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ROBOROBO EDUCATION is the advanced Robotics education system by RoboRobo, which RoboRobo was in an educational field more than 15 years in development of the educational robot for nurturing creativity and virtuous talents.
RoboRobo continues to equip students with the capacities to

Educational Block Toys

Until now, most of the blocks and simple assembly toys were designed and developed, mainly focusing on creating the form of an object. Such toys have children concentrate on building the exterior of an object, rather than understanding the fundamentals of each object, resulting…


An idiomatic Design ◎ This product is made of three-dimensional Shopping bag. ◎ It costs the buyer up to the sector of Charater can put in the Character. ◎ Add Charater to highlight his charming visual advertising can increase the effectiveness…

Secondhuz Seed Heat Pack & Pillows

Established Feb.2013, “Second Huz” has been fastly growing up with the vision of New Frontier of Premium Healing Products. We manufacture and distriblute “Bio Seed Heat Packs, Hinoki Leaf Pillows, etc” mainly via online shopping.
We would like to expand our business worldwide.
“New Name in Premium Healing Goods, Second Huz”

Handbag OEM

Our company was founded in Jun. 2009 designated by Korean Health &Welfare ministry as Social responsible company. Our workers are ‘Handicapped people’, ‘North korean defectors’ and other social-weaks. and they are very skillful with long term field experience. So, we…

The Carbon Heating Fabric Products

The Carbon Fiber Heating Fabric, as made with the diverse ways of specially coated fabric upon weaving the common textile fibers and carbon fibers, is an environment friendly product providing no electromagnetic wave interference harmful to human body and generating no…


SWACOM SW-20800S II is a portable battery charger(i.e. Power Bank). SWACOM established in 2012, has been constantly manufactured and invested to ‘Portable Battery Charger’&’Multi USB AC/DC Adapter’ for smart devices. SWACOM SW-20800S II built in 8 of SAMSUNG SDI Lythium-ion…

Premium folk hand towels

“Minwha” is Korean traditional fold painting reflected people’s thought, and this is the Korean specialized product which reproduced Korean Minwha. This product uses Hyosung company’s high class MIPAN XF thread, so it is very soft, absorbing power is 8 times…