Logistics & Packaging Systems

https://korean-products.com/inquiryInpack Global Co., Ltd. was established in September 2001, as an export packing company to provide creative and innovative packing and methods to export companies in the domestic market. The company has been making strenuous efforts to develop returnable container packaging boxes and agricultural loading packaging boxes and created a new packing solution over the past five years.
In addition, it earned an increasing number of opportunities for exports and sales by cooperating with many global packaging providers for technical tie-ups, product cross-sales and overseas production. Inpack Global is committed to providing corporations with more innovative and competitive logistics and packaging systems, to take the lead in meeting clients’ needs.


BigAnt Smart Crate – Plastic Foldable Box

BigAnt smart crate is a new standard for foldable crates with material resistant to extreme temperatures such as 40 degrees C below freezing. It is highly resistant to UV rays and chemicals, so prevention of infectious diseases is unnecessary. It is designed not by injection but by blow process to be highly capable of bearing heavy loads. HDPE products are used to prevent damage by chemicals, water, insects, moths and white ants. No screws or nails are used and there are no sharp edges, thus protecting workers and products. It is applicable to everyday life, including household use, sports, leisure and camping.
Boxes can be moved and stored in a multi-stacked arrangement. They are reusable and cost saving. Built in a practical structure, every part is replaceable. Packaging systems are designed for long-term use and are made of eco-friendly recyclable material without any toxicity. They come in four sizes: large, medium, small, and milk box.


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Fermentation Cosmetics


Wish Formula

Cotterang Inc. is a bio-venture company that focuses on researching and developing functional cosmetics based on fermentation science. The company currently supplies Wish Formula to more than 1,000 renowned dermatological clinics and hospitals. Cotterang is your skin specialist providing optimized product programs per skin type. It provides customized skin care programs with multiple steps for individuals in order to revitalize their skin, as if they got skin care from a clinic every day.
Fermentation cosmetics are made by natural processing, unlike other chemical cosmetics. Without any chemical processing, they maximize active ingredients in nature while removing harmful toxins and allergy-inducing materials. In addition, since they are degraded into smaller sizes through fermentation, they have a higher skin absorption rate delivering a larger effect of active ingredients to the skin. Fermentation cosmetics are a focal point of the best skin care technology which enhances development of the skin’s immune system to help keep skin firm and healthy.


C200 Bubble Peeling Pad

C200 bubble peeling pad removes dead skin cells, waste and fine dust and helps the skin deeply absorb vitamin C and fermented extracts from vegetables to maintain skin clear and transparent with the application of a dual peeling system, which consists of a patented fermented peeling solution and a peeling pad. This is a smart peeling product for anybody who wants a professional skin care program (peeling and vitamin) with ease and convenience.


Ampoule Pad SeriesImPro Ample Pad-C is a disposable sparkle ample pad that fuses 10% of vitamin C with the pad, which includes pure vitamin C and is excellent for whitening, antioxidant effect and regeneration.


Dayday 365 All-in-one Boosting Pad Mask is an all-in-one multi-care pad mask that removes dead skin cells and serum and provides moisture and nutrients to sparkling skin with both peeling and moisturizing.

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Premium Cosmetic & Skincare Brand

https://korean-products.com/inquiryModern women invest much of their busy time in grooming themselves in pursuit of becoming more beautiful. Look at Me, a beauty brand of Young Won Costech Co., Ltd., was thus developed to provide modern women with easier and more convenient ways of beautifying themselves. In the motif of a modern and urban woman with feminine softness, delicacy, and elegance, Look at Me has been created to convey the message that utmost beauty is present only in women with selfconfidence.
Young Won Costech Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and exporter of beauty products in Korea and has been supplying a variety of Korean cosmetics brands to global markets since 1986. Its cosmetic and skincare products feature attractive and charming designs along with premium quality.


Look At Me, All-In-One Skin Care

Free from the concept of color cosmetics only dealing with the exterior of the skin, Look at Me takes care of the health of the skin, thus not missing the functional aspects.
With the recent release of a variety of cosmetics, women’s pouches are becoming increasingly heavy. To solve such inconvenience, Look at Me is produced as a multi-use product. Its lip care line can be used as a blusher as well as for lip makeup, while the whitening cream can be used on both the face and body. In general, women carry a number of cosmetics in their pouches. However, Look at Me features a simplicity offering various ways of makeup with one item. This product is especially popular with young women in their early 20s.


Green Tea Hydrogel Eye Patch

This invigorating eye mask contains a combination of energizing and toning ingredients


Aloe Vera Hydrogel Eye Patch

Enriched with aloe vera extract, Aloe Vera Hydrogel Eye Patch refreshes hydrates and brightens the skin


Charcoal Nose Pore Strips

Charcoal Nose Pore Strips help get rid of unwanted blackheads and cleanses the skin with charcoal extract.

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Egg Blastoderm pluripotent Bio-Cell Cosmetics

https://korean-products.com/inquiryStem cells enable human skin regeneration. When the skin is damaged, the skin sends a regeneration signal to protect itself, thereby promoting cell division and creating new cells. It is the stem cells’ role to send that signal. Therefore, stem cells are the only ingredients that solve the fundamental problems of the skin.
Using the egg pluripotent stem cell for the first time in the world, Sonimedi produced cosmetics containing egg pluripotent stem cells that help human stem cells increase significantly.
Established in 2008 as a mother company of the Oriental Bioscience Research Institute, Sonimedi is involved in OEM – manufacturing and production, ODM – new material and formulation development, and OBM – brand development, with its own R&D and systematic production lines to manufacture cosmetics. Sonimedi is contracted for major national projects and various technical alliances, research and development, and B2B/B2G partnership-based technology development and manufacturing/production at home and abroad.


Everyday Ovaco / Egg Stem Cell

Egg blastoderm pluripotent stem cells are safe and work effectively with human stem cells. More importantly, pluripotent stem cells provide superior skin improvement results incomparable to adult stem cells. The Egg Blastoderm Pluripotent Cell solution helps restore your skin’s natural 28-day turnover cycle, promote collagen growth to boost natural volume and tighten skin, and reduce under-eye lines and wrinkles providing volume with self-generated collagen to enhance skin resilience and decrease wrinkles around the eyes and mouth.


Skin Turnover Mechanism & Regeneration Signal (RS)

Sonimedi sources pluripotent stem cells from blastoderms of fertilized eggs of wild red jungle fowls. The pluripotent stem cells extracted in an undifferentiated active state develop into Sonimedi’s revolutionary antiaging multipotent stem cell solution. The patent-registered multipotent solution is proven to energize human stem cells for radically producing healthy new skin cells.

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Industrial Safety Gloves

https://korean-products.com/inquirySHINSUNG Major Glove Corp. has been manufacturing industrial gloves with over 40 years of accumulated experience and technology since starting in research and development of gloves for special work in 1969. Incorporated In 1997, the company grew to become a leading industrial glove manufacturer in Korea through steady investment in production facilities and technological development and accomplished an export value of US$30 million in 2010. With an annual production capacity of 80 million pairs, SHINSUNG produces PU-, NBR- and latexcoated gloves on an industrial scale and has exported its products through global distribution networks.
Since 1997, SHINSUNG has been actively utilizing polyurethane, NBR, latex and other coating materials in work gloves to mass-produce RJ, NBR, and latex-coated gloves, and has been recognized for its high quality by obtaining CE certification. Its products are exported worldwide.
SHINSUNG has developed a line of safety gloves using special yarns with high cutting strength such as Dyneema, HPPE, Glassfibef, Kevlar, and supplies them to domestic and overseas markets. In 2005, the company launched its Vision 2015 Technology Development Strategy and invested in R&D to develop environmentally friendly materials through waterbased PU and foam NBR coating technology. SHINSUNG also developed GripMaster coating technology to provide users with an optimal grip for various work environments and eco-friendly basalt materials that can replace expensive special yarns.


Eco Gripmaster® Dark Grey Nylon-spandex Liner Black Eco Gripmaster Palm Coated Gloves

Eco Gripmaster® is made by using innovative and eco-friendly coating technologies – coated with PUD, a water-based PU – with a micro trimming finish on palm. This product can be ideally used in food processing, handling vegetables, fruit, and meat, etc., as well as machinery handling such as automotive assembly or on dry parts Reusable and washable, it is DMF and silicone free and has a comfortable and fl exible grip and extra-high abrasive resistance.

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Fresh Korean Seafood

https://korean-products.com/inquiryCHL OCEAN Co., Ltd. is a trading company specializing in marine products. It is headquartered in Tongyoung, the center of Korean seafood, and has a branch office in Xiamen, China. Currently, CHL OCEAN provides fresh seafood of Korea to Chinese consumers with a five-ton water tank facility in Korea headquarters, and a ten-ton freezing warehouse and logistics warehouse in China.
Based on its own brand and rich experience and infrastructure in China, CHL OCEAN is also engaged in B2C marketing through active communication with Chinese consumers. Currently, the company provides Korean fresh seafood products to wholesalers, hotels, and large restaurants in a number of southern Chinese cities such as Shanghai, Fujian, Xiamen, Fuzhou, Guangdong, Shenzhen and Guangzhou, and northern cities including Beijing and Chengde by air one to two times per week.

Crystal Oyster

Certified by the FDA, this product is collected from the Tongyeong’s clean sea area. Rich in various nutrients such as protein, iron, calcium, and zinc, the oyster is called “Sea Milk.” By utilizing Korea’s excellent air transportation system along with its own transportation expertise, CHL OCEAN presents Korea’s fresh oysters to the dining tables abroad within a short time. Its high-quality products can be exported throughout the year through the production of triploid oysters.

Crystal Sea Eel

The sea eels produced in Tongyong capture the palate of gourmets with their finest quality and taste. Caught in clean waters of the south coast, CHL OCEAN’s Crystal Sea Eel offers freshness as they are.


Crystal Sea-Squirt

Rich in enzymes and amino acids that are good for the body, sea squirts have an excellent effect on improving people’s immunity. CHL OCEAN delivers the full fragrance of Tongyoung’s sea with Crystal Sea-Squirt shipped directly from Korea.

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Heat Transfer Film

https://korean-products.com/inquiryUNITRADE Co., Ltd. manufactures and distributes heat transfer films for textile printing. Currently, the company exports to 15 countries, and has more than 25 years’ experience in product production, development, sales, and export. Since the heat transfer film industry is especially sensitive to changing trends, UNITRADE focuses on communication with consumers and developing new products, always ensuring that quality is guaranteed.
The advantages of UNITRADE products already appealing to many consumers include easy cut, easy weed, high-tech matt finishing, and softness. UNITRADE is in the process of developing a 3D product that features the ability to retain 3D effect, and is also developing innovative products to replace existing heat-transfer films.

Classic PVC/PU

This is a most effective product that makes it easy to cut and weed. The Classic line is a flagship product of UNITRADE with delicate design that boasts excellent cutting power and matt finishing effect, and is widely used
in various kinds of clothing including sports and outdoor. As for Classic PU, in particular, it is thin, light, and stretchable, thereby being optimized for lightweight clothes such as swimwear, and yoga wear.

Digital PVC/PU

Digital PVC/PU can be used in eco-solvent printers, and any logos can be printed clearly and perfectly by using it. Attachable to light and dark colored fabrics, leather, denim etc., it is very easy to use. Digital PVC/PU can be widely used for any purpose such as uniforms, promotional clothing, and casual wear.

Soft Cut Foil

This is a product with stamping foil on the PU film. The adhesive PET attached is very convenient for cutting and weeding. Soft Cut Foil features a mirror-like surface and soft texture, and its material is very thin. It is suitable for colorful and luxurious fashion items such as casual wear, party suits, or accessories.

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Cosmetics & Bio/Medical Products

https://korean-products.com/inquiryU-BioMed manufactures cosmetics, bio/medical products through innovative technologies with the aim to develop practical commodities based on its unique ideas.


Tappy Tok-Tok

This is a painless microneedle therapy system (MTS). The micro needles of Tappy Tok-Tok are thinner than a human hair, thereby causing no pain, blood or allergy. Equipped with a spiral groove, it penetrates directly into the skin. Using medical stainless steel and 99.9% gold plated, the micro needles stimulate skin cells to boost collagen for skin regeneration. Certified by CE, FDA, KFDA, GMP, and ISO 13485, Tappy Tok-Tok is widely used for various skin and hair care applications.



ReGenAf is a functional cosmetic for skin care products, designed to use along with Tappy Tok-Tok for better effects. Produced mainly from EGF, FGF, stem cells, and Oriental herbal ingredients, etc., it is good for anti-aging, antiwrinkle, whitening, pigmentation, regeneration, elasticity, moisturization, soothing, and relieving acne. ReGenAf consists of 100% Hydro-gel mask & eye patch, cream, and several ampoules and serums coming in a variety of packages depending on the skin type.



STLONG is a hair care product, designed also to use along with Tappy Tok-Tok for better effects. Produced mainly from Oriental herbal ingredients such as ginseng, green tea, black foods, and various peptides, it is used for hair regrowth, hair-loss prevention, anti-aging for scalp, nutrition supply, and strengthening hair or hair roots, etc. STLONG consists of shampoo, conditioner, eyebrow, and hair ampoules.


Tappy Nyaam Nyaam

This is an all-in-one skin care product with serum and Hydro-gel maskpack. Consisting of four types – Vita Serum (pigmentation / blemish cares / skin vitalityvskin tone-up), Peptide Serum (botox effect, elasticity, anti-wrinkle, antiaging), Reborn Serum (regeneration, healing of damaged & troubled skin, anti-aging), and Mulberry Stem (water bomb, moisturizing, rejuvenation, anti-aging). All types of serums contain whitening factor.

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Packaging & Functional Film

https://korean-products.com/inquiryStarting with producing polyethylene films in 1974, JK Materials. Co., Ltd. has been devoted to plastic manufacturing for the past 37 years. The company has been providing customers in all fields with optimized products including packaging film and functional film – ranging from BOPP and BOPA (nylon) film, to agricultural and industrial PE film. In regard to the plastic-injection-molding field, JK Materials also supplies major plastic exterior parts and precision parts for household appliances and precision fields such as refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners to large corporations and high-end firms.


NC BOPA film

BOPA film creates an excellent barrier to oxygen extending the shelf-life of most perishable products. Perfectly suited for preventing odors from escaping, BOPA film provides numerous benefits such as minimizing aroma loss of products and making their smell fresher and more enticing once the package is opened.
BOPA film for food packaging is well-known for its highly transparent and glossy appearance which is ideal for giving a tasty impression of the food, while also visually emphasizes the security and cleanliness of the food. Also equipped with good tensile strength, BOPA film for food packaging is highly resistant to being punctured or torn. The enhanced package strength ensures no contamination or damage to food during transport. Another benefit is temperature resistance, so it can be used for various purposes from refrigeration to vapor sterilization.
This keeps food sanitary and safe for consumers. Many alternatives do not offer the same versatility in regards to applicable temperature ranges.
Lastly, BOPA film is highly affordable compared to other counterparts. This economical, packaging allows reduction of production costs, thereby leading to greater margins and passing along the benefits of cost-saving to consumers.

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Lightweight & Flexible PVC Hoses

https://korean-products.com/inquiryStarting as a producer of kitchen utensils in 1999, Se Young Metal Co., Ltd. has grown into a specialized trading company exporting more than 300 products. It is currently expanding its business to PVC hose manufacturing. Building firm trust and contributing to social evolution through the spirit of coexistence, the company has provided quality service to approximately 40 countries.
Placing its top priority on cultivating workforce talent, Se Young Metal has been hiring outstanding employees in order to be a first-class company that brings benefits not only to its customers but also to the future of humankind


PVC Hose; Gas (LPG, LNG) / Spray / Air

Gas Hose is used for supplying LPG, LNG, low pressure gas, Calor gas, and city gas. Equipped with a wire net between PVC walls, it is strong, safe, and easy to install
Power Spray Hose is and air tool used to spray agricultural chemicals and to provide high pressure while car washing or painting. It is easy to handle, lightweight, and flexible, causing no fissure phenomenon by UV rays.
Super Air Hose is easy to handle in extremely cold conditions and has high abrasion resistance for long life and excellent weathering properties that are ideal for compressed air tools. It is an air tool for compressors and various other purposes such as painting, public works, construction, mine and stone pit, etc.. It has excellent elasticity, durability over climate, and resistance against oil

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