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https://korean-products.com/inquiryTaking a refreshing shower washes away your daily fatigue. However, residual chlorine in tap water may cause dry hair, itchiness, and allergic reactions. During a shower, a high amount of harmful chlorine enters the body by inhaling steamy chlorinating shower vapors or through the open pores of the skin. Chloramines, a mixture of chlorine and ammonia used to control bacteria in the water system, are as harmful as pure chlorine.
Vitafresh Shower Filter produced by UBS INC Co., Ltd. enables one to take a refreshing shower without concerns about chlorine and chloramines. Since its establishment in 2008, UBS INC Co., Ltd. has been devoted to the development of water treatment products and technologies. Having acquired ISO 9001:2009 and 9001:2008 certifications, the company manufactures quality products under a strict quality control system. It products are currently exported to over 20 countries.

Functional Bio Ceramics, Innovative Water Filter for Water Treatment & Filtration.

Moolmang DOLKI Ceramic Ball has various functions such as releasing minerals, far infrared rays, and negative ions, increasing hydrogen ion increase, and antibacterial activity. It is applied to water treatment systems and water filters, and is exported to India, Taiwan, Malaysia, the UK, etc. It has been approved by the USFDA for safety and holds a number of patents and certified test reports.
Moolmang Vitafresh Shower Filter removes 99.9% of residual chlorine in water through 100 percent pure pharmaceutical food grade vitamin C and helps to improve skin and hair condition by releasing a certain amount of vitamin C. It simple transparent design makes it easy to recognize the action and replacement timing of the filter. It is easy to install and change filters. Having obtained the K+ mark certificate from the Korea International Trade Association it has also passed RoHS testing.
This product is currently supplied to a major hotel chain in Las Vegas, USA, and is exported to 16 countries including the USA, Canada, Colombia, Brazil, China, Singapore, Vietnam, Australia, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, the UK, and Germany.
Moolmang Vitamax Deluxe Dual Shower Filter is a six-stage water shower system that removes residual chlorine, copper, mercury, lead, iron, rust, algae, and calcareous. Its special dual filter structure maximizes water purification function. It can be easily installed within just two minutes by connecting the adapter, and it is easy to replace the filter. Moolmang Alkaline Water Filter produces alkaline water that is beneficial to the body by releasing minerals and increasing hydrogen ions. It is exported to various countries such as Italy, Singapore, Vietnam, and Thailand.


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Eco-Friendly Kitchenware Created through Continuous Technological Innovation Ensuring Functionality & Utility

https://korean-products.com/inquiryEstablished as a 4th Busan Economic Promotion Agency and 4th Young Entrepreneurship Academy of the Small and Medium Industry Promotion Corporation in 2013, LICHEN specializes in the development and production of kitchen utensils, daily necessities, and innovative products. With continuous development of technology to enhance the functionality and usability of its products, the company is concentrating all its efforts on making people’s lives up-todate, convenient, and enriching.

Cleaning Tool Airtight Container Bottle Stick Kitchenware

LICHEN’s Dirt Bye is a multi-purpose cleaning tool that is very useful and convenient for cleaning all kitchen utensils such as airtight containers, baby bottles, tumblers, water bottles, and blenders. It is a special product to clean the corners of various daily devices that are hard to reach.
It is an idea product with six convenient functions when it comes to design, material, and product composition, all combined into one product, while maintaining the original function of a basic brush. One of the advantages of this product is that it can clean all the gaps that scrubbers cannot reach. Dirt Bye is a user-centered product with a rotatable structure in which the three sticks can also be easily attached and detached. It is a new type of niche product emphasizing “fun” and “ease of use.” In 2015, Dirt Bye won the Germany IF Design Award in Germany, one of the three major design awards in the world.

One-Touch Sink Drain + Drain Cover

Sink Strainer is a new concept sink drain mat that combines the functions of a sink drain and a drain cover. It is a product designed to easily collect food waste after cooking and washing dishes. In addition, it prevents the food processor from being broken by stopping hard food from falling into the food processor.
It also serves as a lid to prevent bad odors. By holding the protruding part, it turns to a funnel shape and allows one to easily collect the food waste. Sink Strainer is hygienic because one can dispose of the waste without touching the dirty drainage net by hand. With its sensual design adding to the interior effect, it can also be used as a trivet. Made from non-toxic, non-bacterial material, it prevents food waste from decaying and sticking to the mat over time, thus inhibiting bacterial growth and it is easy to clean.

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A Smart Company Pursuing Customers’ Safety & Convenience and an Affluent Future

https://korean-products.com/inquiryEstablished in 2002, Euro Corporation has been researching and developing hot water mats since its establishment. Euro Corporation was founded in 2002 as EUROHOUSING CORPORATION manufacturing faucet parts. It further developed water heating pad controller and various other unique idea products. The product range has been expanding to Sunnyroom Sliding Roof, BLACKCAN, a heat camping mat, and SMARTCUP, a coffee warmer for vehicles. The company name was changed to Euro Corporation to emphasize that the company’s focus is not limited to housing products.
Having acquired safety certifications from KC in Korea, CE in Europe, PSE in Japan, and CQC in China, the company has endeavored to enrich the lives of customers through continuous technological innovation. In a rapidly changing world, Euro Corporation continues to strive to fulfill its corporate social responsibilities in terms of technology, competitive products, and continuous customer-oriented approaches.

Non-electric, Noise-Free Water Heating Pad

Unlike other heating pads using electric heating wires, Aqua Bed Warmer is equipped with a hot water heating system to generate heat by circulating heated water through small hoses inside the mat. Made from airy cotton, this quiet functional hot water mat is washable as a whole and can be used hygienically. Even when a heavy object clogs the hose, it does not affect the boiler and hot water circulation.

Smart Coffee Warmer for Vehicle

SMARTCUP is a coffee pot that can be used while driving by connecting it to the cigar jack socket in a vehicle (DC12V/5A). Whenever hot water is needed for coffee, tea, noodles, or children’s milk outside, SMARTCUP makes it possible. Temperature range from 20 to 90 degrees C and the stainless inside cup is separable for washing.


Smart Car Air Purifier & Charger

SMARTPURI is a car air purifier that helps to relieve fatigue from long- distance driving. It is a product designed for eliminating mold, fine dust, and cigarette odor. Its Plasma system keeps the air clean inside the vehicle while negative ions are generated when connected to the cigar jack. SMARTPURI keeps air in the car clean and pleasant.

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Kitchenware Producer seeking Global Opportunities to Realize a Dream As a Century-Lasting Business

https://korean-products.com/inquiryNorth Chungcheong Province has a very small number of trading companies compared to other provinces of Korea. However, unlike most others that are suffering from sluggish exports, Chungbuk province’s exports have increased by 2.5% through May this year. Exports, which surpassed US$10 billion in 2010, are expected to reach the target of US$17 billion this year.
Established in 1996, INSAN Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of antibacterial dish sponges and provides ODM and OEM services for large companies such as Amway Korea, Clean Wrap, and Lott e Aluminum. Having contracted with Amway Korea, which demands high-quality standards, for 20 years, the company launched its own brand, Mr. KING of HOUSE KEEPING in 2012 and has been supplying it to outlets and supermarkets nationwide.
One day in 2012, Jeong Her-Heon, CEO of INSAN, adopted a two-dimensional strategy to realize his dream to build a century-lasting business. One was to create its own brand and the other was to enter the global market. Since 2013, INSAN Co., Ltd. has expanded its business into overseas markets and exported to the USA, Japan, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Vietnam. With five design registrations, it annually launches new products, and has acquired trademarks in Korea and China.


Antibacterial Three-Fold Sponge Scrubber & Bottle Brush

Mr. KING of HOUSE KEEPING is an antibacterial three-fold sponge scrubber with 66 Nylon developed for longer use, and it is naturally shaped for firm grip and designed with the cute “Happy Smile” design. Making more bubbles only with little detergent, this product enables economical dishwashing while it dries out quickly for longer use.
The ergonomically designed handle of the Antibacterial Bottle Brush is designed for easy and convenient grip as harmless polypropylene material ensures safety of the product while the soft brush part leaves no scratches. The waves design for bottle brush enables thorough cleaning of every corner of the bottle.


Triple Cleaning Techniques Applied to Mr. KING of HOUSE KEEPING

Extra-strong abrasives of the antibacterial scrubber side (blue) are evenly spread over durable 66 nylon antibacterial nonwoven fabric. The scrubber removes old and set stains rapidly and maintains the feel of first-time use for a long time.
With excellent absorption power, the antibacterial sponge (green) generates plenty of bubbles with just a small amount of detergent, and the high-elastic sponge maintains its original form for a long time.
The specially processed mesh net is used for the first time in Korea. With the function of soft brush, the mesh net removes old and set stains in the small gaps without leaving scratches.

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A Supplier Actively Introducing Competitive Korean Consumer Products to the Global Market

https://korean-products.com/inquiryDADA Co., Ltd. specializes in supplying excellent SME products in Korea and to introduce them to the global markets seeking to meet consumer demand in regard to quality and technology to off er benefi ts and advantages to customers.

LED Light Therapy for Skin Regeneration

Patented in Korea, China and Japan, LED VRANG is a skincare device that assists the absorption of ingredients such as collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid for the user to look younger by maintaining resilient breast and pore tightening. The specific wavelength of 630nm on LED light therapy promotes cell activation and blood circulation. Eventually, it delivers ingredients into the dermal layer to boost collagen production and pore tightening. LED V RANG’s spatula head is easy to massage on the neck, lymph, chin, and around the ears for intensive care for face-line shaping. The LED light therapy helps for elastic skin especially uneven areas after plastic surgery.

It makes the skin brighter by ion massage as it assists absorption of whitening cream ingredients as LED light therapy and 10,000 vibration per min helps improve skin elasticity. LED VRANG is antibacterial and hygienic since there is no need to use one’s hands. The absorption is ten times more effective than by using hands LED VRANG is easy to carry and comfortable to handle.

Skincare At Home, Saving Time and Money

DADA Spa Gelpatch is a diet patch that provides thermogenic eff ect for eight hours just by applying it, increases metabolic rate, and facilitates fat oxidation.
It is a new type of diet patch with the principle of thermogenesis applied for the first time in the world. This product reduces body fat and improves one’s health while increasing basal metabolic rate at the same time.
When applied on the abdomen, Spa Gelpatch burns up abdomen fat creating thermogenesis. This will increase the basal metabolic rate for warm abdomen, which is good for health. Made of TPE gel, it offers the same effect as a spa, a hot gel massage, wrapping, or far-infrared radiation care received from luxurious aesthetic parlors.
Other products of the company include the industrial mask series, innovative and top-notch products to use in various workplaces

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Essence Sheet Masks Restoring Moisture While Extracts from Nature Fight Infl ammation & Bacteria.

https://korean-products.com/inquiryRANKISS Co., Ltd. specializes in designing,
manufacturing, and exporting various cosmetics including
skin, body, and hair care products. Established in 2007, RANKISS has been seeking to create cosmetics that could satisfy customers not only in Korea, but worldwide. RANKISS has more than 50 distributors around the world, and is available in fi ve distributors and branch offi ces in China and has signed export contracts with clients in various countries including China, Thailand, Singapore, Kazakhstan, and Russia.
In 2013, the company introduced La Bellona Miracle Radiance Moisturizing Cream that passed strict rules and standards. Containing tomato callus culture extract, cherry tomato sepals extract and mucin substance from snail slime, this product has anti-aging effects and gives the skin special radiance. RANKISS has further developed five products La Bellona, five HERCELL, and five Moksha before providing them both online and offline. RANKISS continues to produce a wider variety of quality products with the aim of bringing health and beauty to customers.

Hydrating, Ampoule-Type Essence Sheet Masks

Moksha Dear Mask 10 contains 91.5% natural ingredients and free from the six harmful ingredients – Paraben, Imidazolidinyl urea form, silicon oil, Synthetic dye, Polyacrylamide, Triethanolamine.
A line of natural sheet masks, each with skin refreshing benefits and skin glowing effect thanks to the natural ingredients. It comes in ten kinds of natural flavors four different types of essence formulation – light essence, deep cream essence, and soft ampoule essence – that can be used depending on the skin condition. The Essence Type has high moisture content and reduced stimulation – Tea Tree, Orange Tea, Apple, Bamboo. The Ampoule Type gives immediate skin vitality – Honey. The Essence Gel Type – Aloe. The creamy type is rich – Avocado, Berry, Sheer Butter.
Moksha Dear Mask 10 gives the skin a relaxing and revitalized complexion with moisturization. Based on SKIN DEEP database of EWG, a reputable nonprofit environmental NGO in the USA that evaluates raw materials for cosmetics, RANKISS aims to use materials corresponding to GREEN RATE (Low hazard).

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Excellent Cooling Thermometer Masks

https://korean-products.com/inquiry[INQ. NO. 1708C05] Since its establishment in 1992, Natural F & P has been researching and developing high valueadded products by using biotechnology throughout the biotechnology industry, such as health functional foods and functional cosmetics, based on the development of new drugs and functional raw materials using natural substances. Ultimately, the company seeks to fulfill the human dream of life span extension aimed at developing materials to promote health and cure diseases.
The Real Cooling Thermometer Mask for Moisture Supply contains Alaska glacier water and liquid ice that relieve overheated and tired skin. It soothes stressed, dehydrated skin, leaving the skin feeling moisturized and fresh.
The Real Cooling Thermometer Mask for Skin Radiance contains Snow Lotus extract that accelerates the skin’s healing process, improves the skin’s elasticity, and soothes sensitive, itchy skin. Relieve overheated and tired skin with liquid ice.
The Real Cooling Thermometer Mask for Nutrition Supply contains Rose of Jerico (a desert plant) extract that is a powerful anti-aging ingredient, providing superb moisturization and helps to relieve skin stress while also improving the skin’s elasticity.

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Cosmetics Containing Six Jewels & DNA Extracted from Salmon

https://korean-products.com/inquiryKARATICA is a cosmetics brand that introduced the synthetic concept of cosmetics and aesthetics, and pharmaceuticals for the first time in the industry. KARATICA is a subsidiary of PRONEX Inc., a company recognized for producing medical devices used in hospitals and clinics such as pillars and laser devices. Based on PRONEX’s advanced biotechnology, KARATICA is developing innovative cosmetics that have never been found before. Containing DNAs and gemstones, it is a custom cosmetic for each skin problem that is distinguished from other products.

KARATICA, DNA Custom Skin Care Product for Various Skin Types

KARATICA Cream and Foil Mask are high in lanolin lecithin, a high nutrient approved by the World Health Organization (WHO).
Lanolin lecithin cleanses the body by facilitating lipid metabolism, basic metabolism, and metabolism, making the skin taut, balancing oil and water, and generating moisture protective layers to keep the skin moist and shiny all day long. It contains gold powder and pearl powder to make the skin radiant after rubbing it on the skin. Gold Duck Egg CD ll Cream is low in cholesterol content and high in unsaturated fatty acid, thus having excellent effects such as whitening, nutritioning, and wrinkle improvement. In particular, the anti-aging effect is as outstanding as can be obtained in a skin care shop. In addition, nine harmful substances to the human body such as parabens, artificial pigments, and mineral oils are not added, thereby minimizing skin irritation.
Gold Duck Foil Mask blocks the evaporation of the active ingredient with a breathable mask sheet by air inflow through 360,000 fine holes. It has excellent in adherence to the skin and allows the active ingredients of the essence to be absorbed without loss of moisture and nutrition. To this end, a1mm thick foil sheet made from naturally derived protein is used, consisting of a thin-filmed foil exterior that is moist inside.
I’m Feel Patch is a simple and fast Botox fi ller containing 99.9% hyaluronic acid, a fi ller ingredient known as a moisturizing factor in the body. It is a functional ingredient that is approved by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety for its safety. It is a product that can treat facial wrinkles without pain. The 400 needles penetrate the skin and make the skin resilient.
Transfusion DNA Ampoule is a sap DNA kit that supplies the skin with the nutrients it needs. The ampoule’s effects include whitening, regeneration and lifting, moisturization, pore and elasticity recovery, and skin ailment treatment, helping to improve the skin’s condition. With the DNA components helping regenerate the skin, it contains natural extracts for each skin ailment, providing essential nutrients to the skin.

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Stop Squeezing Sebum with Your Hands or Cotton Swabs, Extract it from Pores Cleanly and Easily!

https://korean-products.com/inquiryHow do you take care of your skin? – a skin damaged by ultraviolet rays, dried and tight skin, dull skin tone, wrinkles increasing and skin sagging day by day. Would there possibly be a solution to skin care available anytime and anywhere? What if it’s possible to bring practices conducted in beauty shops and high-end skin clinics to your home?
Since its founding in 2005, MAYJUNE Life & Health, Co., Inc. is a small and medium-sized company that produces health products, cosmetics, and beauty products while seeking better health and wellbeing. Its main products are Pure Acai Berries powder, Nokyong Hwalryeok, and Gongryubogam as health food, cosmetics and cosmetic devices such as NATURELAB Pore Clear Spa and DEESSE Professional LED Mask.

Pore Sebum Clear + Corset Ampoule + Facial Cotton

NATURELAB Pore Clear Spa is an intensive pore treatment set that has upgraded the existing tough blackhead elimination type in order to smoothly dissolve sebum blocks – both blackhead and whitehead – firmly fixed in the T-zone and discharging them. It is certified by the CFDA.
Thanks to the melting eff ect of the contained ingredient that removes dead skin cells, it smoothly dissolves the firm hard blackheads and sebum in the pores, and helps to remove the sebum cleanly out of the skin. Containing the ingredients that are No. 10-0910747, it helps maintain the skin healthy from external stimuli.

Home Aesthetic Mask, Only Red Color LED Self-Care

DEESSE Professional LED Mask can be used in a wide area with its proper light output. It has few side effects with no damage to skin tissues or eyes and stimulates pigment removal and cell metabolism through cell activation. It also activates sebaceous glands, a deep layer of skin, by generating collagen and elastin and reduces inflammation and destroys bacteria. Suppressing the occurrence of wrinkles, the product keeps the skin moist and elastic. It has obtained China Compulsory Certification (CCC)
Major efficacies include facial lifting, improvement of skin texture and pulling eff ect, dermal density and undereye elasticity, temporary relief of swelling, improvement of blood circulation, cheek and eye tail lifting, preventing nasolabial fold and forehead wrinkles, brightening of skin tones.

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Vitamin-Rich Lime Juice Cosmetics

https://korean-products.com/inquiryRelieving Skin Problems & Replenishing Moisture

Established in 1992, J&B first started its business in the industrial safety appliance field. In 2005, J&B expanded its business area to cosmetics under the brand name of THE SKIN RAPHA, confi dently expecting its cosmetic products to keep the skin healthy and beautiful as well as enabling comfort by using the self-produced lime extract from Indonesia and other nature-oriented ingredients.
Certified by the CFDA in 2017, its products are currently exported to Asian countries including Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Singapore, and Pakistan as well as distributed nationwide in Korea (its products will be certifi ed by CFDA in September 2017). Its customers have shown high loyalty to its products in the domestic market.


Anti-Hair Loss Soap with Lime & Herbs

Made from lime extract, macadamia nut oil, and other herbal extracts, THE SKIN HAIR SOAP is anti-hair loss soap. It first cleanses the scalp and pores, and then gives nutrition to the hair and pores to make hair stronger and thicker. THE SKIN HAIR SOAP also reduces skin irritation on the scalp and makes it calm and healthy, preventing hair loss.

Mosquito Repellent Gel Non-DEET with Natural Ingredients

THE SKIN MOZZIE OFF GEL is a mosquito repellent gel made with lime extract, cinnamon, citronella oil, and eucalyptus leaf extract. Its natural scent repels insects, especially mosquitos. THE SKIN MOZZIE OFF GEL contains no DEET (diethyltoluamide), relieves skin stress caused by the chemical ingredients, and is comfortable to use. Its scent may last up to ten hours based on a lab test for the ingredient only.

Watery Moisturizing Cream with Lime & Birch Extracts

THE SKIN RAPHA SOO CREAM is a moisturizing gel-type cream made mainly from lime extract full of vitamin and birch extract also known as “Queen of the Forest” that has been widely used as folk remedy in Siberia, Central Asia, and Europe. Keeping the skin moisturized and resilient, its vitamin C in the lime makes skin white and translucent, and birch extract makes skin silk-soft and moisturized. THE SKIN RAPHA SOO CREAM has passed the Japanese safety test, and is currently in the process of CFDA registration. This gel-type cream with fresh citrus scent provides a cool touch with extracts and keeps the skin hydrated and cool.

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