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Premium Backpack

Travelers High Yeoga series is a square backpack that can be used in various ways. The detachable mini bag in the front reduces the burden of carrying the whole part of a heavy backpack. Also, the two partitions in the main space make storage more systematic and reduce time to find items stored

Hair Extensions

Clip-in Hair Extensions is a hair extension that is twice thinner than the existing clip-on hair extensions. Thinnest of the currently available clip-on hair extensions, it does not feel thick when wearing it and give a rich hair look. In addition, it does not make the head look bigger when applied.
Hair extensions are in general used by attaching pieces of various sizes of hair extensions called “pieces”.

Wooden Dip Pen

BINLOGUE Dip Pen is made of rosewood, which is considered to be a special kind of wood among hardwoods, creating an old-fashioned atmosphere with its dark red color. This hard and precious species is also the finest wood used mainly for luxury musical instruments

All-In-One Aquarium & Flower Pot

AQUPOT is an aquarium and flower pot to grow plants and fish together. Not limited only to hydroponic plants, all kinds of plants can be grown together with fish. It is composed of a glass bowl with three holes, a bottom filter for small fish tanks, a USB air pump, a holder for plant cultivation, and a silicone ring.
AQUPOT is mainly supplied to

Baby Rubber Sock Shoes

Ggomoosin are comfortable shoes weighing only 28g (for size 105), making it ideal for shoes for babies. The upper part of the shoe is a sock that fits the shape of any baby’s feet to provide a comfortable feeling to them.
The outsole rubber used for thermo plastic elastomer (TPE) is a certified non-toxic material. The honeycombed outsole patterns prevent slipping and are specially designed to be suitable for

Premium Appliances for Babies

Baby Bottle UV Sterilizer is the world’s first medical-grade UV LED Sterilizer for baby bottles for 3D Sterilization through an upper UV lamp and Bottom UV LED. Made of super mirror stainless steel on all six sides, it eliminates 99.9% of

Educational Toy for Children

Oioiooi Alphabet Block Set is a brand created by a designer who is also a mother with the aim to motivate children to experience the world through play. Its design consists of characterized alphabets such as a snake eating an elephant from the story of the Little Prince.
It is made up of a variety of products

Inflatable Baby Feeding Cushion

Now you can feel free to go out with your baby using the inflatable baby product Nai-B from Winnie Connie Co., Ltd. Based on its long and specialized technology, the company launched an inflatable baby product Nai-B, meaning “Naive baby,” and includes all essential items for the newly

Baby Products Brand

Equipped with a powerful UV lamp of 6W, RayQueen UV Feeding Bottle Sterilizer (JHS-400) has been certified for its 99.9% sterilization power by Sillker, KTR, and KCL.
RayQueen Plus enables quick

Hipseat Baby Carrier

SINBI-i is an all-in-1 hipseat carrier that features simple and sensory lines, outstanding toughness, highly elastic sponge, and highly dense EVA foam. In addition to elasticity, the shock preventive/absorbing performance is so excellent that the load over the spine is distributed and minimized while the optimal position and wearing sensation are maintained.
SINBI-i Hipseat prevents a baby from becoming bowlegged and the parents from developing backache or shoulder pain. With the body position kept

Children’s Hair Accessories

HairBow® is a children’s hair accessory brand launched in 2007. Equipped with over 3,000 designs divided into more than 12,000 designs based on color variation, its entire manufacturing process from designing to manufacturing is done in Korea while OEM and ODM services are also available.
Distributed to more than 200 shops domestically mainly through department stores, and more than 30

YEDAZI Premium Functional Door

We are a leading manufacturer of Doors and Moldings based on our accumulated best technology and research. We are well known for quality product and innovative and leading design. We are dedicated to lead the market to make our home more

Luxury Brand Bag

he products of PIKAGOS, a premium bag manufacturer, feature unique designs, vibrant colors, special patterns, luxurious finish, top-ofthe- line quality leather, and meticulous inspection. They are created through the efforts of highly qualified craftsmen.
First introduced in the United States and Europe, PIKAGOS products have gone viral among trendsetters in

Baby Chairs

Baby Chairs [INQ. NO. 1808C04] Rooby is a cute deer-shaped baby chair that allows infant children to sit while providing them with comfort and fun. The back is concave, and the horn is designed to be round to fi t…

Industrial Safety Equipment

MK Goggle is designed to solve the inconvenience of the existing safety goggles that do not offer sufficient protection against moisture, frost, and fine dust. Equipped with a fan motor and ducts, it has a registered patent and utility model. The built-in fans remove fine dust and moisture on the glass caused