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Smart Toothbrush Sterilizer

Toothbrushes are ideal places for the growth of, bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms, as well as causing cavities, tooth decay and many other diseases.
UBISAFE is a toothbrush sterilizer that protects toothbrushes from harmful germs and

Functional Toothbrushes

Conventional toothbrushes do not properly dry and one cannot thoroughly clean the inside of the bristles, so the average number of bacteria growing in the bristles reaches up to 5 million.
Olkerny Clean Toothbrush has holes between the bristles, so it is well ventilated with

Baby Rocking Horse

Rocking Animal Soft Fabric is a silky fabric toy for babies with a soft feel. This toy is easily switched to the rocking mode from the riding mode and vice versa with a simple operation.
Rocking Animal Artificial Leather is a new product made of harmless polyurethane (PU). This waterproof toy is very smooth to play with and convenient to clean. Its nose or tail makes an exciting sound at a kid’s touch, and the feeling stimulates the child’s sense of

Functional Baby Chair

Jellymom is a baby chair that can be used for kids from three months to five years old. It can be transformed through four steps, which offers great usability – headrest + soft cushion + basic seat for 3 to 5 months / tray + soft cushion + basic seat for 6 to 12 months / soft cushion + basic seat for 1 to 2 years /

Toy Blocks for Children

Coblock is a soft baby jelly block that can be assembled into various shapes. Containing no harmful substances, it can be used as a teething ring and as a toy. Made also of soft material, it is very effective for the development of the small muscles of a child. Coblock first block ensures safety while providing educational benefits,

Baby Roll Mat

Licoco Clean Roll Mat is equipped with dual coating with improved anti-fungal function in addition to the structural advantage of its previous version. It is also easy to handle as it can be stored easily by rolling it up. Coming in various widths from 80cm to 110cm, 120cm, and 140cm, the Licoco Clean

Baby Bath Products

Sobble Cushion Baby Bath Tub is an innovative item with unique features. Even when a raw egg is dropped on it from two meters above, it never breaks thanks to the cushion with its outstanding marshmallow softness. The excellent heatretention material preserves the warmness three times longer than conventional

Clean Room Products

The clean room wiper produced by TSP Korea Co., Ltd. is made of various materials such as micro fiber, polyester, and non-woven material for various purposes, and is used for equipment and floor cleaning at production sites of semiconductors, FAB, LCD, etc. Unlike low-priced Chinese products, it is cleaned and

Premium Design Multi-outlet

The premium design multi-outlet brand NEMOTAP provides enhanced safety with elaborate designs along with safety caps, standard wires, and 1st-grade flame-retardant materials. Made in Korea, all NEMOTAP products with 16A 250V are certified by

Baby Mat

The baby product brands Dwinguler and Babycare include mainly playroom mats as well as playpens and kids’ sofas. They have been certified by CPSIA, EN-71, etc. as eco-friendly baby products for