Korean Paprika

[INQ. NO. 1609C01] KOPA, Inc. is a https://korean-products.com/inquiryleading exporter of Korea’s high-quality paprika which has lately been emerging as one of the most beloved vegetables among consumers for its diverse vivid colors and nutritional value.
Known to be a storehouse of Vitamin A and C, paprika is an annual plant belonging to the Solanaceae family. Capsicum genus and Annuum species are two of the six pepper subspecies whose type is a typical sweet pepper with twisted pepper featuring minimal impure taste and various colors. Thus, paprika is very widely used in salads or dishes requiring colors.
Its name varies in different countries such as sweet pepper, bell pepper, pimemto and paprika, but one thing is sure: it is a ‘Super Color Food.’
The Korean paprika has especially brilliant vivid colors and crispy texture, thus seeing growing demand at home and abroad. To meet such increased demand, paprika is cultivated extensively in greenhouses across the country. KOPA, Inc. is employing a traceability system through which customers can acquire the information about its paprika cultivators.
Paprika is a great source of Vitamin C, which is good for immunity and essential for healthy collagen formation-framework of our skin and bones. Containing 41 times more amount of Vitamin C than that of apple, Paprika may be the best way to meet your daily dose of Vitamin C requirement (70 mg) as well as Vitamin A.

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Korean Perilla Seed Oil

[INQ. NO. 1609C02] Komega is https://korean-products.com/inquiryengaged in producing 100% Korean perilla oil using its patented ‘cold pressed method,’ which yields premium oil by pressing the perilla seeds without any roasting.
The cold pressed method off ers a lot of advantages. The Acidification, thermal degeneration and formation of carcinogenic substance are minimized, whereas perilla seed’s unique flavor, health benefits and color are preserved. For the reason, Komega perilla oil using the cold pressed method contains no anti-oxidants and additives.
Also worthy of note is the perilla seed oil’s healthy benefits. The perilla seed oil is rich in three types of omega fatty acids: omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9. In general, the omega-3 fatty acid essential for human body is known to be abundant in vegetable-derived oils, and the perilla oil is uniquely high in the omega 3 fatt y acid.
Komega is striving to promote Korean perilla oil to the global market. The quality and nutritional value of the Korean perilla seed oil is highly recognized among Japanese consumers, so the company actively exports to Japanese market following strict quality standards.

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[INQ. NO. 1609C03] Citron,https://korean-products.com/inquiry which is called yuja in Korean, has long been used as a remedy for the cold during winter by Korean people. With fresh scent and a strong acid taste, citron contains high amounts of vitamin C (three times more vitamin C than in lemons), vitamin B and minerals, giving various health and skincare benefits. In addition, the fruit’s ample amount of carboxylic acid provides great anti-aging and fatigue-reducing effects.
Citrons are produced in Korea, China and Japan, but the Korean citron is famous for its particularly rich scent, excellent color and thick peel. Particularly, Goheung, Wando and Jindo are the main citron producing areas in South Korea. They have the ideal natural condition for cultivating citrons, with a wonderful sea breeze from ocean waters and the region’s fertile soil. As the sea breeze keeps the weather mild and stable, the region boasts a greater amount of photosynthesis than elsewhere, enjoying the nation’s largest amount of sunshine hours. Thanks to the great natural environment, the citrons from Goheung and Wando are prized for their unrivaled quality, ranging from their bigger size, to the larger quantities of juice, and lower number of seeds, as well as their exceptional aroma and flavor. When they are consumed as a tea, the content of dietary fibers and vitamin C are increased. To further promote Korea’s highest-quality citrons worldwide, YUJA Cluster Agency is engaged in researching and developing eco-friendly cultivation and a variety of citron products including citron tea, powdered vitamins, and citron cosmetics using fresh Korean citrons.

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Korean Red Ginseng

[INQ. NO. 1609C04] Since its founding https://korean-products.com/inquiryin 1995, Punggi Premium Goods Agricultural Cooperative has cultivated and processed Korean ginseng in the directly operated ginseng fields in Punggi at the foot of Sobaek Mountain which is famous for its clean water and fresh air. The company distributes high-quality Korean ginseng products under its own brand name of CHUN JAE MYUNG.
The high content of saponin in Korean red ginseng is one of CHUN JAE MYUNG’s strong features. Since cultivated between 36 and 38 degrees north latitude for 180 days (longer period than foreign ginseng), Punggi ginseng is high in saponin with a firm texture holding Korean ginseng’s unique flavor for a long time.
By controlling the whole process of cultivation, manufacturing, technical development, and distribution, Punggi Premium Goods Agricultural Cooperative has secured competitiveness in both price and quality. Most importantly of all, CHUN JAE MYUNG is made of 100% high quality Korean red ginseng cultivated using environment-friendly farming techniques.

Maintaining a natural drying system, the brand has made the utmost efforts to ensure customer satisfaction by focusing on the development of new products in its own lab.
CHUN JAE MYUNG has established a scientific sanitary control system in compliance with the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point System (HACCP) and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), a quality assurance system designated by the Korean FDA. It ensures food safety through self-regulating, systematic and efficient management.

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Korean Laver Snack

[INQ. NO. 1609C05] A rich source of vitamins and minerals, Korean laver products are beloved for their savory flavor and taste.
Prestige Laver Export https://korean-products.com/inquiryAgency Association Inc. has been involved in the development of new types of laver products, which are better suited to the palates of global consumers, going beyond the existing seasoned laver products, on the basis of thorough overseas market research and testing. The Korean company finally launched its new laver snack called “Maro’s Chip 43” in the global market in 2014.
As the laver snack is not fried in oil and contains natural ingredients such as almond, sesame, pepper and coconut, there is no need for concern about high calories and gaining weight, which will be a nutritional snack for both kids and adults. Also, it contains absolutely no artificial dyes, synthetic flavoring and synthetic sweeteners. There are four different flavors available – almond-sesame, cheese, spicy and sweet coconut.

The Prestige Laver Export Agency Association Inc. processes and produces Korean laver products from its clean and sanitary high-tech facilities meeting the highest standards for HACCP and USDA organic certification. In addition, the laver is produced in one of the cleanest ocean waters in Seocheon and Boryeong area in Korea, which boasts a wide tideland rich in minerals thanks to the significant contrast of ebbs and flows. The natural environment helps Seocheon and Boryeong laver have more vitamins and proteins than lavers of other areas.

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Bugak: Korean Traditional Vegetable and Seaweed Chips

[INQ. NO. 1609C06] Oh https://korean-products.com/inquiryHee-sook’s Bugak is a leading brand of the traditional Korean fried vegetable and seaweed chips called ‘Bugak.’
The Korean traditional snack, ‘Bugak’ which was enjoyed by yangban (noblemen of the Joseon Dynasty era), is manufactured by using 100% natural ingredients such as seaweed algae, chili pepper, lotus root, burdock, kelp, seaweed sea tangle and seaweed laver and fresh seasonal vegetables, based on the recipe of Oh Hee-sook, who is an officially recognized ‘Grand Master’ for making the Korean traditional vegetable and seaweed chips (from the Korean government).

Oh Hee-sook’s traditional chips are also a low-calorie, GMO-free and gluten-free healthy snack that contains absolutely no chemical coloring, MSG, preservatives and trans fat. The Korean traditional master, Oh Hee-sook is a daughter-in-law of a nobleman’s head family house and she developed 30 types of products, by using her family’s special method inherited over generations. The premium natural chips utilize patented technology so it is possible to enhance the crunchy texture, drop sugar contents and calories, thus creating deeper and sweeter taste at the same time.

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Spices, Premix products, Sauces and Korean Fermented Paste

[INQ. NO. 1609C07] Woomtree https://korean-products.com/inquiryCorporation focuses on producing natural spices (Wasabi powder, mustard powder, and pepper powder), premix products (tempura powder, pan frying powder and breadcrumbs), sauces (Wasabi paste, vinegar hot pepper paste, soy sauce, Korean marinade and mustard sauce) and Korean fermented paste such as premium Gochujang (red pepper paste) and well-fermented soybean paste for about 40 years since it was founded as a food specialized company in 1978.
The company’s recent release of Korean traditional paste products is gaining positive responses from consumers. Pursuing diff erentiated strategies at home and abroad in these highly competitive markets, it always used carefully selected reliable materials to ensure the production and supply of high-quality food products. This is key to taking the company forward into a leading place in Korea’s food industry.


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Dried, Chilled & Frozen Processed Foods

[INQ. NO. 1609C08] Chil Kab Farm https://korean-products.com/inquiryProducts Co., Ltd. is a major processed food maker that has specialized in producing and exporting a broad range of dried, chilled, and frozen foods such as rice cake, noodles, sauces, rice powder products and so forth worldwide for more than 30 years since it was founded in 1981.
The food company manufactures healthy and reliable foodstuff s under the management principles of using only high-quality raw material, with the best R&D capability in the industry. As a result of such eff orts, the company’s rice cake and chilled noodle products are produced without any preservatives and additives by its own skills, for the fi rst time in Korea.
In addition, it has established HACCP-certifi ed facilities for managing safe production and supply system, while as the production lines of rice cakes and cooked noodles, frozen foods and sauces have been certifi ed by KFDA since July 2007.
The combination of the company’s endless R&D, 30 years’ specialized technologies, reliable materials and modernized facilities including Korea’s biggest solar drying room has contributed to its continued growth, based on the customers’ trust.

Instant Rice Cake Soup / Dried Cold Noodle with Soup / Dried Soba with
Soba Sauce 300g / Topokki – Stick Rice Cake

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GMF Creates Light, Healthful and Beautiful Korean Food Products

GMF Co., Ltd., the no. 1 manufacturer of frozen https://korean-products.com/inquirydumplings in South Korea is actively seducing the appetite of global consumers by launching frozen Korean style dumpling called ‘Mandu,’ which is tailored to the tastes of foreign consumers as well as local people.
GMF has its own in-house research lab and NPD team to develop and create modern Korean food with tastes that are suitable for global consumers. GMF also conforms to globally recognized standards such as SQF, FSSC22000, USA FDA, Untitled-35.jpgHACCP and even HALAL to provide reliable food to global citizens around the world. On that basis, GMF has steadfastly been expanding its presence in the global markets, growing into Korea’s top dumpling exporter since 1990.
Furthermore, GMF established a French subsidiary in 2015 to target the mainstream markets. With this advance into new markets, GMF is spearheading the move to promote Korean culinary culture among global consumers.

“MANDU” (Korean dumpling)

untitled-36GMF’s frozen dumplings are made to suit the tastes of people outside of Korea so as to make the Korean delicacy more accessible for even those not familiar with Korean food.
In accordance with the recent increasing demand for lighter and healthier diet, GMF has made its frozen dumplings as easy-to-enjoy vegetarian delicacy.
The handmade dumplings are made with the same sincere care and att ention that Koreans show in welcoming guests. The fi lling is made with fresh vegetables. The frozen dumplings are packaged neatly in a customized tray, allowing for convenient and easy cooking. It also comes with a special sauce specifi cally created for the product.

“UDON CUP” (Korean-style fresh noodle)


GMF’s healthy and light noodle product originated from local food in Korean history. After the Korean War, many Koreans were destitute and starving, so some pioneers invented this food that was easy to cook and eat.
GMF drew inspiration from this historical legacy and came up with the UDON CUP for contemporary people.

“ALOE VERA,” Korean Healthy Drink


Jeju island of Korea is a home to the indigenous aloe vera. As aloe vera has been widely known to have numerous health benefi ts including skin care eff ect and digestion improvement, it has created an aloe vera boom in Korea since the late 1990s, encouraging Korean enterprises to produce aloe vera drinks. GMF sells high-quality Korean aloe vera drinks.

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World’s Leading Premium Drinks

OKF Corporation is the world’s leading premium drinks company,https://korean-products.com/inquiry which produces about 750 types of beverages and exports to 160 countries with 500 global partners around the world.
Based on outstanding technology, OKF Aloe Vera King, deemed as the beginning and standard of aloe drink, was launched in 1997 to target the world markets. Since then, it has
led the aloe drink market as the no. 1 brand with an enormous 76% of global market share and patents in 180 countries.
Untitled-39.jpgOKF has enthusiastically focused on global market penetration during the past 20 years, and thus OKF products are now being distributed via the world’s major distribution channels (Costco, WALMART, Tesco, Carrefour, Auchan, Metro, Super Value, Kroger, ALDI, LIDL, Makro, ShopRite, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Sam’s Club, Walgreen, CVS, 7-Eleven, Drug Store, Groceries, U.S. Army PX).
The OKF’s multi-beverage factory is located in Andong city, Gyeongbuk-do with the world’s highest level of technology and space of about 99,000 square meters. It consists of 12 main lines and seven sub lines with a hightech automatic equipment system that is capable of producing more than eight million bott les (about 200 containers) per day and three billion bott les per year.
OKF also conforms to global standards such as IFS, BRC, FSSC 22000, ISO, GMP, HACCP, Kosher, HALAL, NOP EU Organic Certifi cation, GOST, BRC, etc.
2016-09-12 16;58;01.PNGOKF Aloe Vera King: The world’s topselling aloe drinks containing natural ingredients and organic aloe, Aloe Vera King, is evaluated as the beginning and standard of aloe drink, and it leads the aloe drink market as the world’s no. 1 brand with a 76% share of the world’s aloe drink market and holding patents in 180 countries. Containing 30% aloe, the beverage comes with various natural fl avors. People in over 180 countries enjoy the Aloe Vera King for its healthy benefi t and taste.
2016-09-12 16;58;26.PNGOKF Organic Aloe: This is the fi rst and the only USDA- and EU-certifi ed organic aloe vera
juice in the world. It was selected as a representative product of France’s Lafayett e Galleria Group, the world’s fi rst department store. It maximizes the health benefi ts of aloe vera and introduces consumers to a new world of organic juice.
2016-09-12 16;58;49.PNGOKF Coco: This is a premium health drink made from premium coconut and Nata de coco with the unique taste of chewing. The OKF Coco, which only uses the high quality coconuts, is the fi rst natural coconut drink in the world not containing any preservatives. Also, the high-quality nata de coco contains no fat.
2016-09-12 16;59;07.PNGOKF’s premium drink, Smoothie 6 blended with healthy fruits which is packed up by nutrition and fantastic taste is on sale. It helps to keep balance of health in your daily lives and good body shape. Plus, there is fun to choose your favorite with a squeeze of same color fruits. Also Milky drink enjoy premium package and get freshness with just one sip.

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