Bullsone is the world’s best auto care products enterprise. Its eco-friendly products, deriving from the company’s commitment to caring for its customers, society and the environment, have paved the way for its success in the market. Bullsone’s diverse brands and its new, fresh approach to

Coworld Moulding Co., Ltd. was founded in 1992, and it is a leading manufacturer in PS slat blinds. PS (Polystyrene) is an eco-friendly material. The company has more than 200 kinds of slat color with customization as an option. Moreover, the company can provide customers with all items in high quality. It exports its products to many countries such as New Zealand, the

KDF Co., Ltd. is a tile manufacturer that was established in 2009. UNIDECO, a flooring brand of KDF Co., Ltd., comes in a wide range of beautiful and practical PVC flooring tiles for the area of LVT, featuring a manufacturing line 350m long, with a non-stop

Established in 1994, DBK KOREA Co., Ltd., has grown to become the No. 1 OEM / ODM manufacturer of insecticides in Korea through technical cooperation with DBK Germany. The company also specializes in homecare and effectively pioneers the market through exports and the development of various products through extensive R&D activities. DBK KOREA aims to

Kobizstar Co., Ltd. is a Korean beauty franchise group leading the Asian beauty market with 13 years of history and 20 years of beauty research. Kobizstar owns three brands – Wellkin, a scalp/ hair loss clinique; Solep, a professional scalp cosmetic; and Bitiel, a skin/ body center. Kobizstar is the only company in Korea that owns

After launching an online and off line distribution and wholesale business for famous Korean cosmetics in 2015, PFD Co., Ltd. has been successfully diversifying its business areas to fashion, health food, medical devices, and quasidrugs. Expanding from domestic to overseas trade, PFD diligently works on the global online marketing