Spicywitch Topokki, a Korean style stir-fired rice pasta, can be cooked easily and comfortably within three minutes by simply adding boiling water. A must-have item for overseas trips and camping, Spicywitch Topokki can also be stored at room

Dried with natural additives and without any artificial additives, Garimi Dried Seaweed is characterized by its rich nutrition and deep flavor and is also exported as a raw material for snack steaming. Garimi Roasted Seaweed with black gloss and shine is roasted at the optimum temperature, so it offers an excellent taste, flavor, and texture. The roasted seaweed consists of

This product is made from aloe vera leaf extract instead of purified water, generally used for most cosmetics, to give a deep moisturizing feeling to the skin. It also contains moisturizers such as glycerin and hyaluronic acid, propolis extract, royal jelly extract, and honey extract to provide dry skin with elasticity

Patented in 1994, M-DEX is produced by using the organic binder for casting mold method. Thanks to this molding technology, mass production of medium and small quantities as well as the level of control of the caster has been improved. M-DEX increases filling of

ALLICOM is an agent that improves immunity and productivity through physiological activity using garlic extract. It is formulated and mass-produced by ensuring optimal formulation ratio and appropriate amounts via industryacademia cooperation.
Coming in powder and liquid types, its natural garlic

This product is an excellent moisturizing lotion containing a vegetable oil component that gives the skin vitality and energy, including Sanghwang mushroom and manganese extract. Containing moisturizing

The carbon fiber manufactured by using a nano-type carbon fiber tow is excellent in heat resistance, durability, and tensile strength among carbon-based materials. It is woven like heat-treated polyester and cotton yarn and then insulated with polyurethane or PET finishing materials.
Delivering high durability and flexibility,

Rockpid is a functional health food certified by Korea’s Ministry of Food and Drug Safety. PLAG, the main ingredient of Rockpid, is a naturally duplicated single compound which originally exists in natural deer antler. Unlike other ordinary health supplements,

LILIEF-M is a new concept product that can penetrate the active ingredient directly into the skin with micro-particle injection. In particular, the Drug Delivery System (DDS) principle is applied, providing excellent anti-aging and anti-pollution effects.
Unlike the cosmetics to apply by