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New items and hot items of Korea –

Baby Milk Bags

BAILEY Fingerrest Breastmilk Bag is a storage pack that can store breastmilk safely for long hours by freezing it. With the fingerest function (patented), it is easy to put breastmilk into a pack safely and easy-cutting makes it easy to…

Baby Stroller

PRONTO is a baby stroller with a nicely curved design. Accommodating two or more kids, it can be used as a bassinet, stroller, and a wagon. It provides different ways to travel with any family on the go, while giving…

Shower Head

Aroma Sense is a water-saving and water pressure increasing shower head. The gentle aroma scent from the natural aroma oil provides a more enjoyable shower time. Vitamin C enhanced shower water with Vitamin C equivalent to 3,000 lemons, keeps your…

Ergonomic Cushion

EVA Cushion made of foamed EVA, distributes bodyweight and maintains the balance of the body optimally through its 3D structure, while supporting the buttocks and naturally assisting the legs to maintain the right posture, as well as preventing deformation of…

Women’s Clothing

Launched in 2015, Unusual Angle is a casual and stylish women’s wear brand with unconventional designs and moderate sensibility.
The Peaked Lapel Double Long Jacket is womenswear with an extended length and angled silhouette, but reminiscent of a masculine line.

Medical Toothbrush

ParDeToo, produced by Idea Company, is a patented toothbrush equipped with a micro digital motor. The large and small projections of bristles are geometrically arranged to perform interdental flossing, providing gum massage and plaque removal. The silicone attached to the toothbrush protrusion enhances the moisturizing, antibacterial, whitening, and

Mask Pack & Neck Cream

ShiningCode Aminopuru Mask Pack is made of thick microfiber facial mask sheet and thus features excellent adhesion and absorbency. It is made by using 17 kinds of amino acids and patented ingredients as well as natural fragrance.
Using cuprolactate with excellent liquid-absorbing and lyophobic properties, ShiningCode Amino Pour Eye Mask has excellent adhesion. It contains Carnosine that helps prevent skin aging, and

Anti-Hair-Loss Solid Shampoo Bar

Natural Fermented & Ripened Modam Scalp Primer is effective for various scalp problems such as hair loss, hair growth, itching caused by scalp drying, dandruff and health improvement of the scalp. The natural solid shampoo bar is made from 100% natural ingredients that do not contain chemical ingredients such as surfactants, colorants and artificial fragrances.
It is also made by using 13 kinds of herbal


The AMF Aqua Maskpack, consisting of two items – a mask pack and an eye patch, uses AMF patented ingredients to keeps moisture in the skin for up to 120 hours with its ability to block moisture evaporation and strong water absorption.
AMF Aqua Mask Pack is made of 100%

Eco-Friendly Wood Fiber Products

Eco Apro Eco-Friendly Dishcloth and Eco Apro Eco-Friendly Face Towel have excellent deodorizing and natural antimicrobial power, suppressing the propagation of germs. They can be kept clean just by washing with water, without detergent. These environmental label certified products obtained

Creative Design Products

L-diff provides a space to find the latest works from various Korean artists that are difficult to encounter elsewhere ( All L-diff works are carefully curated by professional designers, presenting a wide spectrum of artists and works of art ranging from modern spaces to cute and charming spaces. Above all, it helps the artist through the sales of art works while leading fine consumer trends.