World’s Leading Producer of Zinc Oxide and Zinc Dust Chemical Co., Ltd. (SBC) has been dedicated to manufacturing zinc oxide and zinc dust since it was founded in 1969. Based on its long history, proven technologies and reliable quality and service, SBC has loyal customers worldwide.

SBC is emerging as one of the leading suppliers of zinc oxide and zinc dust especially in China, Japan, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and European countries, securing the largest market share in the global markets among Korean zinc oxide and zinc dust providers.

201610cc_page_073_03SBC is proud to say that average years of continuous business with customers is about 20 years and it is extending.

SBC always maintains each customer’s required specifi cations for zinc oxide and zinc dust products with competitive low prices and on-time delivery. SBC is an ISO certifi ed company with heavy investment in R&D each year. SBC will continue to serve all customers with utmost att ention on quality, price, and delivery of products.

SBC looks forward to taking the fi rst step in securing a long-term and solid relationship with new customers.

– Monthly capacity: 1,200 MT
– Applications: Paint and varnish: corrosion prevention
Exchange reagents: jewelry refi ning
Reluctant: reduction reaction inducer
Others: pharmaceuticals, special paints

– Monthly capacity: 2,000 MT
– Applications:
Rubber: vulcanization accelerator
Electronics: ferrite
Coating agents: steel corrosion protection
Glass: sun protection
Ceramic: glazes and mixture
Others: feed, catalysts and pigments

– Monthly capacity: 100 MT
– Applications:
For coating: corrosive prevention coatings
Pharmaceuticals: dental cement
Others: fl ame retardants, glass additive

– Monthly capacity: 3 MT
– Applications:
Cosmetics: sun block Environment: harmful substance reduction
Energy: photo catalysis, fuel cells
Others: fl ame retardants, glass additive
– Characteristics:
High transparency / Superior UVA/UVB protection / Antibacterial / Antibacterial fi ber and plastic
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Portable Hydrogen Water Maker Plus
It is a portable hydrogen water maker that anyone can easily use with one touch. Compared to other manufacturers, hydrogen water beverage is completed prett y quickly, just in 3 minutes, and high concentration of dissolved hydrogen is another benefi t. Built-in mineral cap acts to replenish minerals in water and remove odor. Due to small water particles in hydrogen water, it has much higher penetration rate into human body compared to normal water.

 201610cc_page_072_10 SUSOSU Plus-s
SUSOSU Plus-s is a portable hydrogen water maker that anyone can easily use with one touch. Hydrogen water removes free oxygen radicals from your body. It accelerates metabolism and boosts immune system.
– Hydrogen water beverage is completed in just 3 minutes!
– One batt ery charge lasts up to 40 uses
– With USB cable, charging is simply done any time, anywhere.
– Uses micro 5-pin cellphone charger
– Less than 5V power consumption
– Electrode protection is provided with self-cleaning function (no electrolyte precipitation on electrode)
– Uses highest-quality platinum electrode developed by the company

201610cc_page_072_05SUSOSU bottle
This is a portable alkali water bott le that can turn water into fi ltered or alkaline water. The alkaline water helps protect your liver from harmful eff ects by alcohol or nicotine, and accelerate metabolism and boosts immune system.
Furthermore, the alkaline water replenishes essential minerals such as calcium or magnesium.

As SUSOSU bott le is 100% BPAfree product, you don’t need to worry about BPA.

Magiccos Co., Ltd., which as began as a cosmetic container manufacturer in 2006, has supplied containers and fi nished cosmetics to leading cosmetics makers in Korea including Somang Cosmetics, Cosmax, and Kolmar.

201610cc_page_072_03Under the corporate management philosophy pursing ‘human-centered, nature-centered and socially responsible corporation,’ Magiccos has developed and produced new products related to water, the most important resource for people with the mott o: achieving greenness and saving natural resources.

Magic Water from Magiccos is a practical, economical and eco-friendly water purifi er and softener. It has a direct water-type DIY fi lter for purifi ed and softened water and it allows anyone to easily choose, install, use, and replace the fi lter instead of replacing a water purifi er or softener itself. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

Hydrogen Ionized Water & Pharmaceutical-grade HOCL Generator Tech Electro Chemical Corp. (KTCC) is a electrochemical technologybased bio venture company that specializing in water-base health and hygiene business. KTCC has developed and launched a handheld size electrochemical activator, “AKUA Blue” with the missions of helping as many households and people as possible realize and enjoy the benefi ts that the electrochemical activator.

AKUA Blue can make ionized water or pharmaceuticalgrade Hypochlorous acid within only a few minutes at home. As a water base cleansing & hygiene fl uid generator, AKUA Blue will provide you life-time skin care solution.

What is Hypochlorous acid?
The human body produces a highly eff ective antimicrobial solution called hypochlorous acid to fi ght infection. White blood cells release this natural oxidant to fi ght invading pathogens. The Hypochlorous acid produced by the human body’s immune system reacts readily with a variety of microbial sub-cellular compounds, and interferes with their metabolic processes. It also kills individual bacterium exposed within milliseconds AKUA Blue will Provide Rejuvenation & Anti-aging Solution with Pharmaceutical-grade Hypochlorous Acid.

With AKUA Blue, you can generate pharmaceutical-grade Hypochlorous acid and dispense accurate amount dose.

As a rejuvenation & antiaging skin care solution, AKUA Blue’s performance was clinically proven — 30 minutes’ use helped reduce appearance of fi ne lines and wrinkles, along with astringent eff ect.


Water ionization and activation process through KTCC’s patented electrolysis is the process of ion association to creating ultra fi ne water molecules. These super fi ne ionized water molecules can penetrate to the deepest layers of the skin providing super hydration qualities. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

Pioneer in Eco-friendly Antibacterial Scrubbers in 1996, INSAN Co., Ltd. specializes in developing and manufacturing 99% antibacterial, ecofriendly and long-lasting antibacterial scrubbers.

INSAN is the fi rst Korean company to develop antibacterial scrubbers utilizing inorganic antimicrobial agent, which is safe for the human body, and the company renews the SF mark every year.

These antibacterial scrubbers are supplied to Korea’s major companies like Clean Wrap, Amway Korea and Lott e Aluminum on an OMD or OEM basis. INSAN has sold antibacterial scrubbers in NH Hanaro Mart, one of biggest supermarket chains in Korea under its own brand name, “Mr. KING of HOUSE KEEPING” which was launched in October 2012.

Since 2013, INSAN has actively been knocking on the door of global markets and now it exports to 12 countries, including the USA, Japan, Hong Kong, China and Germany.

Proving its growth potential, INSAN was selected in 2014 by KOTRA as a KOTRA global brand blue label and Promising Exporting SME by the Small and Medium Business Administration (SMBA) in the same year.

Furthermore, its antibacterial bott le brush and six diff erent types of non-fl uorescent laundry net bag were chosen as HIT 500 items by the Small and Medium Business Corporation in 2015 and 2016, respectively.

The company has made steady and persistent eff orts in researching and studying product’s quality and design, launching new products every year. As a result, it has four design registrations for its antibacterial scrubbers.

201610cc_page_070_03Mr. KING of HOUSE KEEPING
Under its own brand “Mr. KING of HOUSE KEEPING,” INSAN provides not only antibacterial scrubbers, but also a variety of household goods such as shower towels, dishcloths, adhesive roller, paper tape cleaners, laundry net bags, and more.

201610cc_page_070_06Among them, the antibacterial three-fold fi ne scrubber, antibacterial multipurpose scrubber and antibacterial bott le brush are the best-selling products of the company.

Particularly, the antibacterial three-fold fi ne scrubber has strongly built customer loyalty and satisfaction, selling about 5.6 million units a year for the past 20 years.

201610cc_page_070_09The scrubber consists of an antibacterial scratch-free, non-woven fabric; an antibacterial sponge generating rich and long-lasting lather; and fi lter foam that is excellent in removing the grease.

And, the antibacterial multipurpose scrubber has a mesh net consisting of short hairs so that it can eff ectively remove contaminants like a brush. The product has a large size measuring 165 x 80 x 47mm.

Lastly, the antibacterial bott le brush has a T-shaped handle, which acquired design right registration, allowing people to comfortably clean objects with easy grip. The curved three-fold sponge and fi lter foam cleans any bott le without scratching | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

Leading Provider of Premium Korean Ginseng and Healthy Foods Nara Co., Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of Korean ginseng and red ginseng related products in Korea. Established in 2010, the company continues to devote its eff orts to providing trustworthy health functional foods, contributing to improving quality of life of people.

Hongsam Nara has also made the utmost eff orts to stay ahead in the market by focusing on consistent technological innovations and establishing a high-tech production line.

All of its products are manufactured in its own safe and state-of-the-art facilities with GMP and ISO for quality assurance.

The Korean red ginseng products company also manufactures a variety of health functional foods such as acai berry concentrate, and evening primrose oil capsule, and it continues to conduct R&D to provide diversifi ed red ginseng products including100% red ginseng concentrate, stick-type liquid red ginseng concentrate, red ginseng powder, red ginseng tea and red ginseng capsule.

Hongsam Nara provides high quality products not only under its own brand, but also OEM or ODM basis through diverse sales channels such as major supermarkets and its franchise chains. It also has extended its stage to the global markets including Japan, China, Taiwan and Vietnam, the USA and the UK, promoting the high quality of Korean ginseng worldwide.

201610cc_page_069_06Hongsamjeong Korean Red Ginseng Concentrate Gold
Hongsam Nara’s Korean Red Ginseng Concentrate Gold is manufactured by extracting and vacuum concentrating at low temperature. Utilizing special method of extracting and concentrating the six-year-old red ginseng under the most optimal manufacturing condition, the eff ective and pure ingredients of red ginseng are contained in the Red Ginseng Concentrate Gold. You can enjoy the eff ects and its unique fl avor of Korean red ginseng.

Korean Black Ginseng Extract Gold
Utilizing the black ginseng extract as the main ingredient, the Korean Black Ginseng Extract Gold is made by using honey, jujube, young-ji (lingzhi) mushroom and Rehmanniae radix heartily to provide rich taste and fl avor.

Usually, the black ginseng is used to make premium products as it require much more complicated manufacturing process than red ginseng to raise ginsenoside content. The liquid type product is packed in a pouch to ensure hygiene and convenient portability and can be enjoyed as a great healthy food by people of all ages.

201610cc_page_069_03Acai Super Berry Concentrate Gold
Acai Berry juice and extracts of various berries such as cranberry, raspberry, blueberry and bilberry are mixed and pack in a stick type package to ensure hygiene and convenient portability. Acai Berry, which is rich in natural antioxidants, a variety of vitamins and minerals is emerging as an anti-aging food.

In addition, the Acai Berry juice and extracts of various berries contain a lot of Anthocyanins, known to be good for eyesight protection and recovery of retinitis so that Acai Super Berry Concentrate Gold will be a great healthy food for people of all ages. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

Global Manufacturer of Eco-friendly PVC Stabilizer 2000, Leochem Co., Ltd. started out with a goal of introducing a new paradigm in the PVC stabilizer industry in South Korea and it has steadily grown into a professional producer of PVC stabilizers, backed by the company’s core competence utilizing the best technician and research teams in the country.

201610cc_page_068_03As an eco-friendly PVC stabilizer manufacturer, Leochem has always valued the good of both people and the environment while also tirelessly pursuing progress. Thus, the biotechnology company has been committ ed to countless researches and developments and continuous investment in plant and equipment in order to realize diff erentiation and professionalization of its products.

Leochem’s unique technical strengths have enabled it to gain status and reputation not only locally but also in the global PVC stabilizer market.

Since the company’s very beginning, Leochem established an R&D center with a goal of developing eco-friendly stabilizers, which enabled Leochem to meet the international expectations concerning sustainable development and to manufacture calcium zinc-base stabilizers as well as lead-base products.

Not content with the initial successes, Leochem has continually developed new eco-friendly stabilizers with a variety of materials.

In addition, the company’s cutt ing-edge plant automation system with its specialized production technologies incorporated has made it possible to keep its costcompetitiveness and production capacity.

201610cc_page_068_05Leochem is dedicated to creating maximum value for its customers and providing the best possible quality and competitive advantage.

Leochem stabilizers for pipes are Pb-base, one-pack stabilizers and non-toxic Ca-Zn intermediate complex stabilizers are based on Leochem’s unique dry synthesis technology. Its products are not only in powder form, but also in dust-free pellet and bead types for higher workability and productivity and their white index is high for color variation.

Leochem stabilizers for Rigid PVC products based on the excellent internal lubrication control technology facilitate precise manufacturing of general Rigid PVC products (sashes and other profi le extrusion products).

Excellent in durability, these products are suitable to exterior materials. Also, their excellent dynamic heat stability provides great and stable processibility and workability for single- or twin-screw extruder.

Leochem stabilizers for fi tt ings provide a fast gelation speed and great internal lubrication control to control fl ow properties and enhance productivity for products for injection. In addition, their excellent heat stability helps enhance product quality and makes it possible to be applied to all injected products of both rigid and soft PVC products.

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Impressing Customers with Sincerity TECH CO., Ltd. is equipped with the best technology, and always strives to constantly challenge the development of new products. The Company’s product line covers various rubber products (extrusion products and press products) and synthetic resin products (products extruded and injection products) and overall other like products. The Company has achieved the standardization and stabilization pursuant to ISO 9001 and SQ Quality Manual and adopted the automation of its engineering process and new manufacturing technologies, thereby establishing a quality assurance system such as stable supply system.

DAEYANG TECH CO., Ltd. is a company that acquired ISO9001 and SQ certifi ed by Hyundai ● Kia Motors. The Company has all products managed by the Quality Manual, and holds its own capacity to design all the rubber products and synthetic resin products all the industries need. Also, it is fully equipped with the experience and expertise for on-site production customized designs and for the full production of any customized orders.

The main product line of DAEYANG TECH CO., Ltd cean Tech is as follows.

– Various rubber products and synthetic resin products: The Company manufactures products by utilizing various rubber products such as EPDM, SILICONE, NR, NBR, CR, PU, fl uorine rubber and by using various synthetic resin products such as ELASTOMER, PA, PVC, PE, PP, ABS, ASA, and EVA.

– Various WEATHER STRIP for automobiles: Auto glass for the purpose of internal and external decoration, insulation, waterproof, windproof and dustproof – GASKET for the purpose of construction: GASKET for the purpose of construction, building, and (including CURTAIN WALL) that have sound insulation, waterproof, windproof and `dustproof.

– Industrial machinery: as the parts of industrial machinery, for the purpose of leakage-proof and dustproof function – overall production of the parts of other electric, electronic, medical, and home-purpose appliances
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Specialization in Manufacturing Industrial Purposed Filtration Nets in 2010, Textoma Co., Ltd. is a specialized company in manufacturing industrial purposed fi ltration nets to develop and deliver functional materials of various qualities and designs through Material ConneXion, the world’s largest new material exhibitor. Currently, it is providing “Chom Chom Mang” brand, screen that blocks out even fi ne dust, and other windows and doors related products to domestic and overseas markets. Also, it is developing applied products of wide range based on mesh fabric original technology and its own patents.

Chom Chom Mang window screen- the most representative product of Textoma
Chom Chom Mang window screen is made of 0.15~0.2mm high strength PET gloss monofi lament fi ber with metal-like feel and strength. It is a functional screen with 500~600um fi ne pores to totally block out winged insects. It also has a privacy feature so that the interior is not seen from outside during daytime. In addition, Chom Chom Mang window screen can be equipped with patented child fall prevention function so every household can install it with reassurance.

Chom Chom Mang M (Embo) is decorated with beautiful patt erns added for interior eff ect. Currently, Basic, Rose fl ower, Stripe and Circle patt erns are available.

Chom Chom Mang S (Silver) features improved privacy protection as the interior is less visible with light refl ected by the metal nano-coating of the outside of the screen.

However, the outside is visible from inside owing to lightabsorbing black color of the inside of the screen.

Chom Chom Mang ECO (Eco-Screen) blocks out 80% of fi ne dust, sand and pollen, and 99% of rain, and even UV radiations. Patented mesh screen fi lters yellow dust and fi ne dust while it is see-through and rainproof with good ventilation. Fiberglass screen improves stabilization and durability including fl ame resistance and properties against sunlight.

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Enhancing Value of Korea Traditional Korean Teas its establishment in 2009 in Namwon City, in Korea’s North Jeolla Province, Miwami Company has inherited and consistently developed traditional Korean teas with the aim of developing overseas markets as well as creating added value for agricultural products of Korea.

Hence, the company exports citron tea, ginger tea, jujube tea, apple tea, black raspberry tea and pear tea, among various other teas, to overseas markets, while developing a variety of new products such as liquid teas, jams, sauces, etc. based on its exclusive technological know-how. In order to meet the growing demands of customers and to realize the highest quality of products, all of its employees will continue to make every eff ort to exceed customers’ expectations.

Honey Citron Tea is made of fresh citron grown on Geoje Island and in Gohung in Korea, so you will enjoy sweet and sour taste of citron. High amounts of organic matt ers in citron have been eff ective in preventing colds and coughs, as well as helping to relieve fatigue.

Honey Jujube Tea, made by using Korean-grown jujube, has a unique taste and delicate fl avor of jujube fruit. Jujube is known to remove oxygen free radicals in the body and boost anti-aging activity as well as preventing colds and coughs.

With the soft fl esh of lemon, you can enjoy the unique taste and fl avor of Honey Lemon Tea. The high amount of vitamin C in lemon has been highly eff ective in relieving fatigue, cold and coughs.

Honey Ginger Tea, made by using high-quality domestic ginger, is a traditional tea of Korea in which the delicate fl avor of ginger is preserved. Particularly, ginger has been eff ective in preventing colds and coughs as well as improving blood circulation and bowel movements.

Bringing Great Tastes of Korean Traditional Teas to the World
With the pride of inheriting traditional tea of Korea, Miwami Company have played a leading role in the popularization of Korean teas and resulted in an increase in sales volume in this fi eld. In response to people’s growing interest in health matt ers, since 2009, we have made a marketing strategy for developing health functional food products aiming at the global market as well as having the world may know the excellence of traditional teas of Korea.

In September 2009, the company obtained a venture business certifi cate from the Korea Technology Finance Corporation. In May 2010, the company successfully exported its products to Hong Kong, China and Taiwan among other countries. In April 2011, the company acquired a Halal food certifi cate. In March 2012, Miwami was registered with the FDA.

In 2015, Miwami Company acquired quality and safety certifi cations such as ISO22000:2005 and HACCP. And the company established an in-house R&D center to enhance its core competence and to continuously develop new products in the markets. Successfully exporting to 15 countries in the fi ercely competitive global markets, Miwami is contributing to promoting Korean tea globally. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

Pioneer of Manufacturing Medical Equipment 1965, the founder of NEOMED Co., Ltd. developed orthopedic crutches for the fi rst time in Korea. It became a family business and NEOMED began developing orthopedic supplies for the fi rst time in the domestic market when most products were imported from advanced countries such as the United States. The company has been widely recognized as a pioneer of manufacturing medical equipment in Korea. The company has been manufacturing orthopedic supplies for 50 years, and has developed more than 200 kinds of products with its long history. Currently, the company has 133 patent rights including four patents, eight utility model registrations, eight brand registrations, three intellectual property rights and 96 design registrations, 10 design application certifi cates, PCT International application, and three pending patents.

NEOMED is a reliable company with technical capabilities that takes pride in its 100% domestic production.

Neo Smart Health Support is an excellent product that boasts superior quality, and the price is very competitive with a level of one-tenth of similar products. The product is harmless, non-toxic and odorless. It is good for people with atopic dermatitis, sensitive skin and trouble skin without itchiness, sense of diff erence and resistance. It makes the body comfortable and easy. Neo Heel Guard registered in the Intellectual Property Offi ce is made of harmless material and designed to fi t any heel shape. It is designed to be suitable for everyone regardless of gender or age. It holds your skin well and comfortably to support your heel.

JC-3303 Neo Cloud Insole provides more comfort to feet compared to other insoles since it eff ectively sends warm air out and takes in fresh air. The product can have a positive impact on herniated discs, shoulders, back, pelvis, knees and ankles.

201610cc_page_064_03NEOMED which has been managed as a family business for three generations has achieved 400% sales for the past eight years through its dynamic management. Currently, 20% of its sales come from the international market. The company is recognized as a promising export company with clients in more than 36 countries around the world. In addition, NEOMED was designated as one of the best companies for three years by Busan Metropolitan City. In the same year, the company has also been appointed as a rapidly growing company by the Korean government.

NEOMED has a laboratory approved by the Korea Industrial Technology Association. It makes steady eff orts to develop more human-friendly and more advanced health support products via proper planning, market research, design, product delineation, processing, molding, packaging and quick delivery. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods