com/inquiry [INQ. NO. 1612C02] These days, many people suffer from dry eye syndrome, which usually refers to the eyes which don’t produce enough tears. The dry eye syndrome can also occur when tears evaporate too quickly for any reason such as due to dry weather, hormonal changes, lack of sleep, and other health problems. Whatever the causes, the symptoms such as sore and uncomfortable eyes can be highly painful for dry eye suffers. And the condition can grow worse when frequently using a computer, smartphone or other digital gadgets for long periods of time.

201612cc_page_018_11But there’s now an effective way to treat the dry eye syndrome. “Steam Relax Eye Mask” is the first and only steam heating mask in the world. Categorized as an industrial disposable product, it can be also exported without special license.

The mask was developed based on a thesis from Harvard University finding that steam is good for relieving dry eyes. It was designed to maintain the temperature at 40°C for over 20 minutes, which is good for keeping the eyes warm to relieve the dry eye symptoms after obtaining professional counsel from Korean ophthalmologists. Currently, this steam eye mask is sold at ophthalmology clinics as a supplementary item for dry eye patients. As the Korean patented healthcare product gained popularity in the domestic market, the product has been selected as one of the HIT500 products in 2016.

You just need to put the eye patch on your closed eyes when you want to relieve your tired eyes due to excessive use of smartphones or computers, traveling insomnia and long hours of book reading and studying.

Unlike other masks, the Steam Relax Eye Mask is a safe eco-friendly product containing high-quality 100% natural red clay from Gochang County in North Jeolla province in Korea without adding any harmful chemical substances.

For more information, please visit the website < http://www.jwone1.com>.

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Do-it-yourself (DIY) Decorative Tile

https://korean-products.com/inquiry [INQ. NO. 1612C01] MRD Co., Ltd. presents a new home interior culture by introducing highquality finishing materials enhancing the interiors in the living space.

The MRD’s DIY ARTtiles are do-it-yourself multi-purpose and high-performing interior finishing material that allows people to redecorate their home without cumbersome and time-consuming work.

201612cc_page_018_03 Made of flexible material, they are easy to install anywhere, regardless of the shape of the wall, including curved walls.

As the interior tiles are made of toxic-free 15mm thick polyolefin foam, they are excellent in heat insulation, impact absorption and soundproofing.

They are also safe for children thanks to soft cushioning materials. It helps prevent children from getting hurt in the event of hitting a wall.

The DIY ARTtiles come in four different shapes and patterns with luxurious colors and fabric. And they are assembled like a puzzle according to color fabrics and patterns so people can create interior designs design of their own wall as they want.

The ARTtiles can be widely used in such places as residences, apartments, hotels and restaurants as well as in facilities for children and senior citizens.

For more information, please e-mail < mrd_tech@naver.com >


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ODS • GWP • surfactant-free environment friendly aqueous • non-aqueous cleaning technology

Technology overview: Because ozone layer-depleting substances and chloride compounds are commonly used in existing industrial cleaning agents, an environmentally friendly industrial cleaning https://korean-products.com/inquiryagent was developed to substitute substances that cause environmental contamination. The type of developed industrial cleaning agent includes non-aqueous/aqueous cleaning agents, which are free from ozone depleting substances, global warming potential, and surfactants classified as atmospheric environment pollutant and also can reduce water pollution.
Because the cleaning agent is reusable, it can reduce the burden of environmental contamination and provide the benefit of cost-saving simultaneously. Especially, the company succeeded in localizing cleaning technology in electric and electronic field which has a high level of dependence on exports, and also secured overseas competitiveness in cleaning technology. The company applied non-aqueous and aqueous cleaning technology
to remove flux and solder in the field of electric & electronic component manufacturing. In particular, aqueous cleaning, beyond existing non-aqueous cleaning concept, can provide a “kill-two-birds-with-one-stone” effect, securing operator’s work safety and reducing cleaning agent consumption by increasing the use of water and reducing volatility. Aqueous cleaning technology is applied to the field of LED manufacturing. In addition to cleaning agent development, the company constructed a cleaning system suitable to the cleaning agent simultaneously, optimized production facility and work environment, and increased the production yield about 2% (existing 97% → improved to 99%).

Industrialization: Of commercialized products with the development of environmentally friendly cleaning technology, electric & electronic cleaning agent, solar and LED cleaning agents are being sold in domestic and overseas markets in China and Southeast Asia, and its sales are on a constant rise. LCD cleaning agent is in lab test stage, aiming for site application in competition with US and Japanese products. Because the performance of developed product is equivalent to or better than overseas rival products mostly from the USA, Europe, and Japan, export to Asia, America, and Europe is also expected in future.
Problem-solving in industrialization: In terms of evaluation method in industrial cleaning agent development, it is necessary to minimize errors in laboratory results and site results, and on-site evaluation must be carried out for the developed product.
Also, customer’s reliability evaluation, because it requires a longer period, is one of difficulties for early industrialization success. Other than performance, periodic monitoring is required after delivering the product, and product quality needs to be improved consistently.



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Desktop Fan & Naturally Vaporizing Humidifier

[INQ. NO. 1606C01] https://korean-products.com/inquiryThe Korean company, m.i collection Inc. (www.micollection.co.kr), is engaged in designing and providing highly functional small-sized electronics gadgets, responding to growing demand for high-quality compact personal electronic devices.
Its products offer essential features for confined spaces without compromising the user’s convenience and stylish design.
Desktop Fan: With space-efficient design, Mini Fan is a tabletop mini-sized (L100xW128xH161, 220g) fan applying a focused airflow technology. Its tilt (front: 28°; back: 49°) and swivel (up to 270°) adjustable head allows you to focus airflow where you need it. The fan generates minimal noise – only 36dB noise on its lowest setting, being ideal for personal cooling for use on an office desk as well as anywhere at home. It can also be clipped with an optionally available peg on an office partition for confined spaces. The fan has two speeds and is charged with both USB and with AC adaptor.
For safe use, it automatically turns off after four hours. Power consumption is 1W. Made in Korea and it obtained both KS and CE certifications.

Untitled-4.jpgNaturally Vaporizing Humidifier: The Korean company also provides a naturally vaporizing humidifier that remedies inconvenience – cleaning and noise – of the electronic humidifiers. Using felt featuring absorbing water property, the humidifier harnesses natural evaporation so that it is non-electric, noise-free and easy to manage. The unit can be easily washed with water and one can use purified or bottled water, accordingly without concern about bacteria. It measures W253xH86xD139 and weighs 280g.

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Easy-to-disassemble & Clean Washbasin Set

[INQ. NO. 1606C03] Unibath Inc. (www.unibath.co.kr) https://korean-products.com/inquiryprovides bathroom products that enable everyone to manage the washbasin, sink drain and pipes conveniently and simply.
You may have experienced inconvenience associated with clogged sink drain with hair or sewages as well as loss of valuables by dropping them into the sink drain. In such cases, people try to loosen the metal pipe with tools or dissolve swages by pouring harmful chemicals into the sink. However, it is very hard for a novice to loosen the clamped metal pipes. Untitled-5.jpgMoreover, the use of chemicals to clear the drain can do serious damage to the drainpipes that could ultimately cost you more. For this reason, Unibath Inc. devised its innovative Unibath Wash Basin & Unitrap which is engineered to disassemble completely and easily, manually, without any tools. As there is a filter cap inside the wash basin trap, it solves clogged sink drain problems fundamentally by filtering hair and sewages.
Anyone can set up, disassemble and manage – replace old or broken parts and clean easily.
All products including ceramic washbasin, brass pop-up, trap and other parts are made in Korea to ensure high quality.
It allows for easy cleaning and simple resetting without requiring tools and difficult labor, along with the following user-friendly features.

It is also convenient for hand washing: unlike the existing products, the pop-up stopper is pushed down when water drains.
The filter cap prevents loss of valuables, while also preventing drain from clogging by catching sewages. The pop-up pipe was designed to sink deeply under water so as to block the blowing back of bad smell. Stainless steel leg supports the ceramic wash basin to prevent slipping and falling down. The height can be adjusted up to 15cm.

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Wet Mop Robot Cleaner

https://korean-products.com/inquiry[INQ. NO. 1605C01] “EveryBot-RS500” is a new wet mop cleaning robot featuring a powerful 5,700 RMP motor and two revolving sweepers to thoroughly remove smudge, dust and dirt from fl oors. As the robot cleaner has an automatic water-supply system, the mops can stay optimally wet from start to fi nish of the cleaning process without any need to replenish water between rounds.

In addition, the mops feature dual fi bers — patented dividing yarn and microfi ber for bett er adsorption of contaminants. The dividing yarn with resilience eff ectively sweeps debris caught in cracks and the microfi ber completely removes even the microscopic dust.
2016-05-16 09;18;27It is also easy to cleanse the mop after use. One just needs to lightly rub it while rinsing it out with water. Then, all of the pollutants will be easily removed from the mop. The EveryBot can be operated in seven different modes that you can choose from according to your specifi c needs. The manual mode allows one to wash any place that needs to be cleaned by using a remote controller. The cleaner can also easily washes places that are hard to clean with standard cleaners, such as underneath a bed or couch.
It has various smart sensors detecting obstacle collision, a fall off from edge, motor overload detection and batt ery over discharge to ensure the safe use of the cleaning
robot during operation. Particularly, it is the world’s fi rst cleaner to feature an ESA (Exit Shadow Area) function, based on CDS (Cadmium sulfi de) sensor. The illumination sensor that can detect brightness of the surrounding environment lets the robot cleaner travel to brightly lit place where people can fi nd it after fulfi lling its mission. The one-touch operation and cordless unit provides ease of use.
For more information, please send e-mail at lsgcw@everybot.net.

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Adhesive Tape Dispenser “TENDO”

[https://korean-products.com/inquiryINQ. NO. 1604C04]
When you wrap your parcel boxes, you usually seal them with adhesive tape. So, a good-quality tape dispenser will surly make your packaging work easier and more efficient.
YEONJIN Inc. (www.tendo.co.kr) has released its premium tape dispenser “TENDO” featuring ergonomic design and various userfriendly features.

The TENDO has a tilted 10-degree angle of cutter for easy cutting, and this will make your wrist feel comfortable because you don’t have to turn your wrist when using it. Therefore, the repetitive use of this tape dispenser will not cause wrist suffering or fatigue to the wrist, unlike the traditional products.
In addition, the disperser’s grip is ergonomically designed to ensure safe and firm grip for both right-handed and left-handed users. In addition, the use of a urethane sheath offers enhanced durability as well as excellent grip feel. And the U-shaped rolling part prevents the reverse rotation of tape. TENDO is a self-standing type product that makes your workspace clean and neat at all times. The tape dispenser is suitable for dispensing up to 100m of roll.
Untitled-11For more information about TENDO, please visit the company’s homepage (www.tendo.co.kr) or contact by email viatendo@tendo.co.kr.

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