Premium Sitting Cushion is the world’s best auto care products enterprise. Its eco-friendly products, deriving from the company’s commitment to caring for its customers, society and the environment, have paved the way for its success in the market. Bullsone’s diverse brands and its new, fresh approach to marketing have helped the company win the hearts and minds of customers while forging ahead into the global market.
Bullsone has launched Balanceseat™, a healthcare product, adding a new portfolio in addition to auto care products.



Balanceseat™ is a premium sitting cushion made by using patented Double-layer Honeycomb Technology™ with high elastic polymer, Veta-Gel. It is a functional seat that is comfortable even for lengthy seating, with its optimal design to prevent sweating and to assist correct posture.
Veta-gel is 99.9% antibacterial high-elasticity special polymer combined with the skin irritation free safe oil that is used in cosmetics and patented double-layered honeycomb structure. It features excellent elasticity and the elastic restoring properties of Veta-Gel disperse pressure forced by weight and absorb external impacts and fine vibrations. The Air-Pumping effect by respective Air-Cell in hexagonal pillar which keeping air bound of Double Layers Honeycomb Veta-Gel naturally discharges the used (warmed) air and inhaling fresh air by movement of the body on the Balanceseat™.
Balanceseat™ is designed for body shape ergonomically. It supports correct pelvis position in an optimal posture. High elastic Veta-Gel is perfectly fitting user’s pelvis and posture even in very slight movements. All edges are rounded placed under the user’s thighs for keeping an optimal posture.
The outstanding elasticity disperses shock and absorbs micro vibration while driving a car which reduces muscle fatigue in the legs, back and neck. Balanceseat™ can be washed with water easily and is also highly durable and thermostable at high temperatures of up to 70˚C, which is similar to the temperature within a car in the hot summer.
Along with the cushion and pillow that are currently available, the Balanceseat™ mat will be added to the product line-up in the near future. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

Venetian Blinds Moulding Co., Ltd. was founded in 1992, and it is a leading manufacturer in PS slat blinds. PS (Polystyrene) is an eco-friendly material. The company has more than 200 kinds of slat color with customization as an option. Moreover, the company can provide customers with all items in high quality. It exports its products to many countries such as New Zealand, the Philippines, Kuwait, Thailand, China, India, Australia, Japan, and African countries.
It is currently the largest manufacturer of venetian blinds in the Korean market, exporting blind slats to over 20 countries. All processes from blind material production to finished product assembly take place at the Coworld factory in Korea. It supplies economically priced, highquality blind slats to the global market.



PS (Polystyrene) Blind Slats

Blind slats made of Polystyrene are the best as Polystyrene slats warp at all due to humidity. Polystyrene slats weigh less than PVC slats and heat strain less than PVC slats. Polystyrene is used with micro-transcription and special ink to create various colors and patterns. Polystyrene has excellent machinability, so its exterior is beautiful and its heat resistance and coloring are good. Currently, the company offers about 200 different colors of slat including plain color, wood plus, new royal light and RGB metal series.
It conforms to U.S. FDA hygiene/safety specifications and can be used as a food or drink container, refrigerated vegetable box, etc. It is particularly good for extruded artificial wood such as frame moldings and building interiors. It has less deformation rate and excellent at preventing moisture. Also, it is lighter than PVC slat that gets manufactured in large quantities in China. Strong in resisting heat, the demand for PS blind slats is on the rise in advanced countries currently. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

Luxury Vinyl Tile Co., Ltd. is a tile manufacturer that was established in 2009. UNIDECO, a flooring brand of KDF Co., Ltd., comes in a wide range of beautiful and practical PVC flooring tiles for the area of LVT, featuring a manufacturing line 350m long, with a non-stop and perfectly automated inline system from powder and granule mixing systems to robot packing. KDF’s sales have been increasing since its founding back in 2009. It clearly shows that its product has established a solid position in the LVT market. Based on building friendly brand images and offering unparalleled customer services, UNIDECO continues seeking to become the best flooring brand in the world.


UNICORE Plastic Rigid Core

Along with KDF’s top-notch technology, KDF’s brand new product, UNICORE Plastic Rigid Core creates more beautiful and functional space. It features very light-weight but strong hardness with excellent dimensional stability and durability. With differentiated design and various patterns, Unicore’s excellent connection (binding) force allows the floor installation maintenance to be easy and simple requiring no adhesive, tools, or professional support. The acoustic version is also available with sound absorption functions to reduce stressful sounds in an environment.
UNICORE acoustic features high-durability and sound absorption functions effectively reducing the noise between the stories in any residential places.
The uniquely designed UNICORE Click edge profile will off er an enduring and flawless finish to home with natural elegance of wood.
Designed with Nano-Ceramic protective properties, UNICORE is tough and resilient, making it a perfect solution for today’s busy lifestyles and homes-guaranteed for 25 years.
There is no need for adhesive, tools or professional installation. Designed with Nano-Ceramic protective properties, UNICORE floor is tough and resilient enough for today’s busy lifestyle and homes-guaranteed for 25 years. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

Skin & Health Care Products in 2011, Cheng Cheng International Co., Ltd., manufactures baby care products, oral care products, and beauty products as OEM. All the products by Cheng Cheng International are produced under strict and systematic quality control and exported worldwide. Despite its short history, Cheng Cheng International has successfully entered the prominent mega stores in China such as Carrefour and Century Mart. With its headquarters in South Korea and branches and logistics centers in China, the company has further extended its exports to Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Mongolia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, and European countries.


AGA-AE Take Care Of My Kid’s Clothes Laundry Detergent

This product contains natural and organic ingredients certified by ECOCERT. The four steps of natural antibacteria and of skin care system protect a baby’s sensitive skin. Its patented ingredients including 100% vegetable extract SLS also help to prevent atopy and allergies.


APATITE Toothpaste Series

Featuring an open-andclose design, it shows package and contents at the same time It is certified by FDA for safety and effects (Newchito plus1, Apatite, and EsirinX). APATITE Toothpaste Series consists of five types: APATITE Whitening – Hydroxyapatite’s coating effect makes your teeth brighter, APATITE Newchito Plus-1 – No. 1 toothpaste for gum disease in pharmacy field, steady top seller item over ten years, APATITE Esirin-X – Tricalcium phosphate controls and prevents tooth pain prescribing soft abrading agent and ingredient for sensitive tooth, APATITE Plaque Care – It removes tartar and plaque that may cause serious oral disease, and APATITE Denta Care – Anti-bacterial prescription, interrupt the main cause of bad breath, bacteria and germs in the mouth.


AGA-AE Poror Calendula Aroma Moisture Cream

This pure and mild cream contains eight natural herbal extract ingredients with no toxic chemical compositions. Containing 3,000 ppm/100g of active calendula, it recovers damaged skin while the aloe vera ingredient provides moisturization. AGA-AE Poror Calendula Aroma Moisture Cream treats the excessive sebum and dryness and protects the skin with no stickiness | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

Bathroom & Home Cleaners in 1994, DBK KOREA Co., Ltd., has grown to become the No. 1 OEM / ODM manufacturer of insecticides in Korea through technical cooperation with DBK Germany. The company also specializes in homecare and effectively pioneers the market through exports and the development of various products through extensive R&D activities. DBK KOREA aims to become a global homecare producer by satisfying the needs of global customers who seek a comfortable lifestyle.


Zetta Baking Soda

Zetta Baking Soda is an easy-to-use liquid baking soda that does not need to be dissolved in water. Dissolved in purified water, it effectively removes persistent kitchen grease and bathroom stains simply by spraying it. This multipurpose cleaning agent is a useful product for easy cleaning of the kitchen and bathroom, removal of grease on the stove or oven, and cleaning the tiles and bathtub stains.


Zetta Citric Acid

Zetta Citric Acid is a multi-purpose cleaner that can be used for cleaning shower, kitchen, tile, bathtub, and mirror. Citric acid can be in purified water, and it can be easily sprayed without any extra steps to clean kitchens and bathrooms. This easy-to-use bathroom citric acid spray cleaner does not require dilution while effectively eliminating bacteria and odor.
These products are available through major online shopping networks including Gmarket, 11th Street, and Coupang as well as outlets such as Lotte Mart and are exported to ous various countries including Malaysia and Mauritius.
Currently, DBK KOREA is engaged in online marketing and we publicize internationally, especially in China through live broadcast marketing and marketing in Taobao, etc. Also, various marketing activities are being carried out locally and internationally. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

Natural Calcium Handmade Soap MediCore Co. specializes in producing healthcare products. The company also markets other excellent Korean products including cosmetics, beauty devices, hospital goods, as well as medical tourism to companies overseas.


Natural Calcium Premium Handmade Soap

This product is made by a combination of traditional pearl scallow and more than 16 natural vegetable raw materials and by using the Korean traditional method of lukewarm heating, maintaining the temperature evenly, and long-term fermentation. It removes the contaminants in the skin and has excellent antimicrobial and anti-acne effects. In particular, it helps to control acne and help aging skin become smooth and healthy.
The natural calcium mineral scallow turns skin tone to bright and clear, removes contaminants in the skin, and helps to take makeup well. Natural Calcium Premium Handmade Soap eliminates 99% of the odor-causing bacteria, rids the body of sweaty odor, and preserves the calcium minerals on the skin to maintain a continuous skin improvement effect. This alkali soap has detox effects on tired skin, improves the fine wrinkles, and minimizes skin irritation. It also helps prevent aging as well as eliminating black spots due to aging. There is no need for use of cleansing foam separately.

When rubbed gently on the face, the smooth foam will wrap the face without flowing down. Keep as it is for a while and then wash the foam with water to experience the cleansing effect of removing the bad substances from other cosmetics.


Ice Fire

This eco-friendly liquid spray fire extinguisher is designed to overcome the limitations of powder fire extinguishers and sprinklers. It is quicker to respond to a fire. Made in an aerosol type, it can be used easily by children and elderly people. There is also no risk of freezing. Ice Fire is used for fire in A, B, K class for it has a long range, and as a liquid type, it is easy to secure visibility. The post-treatment is also simply done by cleaning with a wet-cloth.
Having obtained Green Certification and CE certification, Ice Fire is the only TUV-SUD certified in the world and Korea’s first 100% eco-friendly product as such containing no pollutants. In addition, there are no side effects such as lubrication or corrosion of the liquid contents. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

Anti-Wrinkle Micro Needle Patch is a cosmetics brand that introduces a synthetic concept of cosmetics, aesthetics, and medicine for the first time in the cosmetics industry. KARATICA is a subsidiary of JETEMA Co., Ltd., a company recognized for producing medical devices used in hospitals and clinics such as filler and laser devices. Based on JETEMA’s advanced biotechnology, KARATICA is developing innovative cosmetics that have never been found before. Containing DNAs and gemstones, it provides customized cosmetics for each skin problem, distinguishing itself from other cosmetics products.


I’m Fill Patch

KARATICA have researched and developed I’m Fill Patch in collaboration with JETEMA, a bio-beauty group that produced hyaluronic acid filler.
I’m Fill Patch, also known as Botox Filler, is a simple and fast micro needle designed to improve the elasticity of wrinkles and wrinkles. Featuring a fresh, smoothly penetrating texture, this product enables to manage the wrinkles of the eyes and the nasolabial fold without pain. It contains hyaluronic acid, a natural moisturizing factor in the human body, an ingredient that is certified by Korea’s? Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.
More than 400 microneedles containing high levels of hyaluronic acid and Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 penetrate the horny layer of the skin and directly help moisturize and removed wrinkles on the skin. Acetylhexapeptide-8, a kind of peptide, is called Skin-applying Botox for it helps to treat wrinkles and improve elasticity.
With the hydrocolloid wet band used for wound healing, I’m Fill Patch is harmless to the human body, protects the skin from external elements, and keeps the skin moist. The curved band makes it easy to attach to various problem areas such as the forehead, nasolabial fold, and eye rims.
I’m Fill Patch is a product with the highest sales among micro needle patches in Korea with four times more ingredient content and more needles than other counterparts. It was also selected as a Hi-Seoul Outstanding Product Brand by the Seoul Business Agency (SBA). It is currently exported to China, Thailand, and Taiwan. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

Solep Hair Care Shampoo & Scalp Tonic Co., Ltd. is a Korean beauty franchise group leading the Asian beauty market with 13 years of history and 20 years of beauty research. Kobizstar owns three brands – Wellkin, a scalp/ hair loss clinique; Solep, a professional scalp cosmetic; and Bitiel, a skin/ body center. Kobizstar is the only company in Korea that owns and uses its own scalp care cosmetics with professional scalp care programs. Solep has been certified by CFDA, KFDA, and FDA and is currently in the process of acquiring EuropeCPNP approval.


Solep Moin Scalp Shampoo

Healthy scalp is the foundation for healthy hair, as balancing the scalp condition promotes healthy and natural hair growth. Moin Scalp Shampoo is an OTC-drug approved by KFDA that is effective for hair-loss prevention and improves hair thickness. It effectively cleanses sebum and impurities, promoting a healthy environment for strong hair roots and follicles. Formulated with active ingredients for hair growth including Biotin, Panthenol, Niacinamide, Zinc Pyrithione and free from harsh chemical ingredients such as Silicone, Paraben, Benzophenone, and Phenoxyethanol.


Solep Moin Scalp Tonic

The scalp is actually just another part of the skin, thereby needing nutrition and moisture for healthier hair growth. Moin Scalp Tonic is an OTC-drug approved by Korea’s Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS) that is effective for hair-loss prevention and improves hair thickness. After washing the hair, it provides nutrition to the scalp to keep it moisturized and nourished for healthy hair growth. Enriched with active ingredients such as Panthenol, ferment filtrates and 11 types of plant extracts formulated by scalp clinic’s hair-loss treatment know-hows, Moin Scalp Tonic revitalizes the hair roots and follicles. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

Anti-Wrinkle Cosmetics Cosmetics produces functional basic cosmetics in an ISO-certified factory manufacturing products with excellent efficacy and stability by using a patented formula. Currently, the company is exporting the premium functional cosmetics brand ANTIBE to, a mainstream online beauty company in the USA. Along with the recent popularity of naturalistic cosmetics containing natural ingredients, Modongee Cosmetics has introduced the brand Leyann and has been exporting it to Malaysia and Vietnam.


ANTIBE Super-Hydrating Moisturizing Cream

It contains high concentrations of hyaluronic acid, shea butter, and allantoin to supply moisture to the skin. This product can be used safely for sensitive skin as well as for oily skin. The synergistic effects of EGF and adenosine provide the skin with elasticity and moisturization.
Containing 100mg of hyaluronic acid, a moisture storage tank in the skin, which absorbs 1,000 times more moisture than its own weight, it features excellent moisturizing effects and has been certified for its wrinkle-improving function. It also contains EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor), which strengthens the weakening skin barrier and keeps it elastic and moist. Shea Butter, known as a natural moisturizer produced in Africa, and Ilanotone, a natural ingredient extracted from plants, has both moisturizing and soothing effects.
Since it is not greasy or sticky when applied, this soft cream in white color keeps the skin alive by long-term use in the morning and evening. With no specific aroma, it can be used for both men and women and for any skin type – oily, dry, or complex. It can also be a good choice when only one foundation cosmetic is needed.
Made in tube type, ANTIBE Super Hydrating Moisturizing Cream can be used by squeezing only a desired amount. It is fast absorbed, and not heavy but stable. Receiving FDA and OTC Clearance, it is now available at, the No. 1 V-Commerce outlet in the USA. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

Silicone Baby Products launching an online and off line distribution and wholesale business for famous Korean cosmetics in 2015, PFD Co., Ltd. has been successfully diversifying its business areas to fashion, health food, medical devices, and quasidrugs. Expanding from domestic to overseas trade, PFD diligently works on the global online marketing business based on more than 100 online sites in Southeast Asia, the Americas, and Europe.
PFD sets its primary goal to be at the forefront of the global Internet marketplace for industry-wide sectors ranging from cosmetics to apparel, foods, health foods, medical devices, and other prospective commodities, by leveraging its unique and differentiated management systems and marketing strategies.
PFD is registered for more than 100 websites in 50 countries and is currently doing business with 40 partners.
PFD has three brands of its own – Village 11 Factory, Petinube, Kat Maconie – also managing 57 other diverse brands.



Unlike conventional silicone brands, Petinube products are more durable and can withstand heat and cold without worrying about damage or warping. Made from 100% platinum silicone material, Petinube products are tear-free, stain-resistant, and hypoallergenic safe for children. Silicone material also prevents sliding and keeps the liquid inside the cup or bowl without it spreading all over the place.
FDA-approved and 100% BPA-free, Petinube contains no phthalates, PVC, or other chemicals but only non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials and lasts longer than regular plastics. Petinube is available in more than 40 online sites in Central Asia, East Asia, and Europe, and is exported to Russia, China, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Mongolia, and Thailand.
Petinube offers safety and premium quality at reasonable prices. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods