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Cosmetics for Anti-aging & Whitening

[INQ. NO. 1911C54] K-Belle Cell-Reactive Whitening Serum is a functional whitening essence with moist and fresh texture. It contains a tranexamic acid that can reinforce roughened skin barriers, and take care of resilient skin texture. In addition, the niacinamide, a…

Premium Skincare Products

[INQ. NO. 1909C56] When Special Package is made by using advanced Bio-Cellulose technology, the all-natural sheets made from coconuts are gentle on the skin, and its superfine 3-dimensional fibers allow exceptional dermal contact, enabling a perfect fit, locking in moisture,…

Functional Cosmetics

Ultra Cool Leaf Mask [INQ. NO. 1907C32] This product contains plenty of essence and leaf patches that offers the feeling of nature. Ultra Cool Leaf Mask is as effective in cooling and calming as the package with colors that receives…

Natural Organic Cosmetics

Sevendrops is a rawganic (organic and unprocessed) skincare cosmetics brand that uses authentic certified essential oils and natural ingredients with scarcity value. Giving greater significance to using raw material as it is, rawganic cosmetics has an excellent moisturizing effect without…

High-Quality Masks & Patches

Dermall Matrix Facial Dermal-Care Mask is a brand new concept of home esthetic mask pack with controlled delivery technology of essence, which is able to transmit the essence to the dermal layer of skin for a long period of time,…

Innovative Baby Products

ANGE Kkaebi Washlet helps a parent to wash a baby comfortably in the washstand. It is comfortable and hygienic. Equipped with comfy ergonomic designs, it can be used anywhere and anytime. The fastener included in the package will set the…

Natural Skincare Products

MEIDEME is a natural skincare product produced by ALL in On under an MOU with farms on the Byeonsan Peninsula in Korea. MEIDEME Gold Hibiscus Restoring Essence provides moisturizing and soothing effects to the skin of women in their 20s…

Premium Skincare Masks

HelloGanic is a 100% vegan green market and lifestyle beauty brand that brings healthy green energy to everyday life with fresh raw materials and refreshing imagination. Just as a daily nutrient is required to maintain a person’s health, it is…

Sonic Electric Toothbrushes

Special electric toothbrush brands are dominating the related markets for children, adults, and pets, with their 360-degree all-round soft bristles that do not hurt the gums and give refreshing feelings only by using it with water. These brands are LUX360 and

Functional Cosmetics

The functional cosmetics products of Lkahn Co., Ltd. are produced from medically certified raw materials by reflecting direct medical experience and research results through dermatological treatment. Containing no Phenoxyethanol, Paraben, sodium benzoate, EDTA, gluten, SLS, SLES, GMO, PEG, mineral oil, or TEA as well as no

Skin Regenerating Cosmetics

Polydeoxyribonucleotide (PDRN) is a pure DNA segment extracted from salmonid sea trout. It is a tissue regeneration material that has outstanding effectiveness in easing inflammation and restoration of the skin, ligaments, and tendons in your body. It is most similar to the DNA of the human placenta, so it is extremely safe having no human immune reaction. PDRN is selectively used for high-end cosmetics and medical treatments

High-Functional Toothpaste

Oral health touches every aspect of our lives, but is often taken for granted!
[INQ. NO. 1807C41] According to recent researches, many specialists have found that patients with tooth decay and gum disease have much higher risk of heart and kidney diseases and even